Master Paints Price List 2024 in Pakistan (Updated Rates)

Master Paints, one of the leading brands in the paint industry, continues its rise in Pakistan in 2024. As its second-biggest economy faces challenges and opportunities, Master Paint stands out as a significant player. This article investigates its current state in Pakistan, including Master Paints price range, suppliers, unique features that set them apart from its rivals, and more.

Master Paints Price In Pakistan

Master Paints Price in Pakistan 2024

Master Paint prices vary depending on quantity and type, with prices ranging from Rs. 422 for smaller quantities up to Rs. 13,095 for large volumes with premium varieties – giving customers plenty of freedom in finding products to fit both their budgets and individual painting needs.

Master Enamel Paint Prices

Master Paints TypeQuantityPrices
Synthetic Enamel Paint0.91 Liter (Quarter)Rs. 857
Synthetic Enamel Paint14.56 Liters (Drummi)Rs. 13,095
Synthetic Enamel Paint3.64 Liters (Gallon)Rs. 3,350

Master Super Emulsion Price

Master Paint TypePackingPrice
Distemper Super Emulsion14.56 Liters (Drummi)Rs. 5612
Super Emulsion3.64 Liters (Gallon)Rs. 1479
Super Emulsion Distemper0.91 Liter (Quarter)Rs. 422

Master Paints Weather Sheet Price

Master Paints TypePacking (Quantity)Price
Weather Resistant Paint4 Liters (Gallon)Rs. 2958
Weather Sheild Paint16 Liters (Drummi)Rs. 11,354
Weather Sheets Paint1 Liter (Quarter)Rs. 800

Master Wall Putty Price in Pakistan

Master Paints TypeWeightPrice in PKR
Silky Wall Putty5 KG (Gallon)Rs. 748
Exterior Wall Putty5 KG (Gallon)Rs. 1218
Silky Putty for Wall20 KG (Drummi)Rs. 2722

Master Plastic Emulsion Price

Master PaintsPackingPrice
Luxury Plastic Emulsion16 Liters (Drummi)Rs. 10,877
Luxury Plastic Emulsion4 Liters (Gallon)Rs. 2828
Luxury Plastic Emulsion1 Liter (Quarter)Rs. 757

Master Distemper Paint Price List

Master Interiors Paint CatalogueWeight/SizePrices
Luxury Plastic Emulsion 4 Litre Paint RateGallon 4 LitreRs. 2549
Royal Matt Emulsion 1 Litre Paint RateQuarter 1 LitreRs. 892
Royal Pearl Emulsion 1 Litre Paint RateQuarter 1 LitreRs. 1109
Synthetic Enamel Paint Quarter 1 Litre RateQuarter 1 LitreRs. 822
Master Texture Finish Paint 24 KG Drummi RateDrummi 24 KGRs. 3566
Matt Enamel Finish 1 KG Paint RateQuarter 1 LitreRs. 957
Super Emulsion (Distemper) 1 Litre PriceQuarter 0.91 LitreRs. 384

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Top suppliers of Master Paints in Pakistan

Master Paint products were distributed throughout Pakistan by several reliable distributors in 2024, who played a vital role in ensuring widespread access and availability for its diverse assortment.

  • Younas Paints
  • New Alis Paint House
  • Universal Paint House
  • Liaqat paints
  • Munir’s Paint Shop
  • Master Paint Shop
  • New Pakistan Paints
  • Best Madni Paints
  • Rang Mahal
  • Al-NoorPaint Store
  • Asim Brothers Master Paint Dealers
  • Paint World
  • Shahzada Apint house
  • Maqbool Paint Store
  • Iqbal Brothers Paints
  • Zahoor & Songs Paint Store
  • Taj Paint Store
  • MA Traders
  • Soldier Paints
  • Meer Traders
  • Butt Paints
  • Jameel Paint House
  • Hafiz Paint Store

Best Things of Master Paints Than Other Paints

Master Paints offer many advantages to manufacturers and users of decorative finishes. Master Paint’s success can be attributed to several key factors that distinguish it from its competitors:

Extensive Color Palette:

Master Paint’s extensive color selection allows customers to explore many shades and hues that may fit their design vision perfectly. Homeowners and designers can quickly locate colors that complement their vision with Master Paint’s wide variety.

Durability and Longevity:

Master Paint products are known for their exceptional durability and long-term finish, ensuring painted surfaces retain their fresh appearance for longer. This quality ensures Master Paint products keep painting surfaces looking brand new for extended periods.

Environmental-Friendly Formulations:

Master Paint is committed to sustainability and offers eco-friendly paint options, featuring formulations with less harmful chemicals – making them a preferred choice among environmentally conscious customers.

Excellent Coverage:

Master Paint offers superior coverage, enabling customers to achieve impressive results with fewer coats – saving both time and effort as well as decreasing overall paint consumption.

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Overall Conclusion

As Pakistan heads towards 2024, Master Paint remains an efficient and popular option in the market. Thanks to their wide range of products, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality service delivery. They continue to meet consumer needs across Pakistan. Whether that is renovating your living room or commercial project completion – with options designed specifically to suit their consumer’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Master Paint suitable for exterior use?

Yes, Master Paint offers a range of exterior paints specially formulated to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting protection.

Can I buy Master Paint online?

Yes, Master Paint products are available on various e-commerce platforms, making it convenient to purchase them online.

Does Master Paint offer eco-friendly options?

Absolutely! Master Paint is committed to sustainability and offers environment-friendly paint formulations that are low in harmful chemicals.

Are premium Master Paints worth the higher price?

Yes, premium Master Paints offer superior quality and longevity, making them a worthwhile investment for projects that require exceptional results.

Where can I find Master Paint dealers in my area?

Master Paint has an extensive network of dealers and retailers across Pakistan. You can easily find one in your area through their website or by contacting their customer service.

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