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Power is crucial in our daily lives, and batteries play a pivotal role in guaranteeing continuous energy supply. Opting for the appropriate battery can vastly impact device performance, be it solar setups or vehicles. Among the market’s choices, Fujika Batteries have stood out, offering an extensive battery range to meet varied energy requirements. This article will focus on the Fujika Battery price in Pakistan in 2024, delving into their different types.

Fujika Battery Price in Pakistan

Fujika Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

When it comes to choosing the right battery, Fujika Batteries have gained recognition for their reliability and performance. The pricing of these batteries varies depending on the specific range and model. Let’s explore the different ranges of Fujika Batteries and their corresponding prices:

Fujika Maintenance Free Batteries Price

The Maintenance Free range of Fujika Batteries offers convenience and efficiency. These batteries require minimal upkeep and are designed to provide consistent performance. The prices of Fujika Maintenance Free Batteries in Pakistan range between Rs. 4,592 to Rs. 50,392, varying based on the battery’s size and model.

Fujika Batttery ModelPrice in PKR
FJ TL 1800Rs.58,000
FJ55L MFRs.7,166
FJ 110L/R MFRs.14,274
FJ TL 1500Rs.26,325
FJDIN 55 MFRs.13,455
FJ 65 MFRs.8,717
FJ TL 1200Rs.29,250
FJ55R MFRs.7,166
FJDIN 66 MFRs.16,680
FJ GEN 50 MFRs.4,592
FJ 100L/R MFRs.12,636
FJ TL 3000Rs.90,000
FJ60L MFRs.8,073
FJ TL 2500Rs.78,000
FJ TL 1600Rs.55,000
FJ TL 1000Rs.20,475
FJ60R MFRs.8,073
FJ 72L/R MFRs.9,477
FJ 80L/R MFRs.11,115
FJ55L MFRs.7,166
FJDIN 88 MFRs.21,066

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Fujika Solar Range Battery Price

Solar installations have become increasingly popular for harnessing renewable energy. Fujika offers a range of batteries specifically designed for solar applications. The prices of Fujika Solar Range Batteries in Pakistan start from Rs. 4,154 and go up to Rs. 10,448, depending on the battery’s size and model.

Solar Battery ModelPrice
FJ Solar 100Rs. 9,594
FJ Solar 60Rs. 6,394
FJ Solar 110Rs. 10,448
FJ Solar 90Rs. 8,570
FJ Solar 50Rs. 4,154
FJ Solar 55Rs. 5,394

Fujika Light Range Battery Price in Pakistan

For smaller devices and applications, the Light Range Batteries from Fujika are an ideal choice. These batteries offer efficient power delivery for devices with lower energy requirements. The prices of Fujika Light Range Batteries in Pakistan range from Rs. 6,494 to Rs. 11,144, based on the battery’s size and model.

ModelPrice in PKR
FJ 85Z/ZLRs.9,629
FJ 75Rs.8,570
FJ CR 65/LRs.7,547
FJ 50/LRs.6,494
FJ 70/LRs.8,044
FJ 95LRs.11,448

Medium Range Battery Price

Fujika’s Medium Range Batteries strike a balance between power and size, making them suitable for a variety of applications. The prices of Medium Range Batteries from Fujika are in the range of Rs. 10,448 to Rs. 17,960, varying according to the battery’s size and model.

Fujika ModelPrice
FJ 125Rs.15,000
FJ 105Z/ZLRs.12,039
FJ 135Rs.16,000
FJ 150Rs.17,960
FJ 140Rs.17,199
FJ 100ARs.10,448
FJ 110Z/ZLRs.13,221

Fujika Heavy Range Battery Price in Pakistan

For applications demanding higher power capacities, the Heavy Range Batteries from Fujika offer reliable performance. The prices of Fujika Heavy Range Batteries in Pakistan fall between Rs. 19,540 to Rs. 29,601, with fluctuations based on the battery’s size and model.

Battery ModelRate in Pakistan
FJ 260Rs.29,075
FJ 200Rs.22,464
FJ 265Rs.29,601
FJ 180Rs.20,700
FJ 210Rs.25,272
FJ 195Rs.22,113
FJ 175Rs.19,540
FJ 250Rs.28,841

Factors That Affect The Price of Fujika Batteries

  • Battery Capacity: Batteries with higher capacity tend to have a higher price due to their ability to store more energy.
  • Technology Used: Batteries incorporating advanced technology and innovative features may come at a premium price.
  • Durability and Lifespan: Batteries with longer lifespans and enhanced durability often have a higher initial cost.
  • Application-Specific Features: Batteries tailored for specific applications, such as solar or heavy-duty use, might command a higher price.
  • Performance Efficiency: Batteries offering higher energy efficiency and better performance may have a higher price point.
  • Warranty and Support: Batteries with comprehensive warranties and reliable customer support might be priced higher.

Best Suppliers of Fujika Batteries in Pakistan

When seeking reliable sources for Fujika Batteries, it’s crucial to choose reputable suppliers. Some of the best suppliers of Fujika Batteries in Pakistan are as follows:

  • New Aiwan Batteries
  • SF Batteries
  • Pak Battery Traders
  • Subhan Battery Center
  • Javed Battery Center
  • Rashid Auto Batteries
  • Japan Battery Service
  • Naushahi Battery
  • Punoo Battery Service
  • Wajid Sons Car Battery
  • Sultani Battery House

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Overall Conclusion

In a world where energy reliability is paramount, choosing the right battery can have a substantial impact. Fujika Batteries has carved a niche for itself by offering a diverse range of batteries catering to various energy needs. From Maintenance Free to Solar Range and Heavy Range Batteries, Fujika provides solutions for different applications. While prices vary based on models and sizes, the investment in a quality battery can yield long-term benefits in terms of performance and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What factors determine the price of Fujika Batteries?

The price of Fujika Batteries is influenced by factors such as capacity, technology, durability, and application-specific features.

Are Fujika Batteries suitable for solar installations?

Yes, Fujika offers a dedicated range of batteries designed for solar applications, providing efficient energy storage.

What is the price range of Fujika Solar Range Batteries?

The prices of Fujika Solar Range Batteries start from Rs. 4,154 and go up to Rs. 10,448, depending on the battery’s size and model.

Which suppliers are recommended for purchasing Fujika Batteries in Pakistan?

Reputable suppliers known for their genuine products and reliable service are the best choices for purchasing Fujika Batteries.

How do Fujika Heavy Range Batteries perform in high-power applications?

Fujika Heavy Range Batteries are designed to deliver reliable performance in applications requiring higher power capacities.

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