550 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan Today 2024

As the world moves towards sustainable energy, solar panels are gaining attention for generating electricity from sunlight. In Pakistan’s energy-hungry landscape, solar panels offer a solution to power shortages and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Among the choices available, the 550-watt solar panel stands out for its power and affordability. This article inspects the 550 watt solar panel price in Pakistan, factors affecting costs, and consumer options.

550 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

550 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024

Price ranges for solar panels vary in Pakistan depending on their wattage and brand, with 550-watt panels being among the more economical choices that offer higher capacity and energy output at competitive yet reasonable costs for those considering switching to renewable energy sources. They usually fall between Rs 45,500-63,000 making them suitable for different budget requirements.

Solar PanelsPrices
JA Solar 545 wattRs. 55,000
Ziewnic 550 Watt Solar panelRs. 63,250
Canadian 550 Solar PanelRs. 57,750
Trina 550 watt Solar PanelRs. 51,500
Astronergy SolarRs. 55,000
Longi 550 Watt Solar panelRs. 63,250
Jinko 545 watt Solar panelRs. 58,315

Solar Panel Company Per Watt Price:

Solar CompanyMinimum PriceMaximum Price
CanadianRs. 105Rs. 107
Astronergy SolarRs. 100Rs. 102
ZiewnicRs. 107Rs. 115
LongiRs. 107Rs. 115
Inverex Solar PanelRs. 100Rs. 102
JinkoRs. 105Rs. 107

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Types and Prices of 550 Watt Solar Panels

Astronenergy Solar Panel Price

Astronenergy offers an attractive 550-watt solar panel at an attractive price point, starting from 55,000 rupees. This choice illustrates how higher-capacity solar panels have become increasingly accessible to consumers across Pakistan. The types are given below:

  • ASTRO 6
  • ASTRO 5
  • ASTRO 5s

545 Watt Canadian Solar Panel

Canadian Solar offers another noteworthy solar panel option with their 545W Canadian panel priced at approximately Rs 57,750 – providing a balance between capacity and affordability. Some further models of Canadian 545 watt solar panels are as follows:

  • BiHiKu
  • All Black
  • Hiku
  • HiHero
  • HiKu6
  • BiHiKu6
  • HiKu7
  • BiHiku7
  • TopHiKu6
  • TopBIHIKu6
  • TopBiHiKu7

Longi 550 Watt Solar Panel Price

Longi 550-watt solar panel offers premium options at approximately Rs 63,250. These Solar Panels are known for producing superior-quality panels that deliver reliable performance.

There are some modules of Longi Solar Panel:

  • Hi-MO 6
  • Hi-MO 5m
  • Hi-MO 5
  • Hi-MO 4m
  • Hi-MO 4

Hi-MO 6 also introduced four more modules:

  • Explorer
  • Guardian
  • Scientist
  • Artist

JA 540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

JA Solar Panel’s slightly lower capacity of 540W comes at a slightly more reasonable cost of Rs 49,800 with a 12-year warranty to provide consumers with peace of mind regarding its durability and longevity.

Trina Solar Panel Price

Trina solar panels, known for their efficiency and quality, range in price between Rs 100 to 120 per watt; a 550-watt solar panel’s cost will depend upon its specific model and features. Some Models of Trina Solar Panel are given below:

  • Vertex
  • Vertex S
  • Residential Module
  • Tallmax
  • Duomax twin

545 Watt Jinko Solar Panel

Jinko 545-watt solar panel costs approximately Rs 58,315. Jinko is an established brand in the solar industry and offers reliable solutions. There are several models of Jinko Solar Panels as follows:

  • Cheetah
  • Tiger
  • Tiger Pro
  • Tiger Neo

Factors That Affect the Price of 550 Watt Solar Panels

  • Reputation and Quality: Established brands with excellent brand recognition and quality assurance often command higher prices.
  • Technological Advancements: Panels featuring cutting-edge technologies could command higher prices due to enhanced performance features.
  • Manufacturing Costs: Production processes, materials, and labor all factor into the total cost of solar panels.
  • Energy Output and Efficiency: Higher-wattage panels that have greater energy conversion efficiencies will incur additional expenses.
  • Warranty and Durability: Solar panels offering longer warranties and increased durability may have higher price tags.

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Overall Conclusion

The accessibility and affordability of 550-watt solar panels in Pakistan offer individuals and businesses alike an ideal way to transition towards cleaner energy sources while lowering prices over time, and increasing adoption across Pakistan. There is also a variety of brands and options available so consumers can make choices that suit both their energy needs and budget constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which brand offers a 550-watt solar panel for around 55,000 rupees?

Astronenergy offers a 550-watt at an approximate price of 55,000 rupees.

What is the price range of a solar panel in Pakistan?

The price of a 550-watt solar panel in Pakistan ranges between Rs 45,500 to 63,000.

What is the price of a Longi 550-watt solar panel in Pakistan?

The Longi solar panel is priced at around Rs 63,250.

Are there options for solar panels with slightly lower wattage?

Yes, options like the JA 540-watt solar panel are available, priced at Rs. 49,800.

What factors influence the price of 550-watt solar panels?

Brand reputation, technological advancements, manufacturing costs, and market demand all contribute to the pricing of solar panels.

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