Kashees Beauty Parlour Price List Today | 2024 Updated

What are the price ranges at Kashees Beauty Parlour, and how does it cater to the diverse beauty needs of its customers? Kashees Beauty Parlour is a renowned name in the beauty industry, known for its exceptional services and expertise. In this article, we will explore the price offerings at Kashees Beauty Parlour and delve into the range of services it provides to its clientele. By understanding the pricing structure and the comprehensive beauty solutions available, we can gain insights into the value and quality that Kashees Beauty Parlour Price offers to its customers.

Kashees Beauty Parlour Price List

Kashees Beauty Parlour Bridal Makeup Price

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour takes great pride in creating stunning bridal looks, and their prices for bridal makeup services range between Rs 24,000 to Rs 28,000. Ultimately, the exact amount will depend on several factors such as design complexity, hairstyling services provided or customization needed according to individual bride preferences.

Makeup ArtistPrices (PKR)
Kashif AslamRs. 28,000
Anum AslamRs. 26,000
Other Beauty ExpertsRs. 24,000

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Party Makeup Price 2024

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour offers party makeup services to enhance the beauty of various special events and occasions, including engagement ceremonies, wedding receptions, and festive celebrations or festive occasions such as engagement ceremonies or engagement ceremonies. Their talented makeup artists can craft beautiful looks to elevate your beauty on special days; starting at Rs 10,000 they may reach as far up to Rs 19,000 depending on the intricacy and scope of hairstyling requirements for this service.

Makeup ArtistPrices (PKR)
Kashif AslamRs. 20,000
Anum AslamRs. 19,000
Other Beauty ExpertsRs. 15,000

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Mehndi Price

Mehndi (henna) has long been an integral part of traditional Pakistani weddings and other festive events, so Kashee’s Beauty Parlour offers beautiful mehndi designs to adorn both hands and feet at Kashee’s Beauty Parlour for their wedding or festive event guests. Pricing at Kashee’s ranges from Rs 500-12,000. Pricing depends upon design complexity, coverage area size, patterns selected as well as intricateness of patterns chosen.

TypeRate (Charges)
One Side of Hand Mehndi5000
Bridal Mehndi12000

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Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Cosmetic Price

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour is known for its outstanding makeup and hairstyling services as well as for offering an assortment of high-quality cosmetic products designed to enhance natural beauty for long-lasting results. Their cosmetic prices start from Rs 500 up to around 12,000 depending on each product’s features.

Kashees Beauty Parlour Jewelry Price

Along with its beauty services, Kashee’s Beauty Parlour also offers an impressive selection of jewellery pieces to enhance any look. Choose from statement earrings and elegant necklaces or intricate bangles at this boutique with prices that start from Rs 12,000 up to Rs 40,000 depending on design, material quality and craftsmanship.

Kashees Beauty Parlour Boutique Price

For an all-encompassing beauty experience, Kashee’s Beauty Parlour features a boutique section where customers can explore and purchase trendy clothing items and accessories. Choose from traditional Pakistani outfits, contemporary dresses and fashion accessories available in this collection at prices starting from Rs 30,000 in Kashee’s Beauty Parlour’s boutique section – you are guaranteed quality pieces at competitive rates.

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Final Verdict

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour has established itself as an unparalleled destination in Karachi, Pakistan for beauty services. Offering bridal and party makeup applications, hairstyling, henna tattooing, cosmetics jewellery and boutique services; their prices are designed to remain cost-effective while still meeting the quality and excellence that have come to define this salon’s reputation for service excellence and competitive prices; Kashee’s is here for all of your beauty needs.

Whether that’s prepping for that big event you have coming up or simply wanting some quality treatment; Kashee has something perfect to make you look and feel your best – see them now for yourself today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to make an appointment at Kashee’s Beauty Parlour?

Yes, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance to ensure availability and to allow the salon to allocate sufficient time for your desired services.

Does Kashee’s Beauty Parlour offer makeup and hairstyling lessons?

Yes, Kashee’s Beauty Parlour provides makeup and hairstyling training sessions for individuals interested in learning professional techniques and skills.

Are there any discounts or promotions available at Kashee’s Beauty Parlour?

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour occasionally offers discounts and promotions on select services or during specific seasons. It is advisable to inquire directly with the salon for any ongoing offers.

Can I purchase Kashee’s Beauty Parlour cosmetics online?

Yes, Kashee’s Beauty Parlour cosmetics can be purchased online through their official website or other authorized online platforms.

Does Kashee’s Beauty Parlour provide services for men as well?

While Kashee’s Beauty Parlour primarily focuses on catering to women’s beauty needs, they may offer limited services for men upon request. It is recommended to contact the salon directly for further information.

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