Wild Venture Water Park Karachi Ticket Price 2024 | Timing

Welcome to the 2024 guide of Wild Venture Water Park ticket prices in Pakistan. Whether you’re planning a fun-filled day with family and friends or searching for adventure. Wild Venture Park provides the ideal spot for an enjoyable adventure experience. In this article, we’ll outline all you need to know about ticket prices and park facilities. Also timings of the park and more in order to have an incredible visit experience!

Wild Venture Water Park Karachi Ticket Price

Wild Venture Water Park Ticket Price 2024

Wild Venture Water Park tickets in 2024 offer affordable ticket prices that ensure everyone can experience its exciting attractions without breaking their budgets. Adult and child tickets remain the same at Rs. 1,000 each; thus ensuring everyone can take part in this enjoyable attraction!

Wild Venture Park TicketPrice in Pakistan
For ChildrenRs. 1,000
For AdultsRs. 1,000

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Wild Venture Water Park Timing

Planning on visiting Wild Venture Park soon? Here’s everything you need to know about their operating hours: each day the park opens its gates at 10 AM so that your adventure can start as soon as you wake up! Until 5 PM the fun never stops as there are numerous pools, slides, and activities awaiting discovery at this waterpark.

Opened AtClosed At
10:00 AM5:00 PM

Wild Venture Water Park Price Discounts

Wild Venture provides competitive pricing with standard ticket prices of Rs. 1000 for adults and Rs. 505 for children, making your visit even more budget-friendly. Keep an eye out for any special discounts or promotions during certain times to further reduce costs. Group bookings or events might qualify for discounted rates. So, inquire when planning your visit to take advantage of money-saving opportunities and enjoy all its thrilling attractions without breaking the bank. Wild Venture Water Park promises a thrilling, affordable 2024 experience with reasonable pricing and promotions. Don’t miss out.┬áIt makes memories with family and friends without breaking the bank!

Wild Venture Water Park Facilities

Wild Venture Park goes the extra mile to make sure your visit is enjoyable and hassle-free. It offers secure RFID lockers where your valuables can be safely stored while enjoying aquatic adventures. With these added layers of security in place. It allows you to fully focus on having fun without being concerned for their wellbeing.

Additionally, There are 14 pools for kids and 21 for adults at this park. From thrilling rope courses and wall climbing adventures to leisurely lazy river pools with scenic views or designated play areas for little ones to endless fun in the sun, there’s something for everyone! From convenience stores to sit-down eateries, Wild Venture has everything you need for a great day. Plus, shower and change facilities and RFID lockers throughout the park for secure storage and cashless transactions. You’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and satisfied! With so much on offer at Wild Venture Water Park, your visit will surely be unforgettable.

Wild Venture Water Park Address and Phone Number

Finding your way to Wild Venture Park is simple. Conveniently situated just 4 kilometers from Baqai Medical College on Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Gadap Road will lead you directly there in one kilometer. For assistance or inquiries please reach out to UAN (021) 111 987 987; alternatively, you may call/message them at 0301 1166 633/332 0330 000/or send emails directly to [email protected].

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Overall Conclusion

Wild Venture Water Park provides an exciting and cost-effective way to beat the heat while making lasting memories with friends and family. At an attractive ticket price of Rs. 1000 for both adults and children, with access to multiple pools, activities, secure RFID lockers, and convenient operating hours, Wild Venture is an unmissable experience in 2024 for anyone seeking adventure and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any discounts available for group bookings at Wild Venture?

While the standard ticket price is Rs. 1,000 per person, Wild Venture Water Park may offer discounts for large groups or events. It’s advisable to check for any ongoing promotions when planning your visit.

What are the operating hours of Wild Venture Park?

The park opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM every day, allowing visitors ample time to enjoy the various attractions and activities.

Is there a secure place to store my belongings while at the park?

Yes, This Park provides RFID lockers where you can safely store your valuables, ensuring a worry-free experience.

What facilities are available for children at Wild Venture Park?

The park offers 14 pools dedicated to kids and a variety of play areas, providing endless entertainment for young visitors.

How can I contact Wild Venture Park for inquiries or bookings?

You can reach Wild Venture Park via their UAN at (021) 111 987 987, or by calling or messaging 0301 1166 633 or 0332 0330 000. Alternatively, you can email them at [email protected] for more information.

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