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In Pakistan, the current price of the Millat MF 260 Tractor is Rs. 2,690,000 for the 2WD model and Rs. 3,795,000 for the Special Edition. Massey Ferguson is an iconic name in the tractor industry, standing out as an exceptional model with features and specifications that support various agricultural applications and meet Pakistani farmers’ diverse requirements.

Massey Ferguson tractors continue to be a go-to choice in Pakistan. In this guide, we will explore the Massey Ferguson MF 260 tractor price in Pakistan and delve into the features and specifications of the new 2024 model.

Overview of Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor

Pakistan’s agricultural terrain relies heavily on the Massey 260 tractor. Farmers appreciate its sturdy build, powerful engine, and reliable gearbox, which make it their go-to tractor choice. Furthermore, this tractor stands out as being designed with speed and efficiency in mind; ideal for anyone who values reliability in their farming pursuits.

MF 260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Massey Ferguson 260 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan, however, sees new Massey 260 tractor prices range between PKR 2,690,000 and 3,795,000; though these costs could differ depending on the dealership or region of the nation.

ModelLatest Prices
MF 260 2WDRs. 2,690,000
MF 260 Special EditionRs. 3,795,000

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Factors Affecting the Price of an MF 260 Tractor

Pakistani pricing patterns of Massey 260 tractors depend on various factors.

  • Demand and Supply Dynamics: Supply and demand dynamics affect the Massey 260 tractor’s pricing, with more demand causing higher prices due to limited supplies.
  • Economic Conditions: The price of agricultural equipment such as the Massey 260 tractor can be affected by national economic conditions. A decline may encourage more competitive pricing to promote sales.
  • Dealership Pricing Policies: Different dealerships may have different pricing practices. Specials, discounts, and financing may change their pricing.
  • Geographic Variations: Prices in Pakistan may differ depending on where you’re located. This is due to factors like regional demand and transportation costs.

Massey Ferguson 260 Tractor Features

Massey 260 tractor offers farmers in Pakistan an ideal solution. It combines characteristics that include a strong engine, reliable gearbox, and durable construction to meet the rigorous demands of agricultural labor. Thanks to its advanced features and specifications, farmers in Pakistan can complete farming chores quickly and effectively using this tractor.

  • Strong Engine:  The Massey 260 tractor boasts an engine renowned for its efficiency and power. One of the main reasons behind its popularity among farmers looking for high production rates.
  • Dependable Gearbox:  One of the Massey 260 tractor’s finest characteristics is its reliable gearbox. Farmers appreciate its durability for smooth operations.
  • Robust Construction: The Massey 260 tractor’s rugged structure ensures longevity and endurance in harsh farming conditions. This feature ensures longevity and endurance even under challenging farming circumstances.
  • Effective Farming Design: Tractors are specifically designed for quick and efficient farming tasks. So time-conscious farmers often opt for them due to their increased output design.
  • Versatility in Agricultural Operations: The Massey 260 tractor’s versatility in agricultural operations can be seen through its broad spectrum of activities it can manage, from various farming tasks to managing traffic management systems. Farmers appreciate having one machine that can do everything needed.

Massey 260 Tractor Specifications

Strength and Efficiency

The Massey 260 tractor is ideal for performing various agricultural tasks due to its excellent power and performance features, easily clearing fields, towing heavy loads, or performing other farming duties.


The Massey 260 tractor comes equipped with a 4.41-liter diesel engine that consumes less gasoline and generates 60 horsepower. This dual-purpose design maximizes both power and efficiency to ensure you maximize your tractor investment.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Our 47-liter gas tank ensures ample working time without frequent refilling needs during operation.


For easy operation and mobility, the Massey 260 Tractor features an intuitive 8 forward/2 reverse gear transmission system with 8 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds – guaranteeing smooth navigation over various terrain types. This technology ensures seamless operation.

Specifications of MF 260 Tractor in Details

Engine power at 2,250 rpm60 (B.S) hp
Torque at 1,600 engine rpm212 Nm
PTO power at rated engine speed48 hp**
Certified to BS AU 141a : (1971)Manufacturer’s estimate
Dual ClutchValue
Diameter305 x 254 mm
TypeDual clutch
Compression ratio16.5:1
No. of cylinders3
Starting aidThermostart
Bore91.5 mm
Throttle controlHand and foot
Fuel filterThermostat
Air Cleaner TypeOil bath
Oil CoolerAir Cooled, Fin Type
TypeDiesel / T 3.1524
Stroke127 mm
Capacity (litres)2.5
Pre-CleanerOver bonnet
Power Take Off (PTO)Value
Engine speed at 540 PTO rpm1,789 rpm
No. of splines6
Shaft diameter35 mm
FunctionsDraft control, Position control
Alternator32 Amp
Voltage12 V Negative Earth
Battery118 Ah
Starter Motor2.2 kW
TypeSliding Spur
Number of gears8 forward, 2 reverse
Speed (km/hr)
Road speed at 2,250 engine rpmwith 14.9 / 13-28 rear tyres
GearSpeed (km/hr)
Forward 1 (first low)2.6
Forward 23.8
Forward 35.2
Forward 47.0
Forward 5 (first high)10.4
Forward 615.2
Forward 720.8
Forward 827.9
Reverse 1 (low)3.5
Reverse 2 (high)14.7
Hydraulic system36.00 Liter
Fuel tank47.51 Liter
Engine sump6.81 Liter
Oil bath air-cleaner0.5.0 Liter
Cooling system11.70 Liter
Steering box0.9 Liter

Why choose Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor?

Pakistani farmers can take advantage of the many advantages afforded them by the Massey 260 tractor. Its durable design and potent performance make it a reliable partner in the fields. While for farmers with multiple agricultural needs, it is an outstanding investment because of its exceptional durability and efficiency compared with other models on the market.

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Conclusion: MF 260 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Pakistani farmers searching for reliable and efficient agricultural equipment find that the Massey Ferguson MF 260 tractor makes an attractive option in an industry characterized by increasing competition due to its strong features and affordable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes the Massey 260 tractor popular among Pakistani farmers?

The Massey 260 tractor is renowned for its powerful engine, reliable gearbox, and sturdy build, making it a preferred choice for efficient and reliable farming operations.

How much does a new Massey 260 tractor cost in Pakistan?

The price of a new Massey 260 tractor in Pakistan ranges from PKR 2,185,000 to 2,232,000, depending on the dealership and geographical location.

Are there variations in the prices of Massey 260 tractors based on location?

Yes, prices can vary based on the dealership and geographical location within Pakistan.

What factors influence the pricing of the Massey 260 tractor?

Demand and supply, economic conditions, dealership pricing policies, and regional variations are factors that can affect the pricing of the Massey 260 tractor.

Why should farmers consider the Massey 260 tractor over other options?

The Massey 260 tractor offers a powerful performance, sturdy build, and efficiency, making it a reliable and durable choice for farmers with diverse agricultural needs.

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