Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan Today 2024 (All Models List)

Pakistan’s agricultural landscape is seeing a dramatic change with the arrival of advanced and powerful tractors from Minsk Tractor Works (MTW). Such as HMT 5911s from Minsk Tractor Works. HMT 5911 tractors from MTW have made headlines due to their strength, adaptability, and reliability. We explore Belarus Tractor Price in 2024 here. Also, sheds light on why these models have become the go-to option among farmers.

Belarus Tractors Overview

Since 1946, Belarus tractors have been synonymous with robustness and efficiency in agricultural settings worldwide. Sold in over 100 nations including Pakistan, these tractors have played an instrumental role in heavy agricultural tasks; specifically, the HMT 5911 model has earned praise for its powerful performance and versatility in meeting all kinds of farmers’ demands.

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Predicting Belarus tractor prices in Pakistan can be difficult due to the wide array of models and variants available, which typically range from Rs. 4,800,000 to Rs. 5,700,000 depending on their power and specifications. With such significant price variations between models, it requires closer scrutiny of these particular ones and their pricing dynamics in the Pakistani market.

ModelModel yearHPPrice in PKR
800 SPECIAL202180Rs. 5,600,000
Draft Control202250Rs. 4,900,000
820 Simple202180Rs. 5,700,000
Air Compressor202150Rs. 4,850,000
80.1 A/C Cabin202180Rs. 5,700,000
510 Simple202150Rs. 4,800,000
510 Simple202250Rs. 4,900,000
Air Compressor202250Rs. 4,950,000
800 Simple202180Rs. 5,300,000
512 4WD202170Rs. 5,500,000
Draft Control202150Rs. 4,800,000

HMT 5911 Tractor Price in Pakistan

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Popular Belarus Tractor Models and Prices in Pakistan

Belarus 510:

The Belarus 510, is a 50-horsepower 2WD tractor. It stands out for its fuel efficiency and suitability for small to midsize farms. Ranging in price between Rs 4,800,000 to Rs 4,900,000 in Pakistan, this cost-effective solution doesn’t compromise performance either.

Belarus 820:

For medium to large farms, the Belarus 820 tractor provides 81 horsepower in four-wheel drive mode. It also comes complete with power steering and hydraulic lift for ease of use. Prices typically range between PKR 5,600,000 to 5,700,000. Its advanced features and capabilities are reflected by this price point.

Belarus 952:

When power is important, look no further than the Belarus 952, a powerful 4-wheel drive tractor featuring 92 horsepower and equipped with a turbocharged engine and comfortable cabin. Priced between PKR 8-8.5 million in Pakistan and tailored specifically towards farmers performing demanding agricultural tasks.

Belarus 1025:

The Belarus 1025, is a 4WD tractor boasting 105 horsepower. It is an efficient workhorse capable of multiple tasks such as tilling, plowing, and planting. Priced between PKR 8.5-9 million it provides farmers looking for efficiency and productivity an efficient solution.

Factors Affecting Belarus Tractor Prices

  • Model Variety: Due to their wide variety, Belarus tractors come at varying price points; usually higher horsepower models cost more.
  • Features and Specifications: Power steering, hydraulic lift, and turbocharged engines make tractors more expensive.
  • Market Demand: Fluctuations in market demand can significantly influence pricing for Belarus tractors. Demand affects pricing, with stronger demand resulting in higher prices and lower demand cheaper prices.
  • Economic Conditions: Economic factors, such as inflation rates and currency values. It can affect production costs and the price of Belarus tractors.
  • Competition in the Market: Competition between tractor manufacturers and dealers can affect pricing as firms try to offer lower prices.

Where Can I Locate Belarus Tractors in Pakistan?

Belarus tractors can be found for purchase across Pakistan through authorized dealerships, distributors, and online markets. Farmers can utilize these resources to locate authentic Belarus tractors and make informed purchasing decisions.

Tractors PK

Tractors PK, an online store in Pakistan offering farm equipment, offers an affordable selection of both new and secondhand Belarus tractors. By browsing their website you can compare features, costs, and technical specs of various models of Belarus tractors before making your selection.

Mian Autos

Mian Autos is an official Belarus tractor dealer located in Pakistan. Their locations span Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore – to view their selection of Belarus tractors and farm equipment, please visit either their website or showroom.

Agriauto Industries

Agriauto Industries in Pakistan is one of the premier producers and distributors of farm machinery and equipment. Offering a selection of Belarus tractors as well as after-sale services and spare parts, Agriauto offers everything needed for farming needs – check out their website or showroom!

Advantages of Utilizing Belarus Tractors

  • Strength and Reliability: Belarus tractors are noted for their durability and resilience for hard agricultural work.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Belarus tractors such as the Belarus 510 are fuel-efficient and provide cost savings to farmers.
  • Adaptability: Belarus tractors can handle modest to large-scale farming activities due to their adaptability.
  • Power Steering and Hydraulic Lift: Power steering and hydraulic lift improve efficiency and user comfort on models like the Belarus 820.
  • Diverse Model Range: Farmers can choose the tractor that best suits their agricultural needs from a variety of models.

Tips for Maintaining Belarus Tractors

  • Regular Servicing: The tractor handbook recommends periodic servicing to fix faults and optimize performance.
  • Proper Lubrication: To minimize friction and wear-and-tear, ensure all moving parts are adequately lubricated according to manufacturer recommendations and maintain an ideal level of lubrication between moving parts for smooth operations and wear-free operation.
  • Regular Inspection and Filter Replacement: Regular inspection and filter replacement can ensure clean air intake for the engine and increase fuel efficiency. It contributes to better overall performance and improved performance.
  • Proper Storage: When not in use, store your tractor in an area that is both covered and dry. With both transmissions in neutral mode and the parking brake engaged.
  • Conduct Regular Inspections on Belts and Chains: To avoid failures, check belts and chains for wear and replace broken parts immediately.
  • Battery Maintenance: To guarantee dependable starts, check batteries for corrosion clean connections, and charge as needed.
  • Examine Brakes: Check brake pads, discs, and hydraulic components for wear regularly. Replace worn-out or damaged components promptly.

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Conclusion About Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

Overall, the Belarus tractor price in Pakistan in 2024 represents the dynamic agricultural machinery market. Reliable choices for heavy agricultural labor, Belarus tractors continue to make an impressionful statement within Pakistani farms and the agriculture landscape. Their flexible pricing models meet different farmers’ requirements thereby reinforcing their relevance and reliability across the Pakistani farming landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Belarus tractors suitable for small farms in Pakistan?

Yes, Belarus tractors offer models like the Belarus 510, which are ideal for small to midsize farms.

What features make the Belarus 820 tractor suitable for large farms?

The Belarus 820 tractor features power steering and hydraulic lift, making it perfect for medium to large farms.

Can Belarus tractors handle diverse agricultural tasks?

Yes, Belarus tractors, including the Belarus 1025 model, are designed to handle various tasks such as tilling, ploughing, and planting.

Where can I purchase a Belarus tractor in Pakistan?

Belarus tractors are available through authorized dealers, distributors, and online markets in Pakistani cities and towns.

How often should I service my Belarus tractor for optimal performance?

Regular servicing is recommended, and the frequency may vary based on usage, but a general guideline is at least once every 100 hours of operation.