K&N’s Products Price List 2024 | All Products Rate List Updated

In a world where convenience and quality are paramount, K&N’s has been a pioneer in providing just that. K&N’s has strived to offer a range of products that not only cater to various budgets; but also ensure that taste and quality are never compromised. This article explores in detail K&N’s products price list, and why they remain a household name in Pakistan.

Overview of K&N’s

K&N’s journey began with a vision to provide people with easy access to delicious and nutritious food. Founded in 1964 by Mr. Khalil Sattar, understood the importance of offering a range of products that cater to various tastes and budgets. What started as a small venture has now grown into a renowned brand that stands for convenience without compromising on quality.

K&N’s Products Price List

K&N’s Products Price List 2024

One of the key aspects that make K&N’s a preferred choice is its affordability. The 2024 price list of K&N’s products showcase a range that suits every budget. From affordable options to premium choices, K&N’s ensures that consumers can enjoy quality food without straining their pockets. Here’s a glimpse of what K&N’s has to offer:

K&n’s ProductPrice in Pakistan
K&N’s Chicken Wings 1 KGRs. 690
K&N’s Chicken Thunder Fillet Breast, 5-PackRs. 970
K&N’s Chicken Qeema Premium 500gRs. 506
K&N’s Chicken Seekh Kabab, 7-PackRs. 430
K&N’s Fun Nuggets, 9-PackRs. 425
K&N’s Chicken Boti Cut 1 KGRs. 780
K&N’s Deline Mini Franks Sausage With Cheese, 54-56 Pieces, 700gRs. 1,085
K&N’s Chicken Fiery Fingers, Economy PackRs. 1,210
K&N’s Chicken Tender PopsRs. 425
K&N’s Haray Bharay Nuggets, 45-47 Pieces, Economy PackRs. 1,110
K&N’s Chicken Karahi Cut 1 KGRs. 765
K&N’s Toppingz ‘N Fillingz, Tikka, 650gRs. 1,170
K&N’s Chicken Seekh Kabab, 18-PackRs. 1,010
K&N’s Chicken Pepperoni Slices, 168-Pack, Economy PackRs. 1,080
K&N’s Whole Chicken, Roaster Size 13, 1.3 KGRs. 936
K&N’s Deline Breakfast Sausages, Chicken, 32-Pack, 720gRs. 1,085
K&N’s Chicken Samosa, 30-PackRs. 755
K&N Biryani Stock, 17.6gRs. 50
K&N’s Chicken Kafta Kabab, 23-Pack, 515gRs. 1,010
K&N’s Chicken Tempura Large, 29-31 PiecesRs. 1,110
K&N’s Chicken Shami Kabab, 7-Pack, 252gRs. 405
K&N’s Chicken Croquettes, 53-55 PiecesRs. 1,150
K&N’s Chicken Tikka Chunks 700gRs. 1,090
K&N’s Chicken Chapli Kabab 4-PackRs. 430
K&N’s Chicken Nuggets, 43-45 PiecesRs. 1,150
K&N’s Chicken Boneless Handi 500gRs. 506
K&N’s Chicken Combo Wings, Economy PackRs. 1,065
K&N’s Chicken Tender Breast, 7-Pack, 700gRs. 725
K&N’s Chicken Kofta, 12-Pack, 345gRs. 480

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K&N’s Nuggets Price List

K&N’s Chicken NuggetsPrice in Pakistan
K&N’s Nuggets Economy 1000GMRs. 1,200
K&N’s Fun Nuggets Economy 795GMRs. 1,061
K&Ns Haray Nuggets Economy 1000GMRs. 1,161
K&N’s Fun Nuggets Standard Pack 9 pcs 265GMRs. 449
K &Ns Nuggets Family Pack 1500 GMRs. 1,875
K&N’s Nuggets Standard Pack 12 pcs 270GMRs. 425
K&N’s Chicken Nuggets 74 to 76 Pieces 1.7KGRs. 1870
K&N’s Chicken Nuggets 43 to 45 Pieces 1000GMRs. 1150

Is K&N’s Beneficial?

K&N’s is not just about convenience; it also prioritizes health and nutrition. The company takes pride in providing products that are free from harmful additives and preservatives. With K&N’s, you can enjoy delicious meals without compromising on your health.

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Overall Conclusion

As we navigate through the fast-paced demands of modern life, brands like K&N’s serve as a beacon of convenience and quality. With a legacy spanning nearly six decades, K&N’s continues to evolve, ensuring that consumers have access to delectable food options that meet their preferences and budgets.

FAQs About K&N’s Products Price List

Who founded K&N’s?

K&N’s was founded by Mr. Khalil Sattar in 1964.

What makes K&N’s products special?

K&N’s products are known for their convenience, quality, and affordability. They are free from harmful additives and preservatives.

Where can I find K&N’s products?

K&N’s products are widely available in stores across Pakistan. They also offer fast delivery services for added convenience.

Are K&N’s products suitable for all budgets?

Yes, K&N’s offers a diverse range of products to suit every budget, ensuring that quality food is accessible to all.

Are K&N’s products nutritious?

Yes, K&N’s products prioritize health and nutrition, making them a healthy choice for consumers.

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  4. I have used frozen specially chicken items of many companies but their qauility was not good and no doubt their prices are cheaper. Now I am a regulsr customer of your products only for the reason the quality is excellent. Prices are a bit high.

  5. I am glad to share that i am using k&n,s products for 16 years. Delicious,safe and healthy chicken. Highly recommended

  6. I am glad to share that i am using k&n,s products for 16 years. Delicious,safe and healthy chicken. Highly recommended

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