Thermocol Sheet Price in Pakistan Today 2024 (Updated)

Construction and packaging materials such as Thermocol sheets have gained widespread acclaim due to their versatile applications and lightweight characteristics. It is imperative that we examine current market conditions for the Thermocol sheet price in Pakistan. Furthermore, understanding their benefits and drawbacks provides insight into their usage across various industries.

Thermocol Sheet Price in Pakistan

Thermocol Sheet Price in Pakistan 2024

Thermocol sheets are commonly referred to as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) sheets. They have become a staple in the Pakistani market due to their affordability and versatility in applications. According to 2024 prices, Thermocol sheets range between approximately Rs 210 to Rs. 770, depending on size and type. This range showcases its flexibility as an EPS solution for various needs across industries. It also, makes Thermocol an increasingly popular choice among various sectors.

Thermocol Sheet TypeSizePrices
Plexiglass Board / Plastic Acrylic Sheet11×14Rs. 770
Acrylic Sheet8×8Rs. 210
Thermopore24×18Rs. 280

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Factors That Affect the Price of Thermocol Sheets

  • Raw Material Costs: Fluctuations in the cost of raw materials used in Thermocol sheet manufacturing can have an effect on their price.
  • Manufacturing Processes: Manufacturing techniques can have an effect on production cost and, consequently, on pricing for Thermocol sheets.
  • Market Demand: An increase in Thermocol sheet demand across various industries may lead to higher prices due to supply and demand dynamics.
  • Alternative Materials for Insulation and Packaging: The availability of alternate insulation and packaging materials can affect demand for Thermocol sheets and therefore alter their price.
  • Economic Factors: Economic conditions, inflation rates, and currency exchange rates all play an essential role in determining the cost of Thermocol sheets.
  • Technological Advancements: Technological advancements may bring increased cost efficiency which in turn influences their price.

Best Suppliers of Thermocol Sheets

Pakistan Offers An Excellent Range of Thermocol Sheet Suppliers. In Pakistan, numerous suppliers and manufacturers offering Thermocol sheets meet the demand from various sectors such as construction, packaging, and insulation.

  • Home Insulation System
  • Thermopore Industrial Enterprises
  • Insulation Experts Pakistan
  • Al-Madina EPS Industry
  • Thermopore Pakistan
  • Thermopore Packaging Industries
  • Saudagar EPS Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Thermocut
  • Thermopore Insulation Sheet Company
  • Style Styrofoam Industries
  • Atlas Thermopore Industry
  • White Pearl Thermopore

Pros & Cons of Thermocol Sheets


  • Pros Lightweight Construction: Thermocol sheets are widely praised for their lightweight nature, making them easy to transport and install in different applications.
  • Thermal Insulation: These sheets exhibit excellent thermal insulation properties, making them suitable for maintaining desired temperatures in buildings and packages.
  • Affordable: Thermocol sheets offer an economical solution for insulation and packaging, catering to a wide consumer base.


  • Limited Weight Endurance: One of the main drawbacks to Thermocol sheets is their limited load-bearing capability, limiting their use in applications that demand higher load-bearing capacities.
  • Environmental Concerns: Thermocol sheets are non-biodegradable. Improper disposal harms the environment and adds to water pollution.

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Overall Conclusion

Heading into 2024, Pakistan’s Thermocol sheet market is evolving due to factors like demand, manufacturing, and economic shifts. Their affordable cost, versatility, and lightweight nature make them popular choices in construction and packaging applications; however, it is important to recognize their limitations – particularly concerning higher durability applications as well as environmental sustainability considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Thermocol sheets suitable for heavy construction projects?

Thermocol sheets are better suited for lightweight applications due to their limited weight endurance.

What are the environmental concerns associated with Thermocol sheets?

Thermocol sheets are non-biodegradable and can contribute to pollution in water bodies if not disposed of properly.

What factors contribute to the fluctuation of Thermocol sheet prices?

Factors such as raw material costs, manufacturing processes, market demand, and the availability of alternatives impact Thermocol sheet prices.

Can Thermocol sheets be recycled?

Yes, Thermocol sheets can be recycled, but the infrastructure for their recycling is still developing in many regions.

Where can I find reliable suppliers of Thermocol sheets in Pakistan?

You can explore various local suppliers and manufacturers who specialize in providing Thermocol sheets for construction and packaging needs.

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