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Cooling solutions such as fans have always been popular with households, and in Pakistan, their use is growing increasingly popular. At SK Fans, you will find multiple fan types to meet different needs and preferences. This article analyzes the SK fans price in Pakistan in 2024. Also, it has advantages when selecting this cooling option for yourself.

SK Fans Price in Pakistn

SK Fans Price in Pakistan 2024

SK Fans is well known for its wide variety of fan options designed to offer optimal cooling performance. Let’s examine prices for different SK Fan categories in Pakistan in 2024.

Pedestal Fans Prices

Pedestal fans are an effective and portable cooling solution, ideal for many households. SK Pedestal Fans provide both affordability and efficiency – the price range starts as low as Rs. 760 up to Rs. 17,385, depending on model features.

SK Pedestal FansMinimum PriceMaximum Price
TCP₨. 10,345₨. 12,055
Pedestal Fan₨. 16,495₨. 17,385
Table Fan₨. 8,660₨. 8,860
TCP Fancy₨. 10,535₨. 10,735
TCP DC₨. 7,815₨. 13,095

Exhaust Fans Price in Pakistan

Exhaust fans play an essential part in maintaining proper ventilation in both homes and workplaces, providing necessary airflow. SK Exhaust Fans have been specifically designed for maximum efficiency and durability – their prices start from Rs 3,820 up to Rs 15,625, depending on size, features, and price point.

SK Exhaust FansMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Metal Exhaust (Round)₨. 10,825₨. 15,625
Plastic Exhaust (Wall Fan)₨. 5,595₨. 6,510
Ceiling Exhaust₨. 5,055₨. 5,710
Metal Exhaust (Square)₨. 6,275₨. 7,065
Round Exhaust (Window Fan)₨. 3,820₨. 4,415

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Sk Ceiling Fans Price

Ceiling fans are an essential feature in Pakistani homes, and SK Ceiling Fans offer an expansive selection of options to meet every style preference imaginable. Classic or contemporary: Whatever suits you best is right here with us. Prices in Pakistan for these ceiling fans range between Rs 8,160 to Rs 25,600 to suit every budget and taste preference.

SK Ceiling FansPrice in Pakistan
Antique Water Proof₨. 12,565
Super Deluxe Inverter₨. 10,585
Iris (Inverter)₨. 25,595
Antique₨. 11,950
Spider (Inverter)₨. 25,595
Deluxe Standard (40)₨. 8,165
Victoria₨. 10,130
Deluxe Plus₨. 9,120
Caroma Plus Non-Inverter₨. 13,080
Caroma Plus (Inverter)₨. 15,240
Magnum (Inverter)₨. 12,995
Butterfly (Inverter)₨. 20,630
Supreme₨. 8,910 – ₨. 9,065
Super Deluxe₨. 9,015 – ₨. 9,195
AC/DC Ceiling Fan₨. 10,480
Antique Plus₨. 12,575
Deluxe Standard₨. 8,695
VIP₨. 9,430 – ₨. 9,610
Caroma₨. 12,840
Sareen₨. 13,895
Executive₨. 9,780

SK Bracket Fans Prices

Bracket fans are versatile fans that can be quickly mounted to walls for efficient cooling of small areas, making SK Bracket Fans an excellent option in Pakistani households with limited space. Starting at Rs. 7,290 up to Rs. 15,275 depending on model and features available – they make for great options when the temperature gets too warm in rooms with air-conditioning!

SK Bracket FansPrices
Bracket Fan (AS-502)₨. 8,695
Mega Bracket₨. 12,820 – ₨. 15,275
Bracket Fan (AS-410)₨. 7,965
Bracket Fan (AS-501) Plastic Blade₨. 8,695
Bracket Fan (AS-505) (Old Model)₨. 8,490
Bracket Fan (AS-355)₨. 7,290
Bracket Fan (AS-445 & AS-500)₨. 8,245 – ₨. 8,695
Bracket Fan (AS-501) Metal Blade₨. 8,695

Advantages of Utilizing SK Fans

Opting for SK Fans as part of your cooling needs in Pakistan comes with numerous advantages:

  • Advanced Technology: SK Fans offer features such as remote controls, reverse motor controls, and quiet motors to enhance your fan experience.
  • Durability: SK fans are made from durable and safe materials to withstand the rigors of everyday usage.
  • Variety of Styles: SK Fans in Pakistan come in various styles, from vintage to modern, so that you can select a fan to complement the decor in your room.
  • Efficiency: SK fans are designed to effectively cool you while helping keep energy costs in check.

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Overall Conclusion

When considering cooling solutions for 2024; SK Fans in Pakistan offer a range of choices to meet all of your needs and preferences. From their advanced technology and durability features to stylish options that meet individual preferences. These fans offer reliable cooling in the Pakistani climate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are SK Fans energy-efficient?

Yes, SK Fans are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you stay cool without significantly increasing your energy bills.

Do SK Fans come with a warranty?

Many SK Fans come with a warranty to provide peace of mind regarding their durability and performance.

Can I find SK Fans in different colors and designs?

Yes, SK Fans are available in various colors and designs, allowing you to choose one that matches your preferences and decor.

Are SK Ceiling Fans easy to install?

SK Ceiling Fans are designed for easy installation, and most models come with clear instructions for setup.

Do SK Fans have adjustable speed settings?

Yes, SK Fans typically have adjustable speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow to your comfort level.

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