Diesel Price Today in Pakistan 2024 (Per Liter Rate Updated)

Diesel prices have become an increasing source of disquiet among both consumers and businesses in Pakistan. A vital fuel used for transportation and industrial production, diesel is essential in driving our economy forward. Here, we explore the current diesel price in Pakistan as well as factors influencing such fluctuations.

Diesel Price Today In Pakistan

Diesel Price in Pakistan 2024

As of 2024, diesel prices in Pakistan range between Rs.147.69 to Rs.260.58 per liter. Their fluctuation raises questions as to their causes; knowing more about them enables individuals and industries to make informed decisions in markets sensitive to fuel prices.

Fuel TypePetrol in PKR
High SpeedRs. 274.08
Light SpeedRs. 166.86

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Factors Affecting Diesel Prices

  • Crude Oil Production and Supply: Fluctuations in global crude oil production can directly influence diesel prices. Any disruptions to oil-producing regions or changes to production levels could result in price variations for diesel.
  • Economic Conditions: Economic growth and industrial activity play an integral part in determining diesel prices, driving up demand and consequently prices, while economic downturns could reduce consumption resulting in decreased consumption and lower prices.
  • Environmental Regulations: Concerns over environmental sustainability have led to stricter emissions regulations on diesel cars. Such restrictions could reduce demand and consequently affect prices.

Diesel suppliers in Pakistan

Pakistan relies on various providers of diesel, including state-owned firms and private oil marketing companies. Their constant delivery helps ensure enough energy supplies for all.

  • Mohammad Oil Trading Company
  • Al Hamna Enterprises
  • Diesel Fuel Innjection Service
  • M. Idrees and Company
  • Petro Sourcing Pvt Ltd
  • Pakistan State Oil (PSO)
  • Amron Oil Company
  • Mian Diesel Services
  • Cheff Wear Co. Ltd
  • Powerzone
  • Energy Masters

Uses of Diesel in Pakistan

Diesel is an indispensable and ubiquitous source of energy in Pakistan and around the world, serving numerous essential purposes in both applications and availability. Its unique properties make it suitable for specific tasks while its broad availability ensures its importance across various fields and sectors. Below are some primary uses of diesel:


One of the primary applications of diesel is in transportation. Diesel engines power vehicles such as trucks, buses, trains, and ships. This makes diesel an efficient choice for long-distance travel as it allows vehicles to cover greater distances with reduced fuel usage.

Industrial Machinery:

Diesel engines are increasingly being utilized in heavy equipment used by industries like construction, mining, and agriculture. Their high torque capabilities and durability make them suitable for these demanding industrial applications.

Power Generation:

Diesel generators play a pivotal role in providing backup power during power outages or where grid connectivity is limited, making them indispensable for commercial buildings, hospitals, data centers, and remote locations. They ensure reliable energy supplies.

Agriculture Equipment:

Diesel engines are widely used in agriculture machinery like tractors. Their powerful torque engine provides sufficient power and torque for operating various farming equipment efficiently, leading to higher productivity in this sector of industry.

Commercial Vehicles:

Diesel engines are widely utilized in commercial vehicles like delivery trucks, buses, and vans. These vehicles are preferred due to their fuel efficiency and torque capabilities, both essential for transporting goods and passengers over longer distances.

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Conclusion Diesel Price in Pakistan

Pakistan’s diesel prices fluctuate due to import dependence, global crude oil market dynamics, exchange rate fluctuations, and government policies. Policymakers must invest in renewable energy sources and develop strategies to minimize the impact of volatile prices on consumers and industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do diesel prices vary in Pakistan?

Diesel prices in Pakistan are influenced by global crude oil market dynamics, exchange rate fluctuations, and government taxation and subsidy policies.

How does the global crude oil market impact diesel prices in Pakistan?

Changes in international crude oil prices, driven by geopolitical tensions and supply-demand imbalances, can influence diesel prices in Pakistan.

What role does the Pakistani government play in determining diesel prices?

The government’s taxation policies and subsidy programs directly impact the final retail price of diesel in Pakistan.

What are the main factors affecting diesel prices?

Fluctuations in crude oil production and supply, economic conditions, and environmental regulations are the main factors affecting diesel prices.

How important is diesel in Pakistan’s economy?

Diesel plays a vital role in various sectors, including transportation, agriculture, and industry, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s economy.

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