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Sufi, a trusted name in Pakistan’s culinary landscape, has been delighting taste buds for years. From traditional spices to modern frozen delights, Sufi offers a wide range of products. In this article, we dive into the Sufi products price list in Pakistan for 2024. Exploring the cost of popular items and the convenience they bring to Pakistani households.

Sufi Products Price List

Sufi Products Price in Pakistan 2024

Sufi Products have gained immense popularity in Pakistan over the years and for a good reason. Their commitment to delivering top-notch taste and quality has made them a household name. Here’s a breakdown of the Sufi Products Price List for 2024:

Simply Sufi Products Price List in Pakistan

Sufi ProductsPrice (PKR)
Sufi Chicken Nuggets, (Poly Bag), 1000gRs. 1210
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab, 9 Pieces, 200gmRs. 460
Sufi Chicken Tenders, 12 Servings, 675gmRs. 1120
Sufi Chicken Seekh Kabab, 18 Pieces, 540gmRs. 1020
Sufi Chicken Poppers, 780gRs. 1100
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab, 12 Pieces, 888gmRs. 1105
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab, 4 Pieces, 296gmRs. 450
Sufi Chicken Wings, 12 Servings, 850gmRs. 1105
Sufi Chicken Shami Kabab, 7 Pieces, 252gmRs. 410
Sufi Chicken Nuggets 270gmRs. 430
Sufi Chicken Burger Patties, 6 Servings, 380gmRs. 500
Sufi Chicken Seekh Kabab, 7 Pieces, 205gmRs. 465
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab, 23 Pieces, 515gmRs. 1020
Sufi Chicken Samosa, 30 Pieces, 420gmRs. 765
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab, 9 Pieces, 200gmRs. 460
Sufi Chicken Samosa, 15 Pieces, 210gmRs. 370
Sufi Chicken Tenders 225gmRs. 420
Sufi Chicken Poppers 260gmRs. 430
Sufi Chicken Xinger Patties, 5 Pieces, 550gmRs. 1130
Sufi Chicken Wings 850gRs. 1165
Sufi Chicken Rolls 300gRs. 540
Sufi Chicken Shami Kabab, 17 Pieces, 612gmRs. 1000
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab, 4 Pieces, 296gmRs. 450
Sufi Chicken Reshmi Tikka 515gmRs. 1100
Sufi Chicken Poppers 780gmRs. 1100
Sufi Promo Pack 2340gRs. 2445
Simply Sufi Chicken Paratha 330gRs. 420
Simply Sufi Potato Paratha 360gRs. 270
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 1600gRs. 940
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 400gRs. 250
Simply Sufi Roghni Naan 450gRs. 390
Simply Sufi Plain Naan 425gRs. 285
Fajita Topping 500gRs. 960
Potato Cutlet 500gRs. 585
Tikka Topping 500gRs. 910
Sufi Vegetable Samosa, 30 Pieces, 420gmRs. 500
Sufi Vegetable Samosa, 15 Pieces, 210gmRs. 255
Sufi Chicken Poppers, 780gRs. 1235
Sufi Chicken Nuggets 270gmRs. 430
Sufi Burger Patties, (Poly Bag), 1000gRs. 1035
Xinger Patties 550gRs. 1180
Chicken Wings 850gRs. 1165
Space Nuggets 800gRs. 1085
Badami Kofta 810gRs. 1160
Badami Kofta 300gRs. 485
Space Nuggets 275gRs. 445

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Simply Sufi Menu With Prices

Sufi Menu offers a delightful array of options for discerning palates, blending convenience with taste. The Tandoori Paratha Meal, priced at Rs. 1,200, combines four Sufi Frozen Tandoori Parathas, six Seekh Kababs, and a refreshing minty yogurt dip, perfect for hosting dinner parties.

The Fruity Kabab Delight, at Rs. 980, tantalizes taste buds with twelve Fruity Kababs, accompanied by zesty mango chutney and a side of fresh salad. For weeknight ease, the Weeknight Munchies Pack, priced at Rs. 940, includes 300g of Chicken Nuggets and a dozen Mini Samosas, making it an ideal choice for quick, flavorful meals.

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, Sufi Products continues to captivate the taste buds of Pakistanis with its diverse range of offerings. From convenient frozen parathas to flavorful kababs and munchies, Sufi Products offer something for everyone. The Sufi Products Price List for 2024 provides an insight into the affordability of these delectable treats, making them a great choice for both daily meals and special occasions.

So, whether you’re planning a dinner party or just need a quick and tasty meal solution, Simply Sufi has you covered with its menu of mouthwatering options. Enjoy the convenience and flavors that Sufi Products bring to your table.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Sufi Products available nationwide in Pakistan?

Yes, Sufi Products are widely available across Pakistan through various retail outlets and grocery stores.

Can I find Sufi Products online for delivery?

Yes, many online grocery platforms in Pakistan offer Sufi Products for delivery to your doorstep.

Are there any new Sufi Products expected in 2024?

While we don’t have specific information on upcoming products, Sufi is known for innovation, so keep an eye out for new offerings.

Are Sufi Frozen Parathas easy to cook?

Yes, Sufi Frozen Parathas are designed for convenience and can be quickly prepared in your kitchen.

Are there any vegetarian options in the Simply Sufi Menu?

Yes, the Simply Sufi Menu includes vegetarian options like Aloo Parathas and Mini Samosas for those who prefer meat-free options.

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