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PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) doors have become increasingly popular in Pakistan due to their durability, affordability, and versatility. These doors come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and styles, catering to individual preferences and specific requirements. Buyers of Pakistani PVC doors must comprehend pricing variables. Buyers may find the best PVC door bargains by understanding the market. In this article, we will examine PVC Door Price in Pakistan in 2024.

PVC Door Price in Pakistan

Current PVC Door Price in Pakistan

Prices of PVC doors in Pakistan can differ significantly based on factors discussed earlier. Here are the average price ranges for PVC doors:

PVC Plastic DoorPer Square Foot Price
Fiber Door (Peshawar)Rs. 400
Fiber Door (Lahore)Rs. 350
Fiber Door (Karachi)Rs. 550
Fiber Door (Gujranwala)Rs. 350
Fiber Door (Islamabad)Rs. 550
Fiber Door (Rawalpindi)Rs. 350
Fiber Door (Multan)Rs. 300
Fiber Door (Faisalabad)Rs. 350
Fiber Door (Sialkot)Rs. 550

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Factors Affecting PVC Door Price in Pakistan

PVC door prices in Pakistan depend on various factors. When making a purchasing decision, it’s crucial to factor these elements in. Here are a few key aspects affecting their costs:

Size and Design:

A PVC door’s price depends heavily on its size and design. Larger or more intricate doors may cost more than standard-sized or simpler models; customizing designs or making special requests could add further to its cost.

Quality of Material:

Another major factor influencing door prices is the quality of PVC material used in its construction. Doors made from higher-quality PVC are likely more costly but offer improved durability and performance over time.

Brand Reputation:

A manufacturer or supplier’s brand value and reputation can also affect the cost of PVC doors, with well-known and established names likely charging more due to their superior reputation for quality and dependability.

Addition Features:

Additional features, such as built-in security locks, double glazing, or soundproofing can add additional costs to PVC doors but provide increased functionality and convenience – but they come at a premium.

PVC Door Prices for Bedrooms

PVC doors are a popular choice for bedrooms due to their affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Their prices can differ depending on factors like size, design, and the supplier’s pricing policy; here are some estimated price ranges for PVC bedroom doors:

  • Standard-Sized PVC Doors for Bedrooms: Prices typically fall within Rs. 2,500 to 6,500 for standard-sized PVC bedroom doors that feature various designs, finishes, and features to suit different interior styles.
  • Customized PVC Doors: If you require something specific in terms of design or size for your bedroom door, customized PVC doors may be an option. Prices can vary greatly depending on how intricate or simple the design and size requirements are; for the best pricing quote on customized PVC doors, it is wise to consult directly with suppliers or manufacturers.

Consider factors like the overall design and color scheme of your bedroom when selecting a PVC door for it. Choose one that enhances its aesthetic appeal while complementing existing interior features and providing additional visual interest to the space.

PVC Door Prices for Bathrooms

PVC doors make an excellent addition to bathrooms due to their moisture-proof properties. They can withstand humidity and dampness typically found in bathroom environments, offering greater peace of mind than wood doors can. Here are the estimated price ranges for PVC designed specifically for bathrooms:

  • 3 Bay 7 Full Fiber PVC Doors: 3 Bay 7 Full Fiber PVC Doors for bathrooms typically cost Rs. 1,360 and offer durability and moisture resistance, making them suitable for bathroom installations.
  • Hop Fiber PVC Doors: Hop fiber variants of PVC doors are also available for bathrooms, with prices beginning around Rs 11,500 for a three-bay seven-door and Rs.550 per foot. Hop Fiber doors offer similar benefits as full fiber versions but may differ slightly in design and features.

When selecting a PVC door for your bathroom, ensure it features proper sealing and is designed to withstand moisture-rich environments. Also, take into consideration its size and style to make sure that it complements the overall bathroom design.

Benefits of PVC Doors

Before delving into the prices for PVC doors in Pakistan, let’s first explore their many benefits:

PVC doors tend to be more affordable compared to other materials like wood and metal doors, such as those made from these. Furthermore, PVC is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear well, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications alike.

PVC doors offer excellent weather resistance, standing up well against moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures – making them suitable for use outdoors. Low Maintenance Requirements: PVC doors are easy to keep clean and maintain without needing painting or varnishing; simply wipe clean using a damp cloth!

Versatility: PVC doors come in an assortment of designs, colors, and finishes that allow homeowners to choose the ideal style to match their interior decor.
Energy Efficiency: PVC doors boast excellent insulating properties, helping maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while decreasing energy consumption.

Comparing PVC Door Prices with Other Door Types

PVC doors may offer several advantages over other door types available in the market; it’s important to compare their costs against others before making your decision. Here is a breakdown of PVC door prices compared to commonly used options:

  • Wooden Doors: Wooden doors are an iconic choice for homes. Unfortunately, however, their price can often exceed that of PVC ones depending on factors like the type of wood used, design complexity, and craftsmanship – on average they may cost significantly more.
  • Steel Doors: Steel doors are known for their strength and security features, making them popular choices for external entrances. Steel can be more expensive than PVC options when equipped with additional security features but still provides better protection and durability.
  • Fiberglass Doors: Fiberglass doors are relatively new on the market, offering the look of wood while being resistant to moisture and warping. While fiberglass doors typically cost more than their PVC counterparts, they provide great insulation properties and durability benefits.
  • Aluminum Doors: These lightweight yet strong and corrosion-resistant aluminum doors are often found on commercial buildings or entranceways, where their lightweight properties make them an attractive option. Aluminum doors tend to cost more than PVC due to material and structural properties.

Comparing door prices requires taking several factors into account, including durability, maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, and overall suitability for your specific needs. PVC doors offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or functionality.

Tips for Buying PVC Doors in Pakistan

When purchasing PVC doors in Pakistan, it’s essential to keep these tips in mind:

Accurate measurements should be taken of both the door frame and desired door size to ensure a perfect fit, taking into account factors like height, width, and thickness.

  • Design and Style: Select a PVC door design and style that complements the overall aesthetic of your space, such as panel doors, flush doors, or sliding doors based on your individual preferences and needs.
  • Quality: Choose doors constructed of high-grade PVC material to ensure durability and longevity, and verify whether their manufacturer meets quality standards or certifications.
  • Additional Features: Consider any additional features you require, such as built-in locks, soundproofing, or insulation. Bear in mind that these may increase the overall cost.
  • Reputation of Suppliers/Manufacturers: Do research to find reliable PVC door manufacturers who are known for producing top-grade PVC doors. Read customer reviews to get a sense of reliability and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Price Comparison: To secure the best value without compromising quality, compare prices across suppliers to find a deal without breaking the bank. Consider factors like warranty, after-sales service, and installation assistance provided by each supplier.

By following these tips, you can make an informed decision and choose a PVC door that meets both your requirements and budget.

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Conclusion: PVC Door Price in Pakistan

PVC doors offer an affordable, durable, and versatile solution for homes and commercial spaces across Pakistan. Prices of PVC doors may depend on various factors including size, design, quality, and extra features – it is wise to compare prices from various reputable suppliers before making a purchasing decision. Whether it is bedroom doors or bathroom door options available that best meet your specific needs and budget requirements.

PVC doors provide numerous advantages, including affordability, weather resistance, low maintenance needs, and energy efficiency. When purchasing PVC doors it is important to accurately measure, select a design suitable for your living or working space and prioritize quality when making purchases. Regular care and maintenance of these doors will help them remain in peak condition for decades of aesthetic pleasure and functionality within any living or working space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are PVC doors suitable for exterior use?

Yes, PVC doors are suitable for exterior use. They are weather-resistant and can withstand moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures.

Can PVC doors be painted?

PVC doors come in various colors and finishes, eliminating the need for painting. However, if desired, PVC doors can be painted using special PVC paints suitable for plastic surfaces.

Can PVC doors be used in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms?

Yes, PVC doors are an excellent choice for areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms. They are moisture-resistant and designed to withstand damp environments.

How long do PVC doors last?

With proper care and maintenance, PVC doors can last for many years. They are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Are PVC doors energy-efficient?

Yes, PVC doors offer excellent insulation properties, making them energy-efficient. They help maintain indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

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