Jazz Internet Device Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Internet connectivity has become an essential commodity. To meet growing demands for high-speed internet in Pakistan, Jazz Telecommunications has provided its 4G internet devices as a solution. Here we explore the features and Jazz Internet Device price available in Pakistan in 2024.

Jazz Internet Device Price in Pakistan

Jazz Internet Device Price in Pakistan

Jazz Home Wifi Price

Jazz Home Wifi

To provide stable and fast internet connections in homes at an affordable cost of Rs. 7000, Jazz offers its Home Wifi device at an attractive price point. Boasting an internet speed of 150 Mbps for all online activities. Its one-year guarantee provides users with peace of mind regarding performance. Plus, configuring and monitoring this user-friendly device becomes even simpler through its user-friendly admin interface. They can take advantage of free home delivery by dialing *5299# from their mobile phones!

Jazz Balance Save Code

PUBG Internet Packages of Jazz

Jazz Super 4G Wifi Price in Pakistan

Jazz Super 4G Wifi

Jazz offers its Super 4G Wifi device as a cost-effective yet powerful internet solution, priced at Rs 3600 in Pakistan for 2024. Boasting an impressive 150Mbps internet speed and supporting 32GB SD cards for ample digital content storage space. You can trust its longevity thanks to a warranty-backed 2300 mAh battery with warranty coverage up until 2024. Plus customers can take advantage of free home delivery by dialing *5299#!

Jazz Super 4G Wingle Device

Jazz Super 4G Wingle

Jazz offers its Super 4G Wingle device at an attractive price point of Rs 3000.  For those who value portability without compromising internet speed. It provides 150Mbps internet speed with support for up to 12 devices. It has an expandable storage of up to 32GB SD cards and a money-back warranty. This Wingle provides customers with complete peace of mind in their purchase decisions. Furthermore, customers can take advantage of free home delivery by calling *5299#!

Jazz Device Internet Packages in Pakistan

Jazz offers affordable devices and an assortment of monthly internet packages tailored to each user’s individual needs. In which they can activate using specific codes provided by Jazz. From browsing casually or streaming movies or downloading heavy files, there’s sure to be something suitable for every browsing or download need with Jazz’s products and packages.

Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package:

Package NameMBsValidityPriceActivation Code
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package25,00030 DaysRs. 888*117*71#

6 Months Bundle Package:

Package NameMBsValidityPriceActivation Code
6 Months Bundle100,00030 DaysRs. 12,000*117*16#

Monthly Internet Regular Package:

Package NameMBsValidityPriceActivation Code
Monthly Internet Regular60,00030 DaysRs. 1,750*117*73#

Monthly Internet Heavy:

Package NameMBsValidityPriceActivation Code
Monthly Internet Heavy150,00030 DaysRs. 2,500*117*74#

Jazz Weekly Internet Package

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Benefits of Utilizing Jazz Internet Device

  • Affordable: Jazz devices such as the Jazz Home Wifi and Super 4G Wingle offer cost-effective internet solutions that appeal to individuals and households looking for cost-cutting internet solutions.
  • Reliability: Jazz ensures a consistent and reliable internet experience, outstripping traditional solutions while meeting the evolving digital landscape in Pakistan.
  • Performance: Jazz’s 4G devices, such as its Super 4G Wifi with speeds up to 150Mbps, offer users an effortless online experience for everything from casual browsing to heavy downloads.
  • Diverse Internet Packages: Jazz provides users with various internet packages designed to meet individual user needs by offering monthly packages suited to browsing, streaming, or downloading needs. Users can select one based on how often they engage in such activity.
  • Warranty Protection: Devices such as Jazz Home Wifi and Super 4G Wingle come equipped with warranty guarantees to give users peace of mind about their long-term viability and dependability.
  • Portability: The Super 4G Wingle was designed with portability in mind, enabling users to connect up to 12 devices on the go and making it ideal for people needing internet connectivity in different places.

Conclusion About Jazz Internet Device Price

Jazz Internet Devices in Pakistan offer an appealing solution for individuals and households in search of reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. From affordable Home Wifis to portable Super 4G Wingles; Jazz has devices suitable for diverse needs with free home delivery adding further to its attractiveness as a provider. As Pakistan enters the digital era, Jazz continues to play an essential role in providing accessible; yet efficient options for internet usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Jazz Internet Devices in remote areas?

Yes, Jazz Internet Devices are designed to provide connectivity in both urban and remote areas, ensuring a consistent internet experience.

Are there any additional charges for activating monthly internet packages?

Yes, monthly internet packages may have associated charges. Users can check Jazz’s official website or contact customer service for detailed information on package pricing.

Can I connect multiple devices to Jazz Super 4G Wingle?

Yes, the Jazz Super 4G Wingle allows users to connect up to 12 devices simultaneously, making it a versatile and convenient option for multiple users.

How long is the warranty period for Jazz Home Wifi?

Jazz Home Wifi comes with a one-year guarantee, providing users with peace of mind regarding the device’s durability and performance.

What is the internet speed offered by Jazz Super 4G Wifi?

Jazz Super 4G Wifi provides an impressive internet speed of 150 Mbps, ensuring a fast and reliable online experience for users.

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