GFC Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 | Ceiling Pedestal AC/DC Fans

Pakistan, with its high temperatures and relentless heat waves, makes reliable and efficient fans an essential necessity. GFC fans have long been trusted as cooling solutions. It’s crucial that we monitor the GFC fan price in Pakistan in 2024. So as to make informed decisions on staying cool in such extreme heat conditions.

GFC Fan Price in Pakistan

GFC Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

GFC provides an assortment of fans to meet the diverse needs and preferences of customers in Pakistan. Let’s explore the GFC fan price below:

GFC Bracket Fan

Price Bracket fans have become an ideal solution for small rooms and offices due to their compact design and effective cooling performance. In 2024, Pakistanians can find GFC bracket fan prices from Rs 4,500 up to Rs 10,000 depending on model features and configurations.

Bracket Fan ModelPrice in PKR
Classic 12″/14″Rs. 4,740 – Rs. 4,885
EliteRs. 6,000
DeluxeRs. 5,850
Classic 18″Rs. 5,850
Light DisplayRs. 5,950
Light Display with RemoteRs. 6,485
Elite Wooden BaseRs. 6,400
MYGA without PanelRs. 6,810 – Rs. 9,015
IndustrialRs. 8,415 – Rs. 8,880
Standard Model 12″/14″Rs. 4,540 – Rs. 4,730
Deluxe PlusRs. 6,125
MYGA with PanelRs. 7,060 – Rs. 9,265

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Pedestal Fan Price in Pakistan

Pedestal fans are known for their adjustable height and wide oscillation, making them suitable for larger spaces. GFC pedestal fan prices in Pakistan typically range between Rs. 7,500 and 11,000 depending on its model specifications and features.

Fan ModelMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Designer with Cross BaseRs. 8,415Rs. 10,875
Standard Pedestal FanRs. 7,565Rs. 10,025
MYGA with Cross BaseRs. 8,115Rs. 10,575

Mist Fan

Mist fans provide a refreshing and moisture-laden breeze, ideal for beating the heat during blistering summer days. Their starting price in Pakistan starts from Rs. 18,080 depending on model and additional features.

Mist Fan ModelPrice in Pakistan
Pedestal Mist FanRs. 18,080

GFC Ceiling Fan Price

Fans have long been an essential element of modern life in Pakistan, providing cooling relief in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas alike. GFC ceiling fans range in price from Rs 5,500 to 14,000 depending on the design and function of each model.

GFC Fan ModelPrice in Pakistan
MarvelRs. 7,045
Future ModelRs. 11,080
Alpha PlusRs. 7,595
SapphireRs. 7,235
Supreme PlusRs. 6,620
Water ProofRs. 6,900
SupremeRs. 6,585
Sigma VIPRs. 6,730
VintageRs. 10,780
Crown PlusRs. 7,045
FantasyRs. 6,860
KarachiRs. 5,675 – Rs. 7,150
ProudRs. 8,475
Deluxe Saver (60 Watt)Rs. 6,995
BraveRs. 10,450
NabeelRs. 5,675 – Rs. 6,795
SigmaRs. 6,050
PearlRs. 6,950
RaviRs. 6,745
DeluxeRs. 6,700
MonetRs. 7,195
DesireRs. 14,000
Marvel PlusRs. 7,045

GFC AC/DC Fan Price

When power supplies vary, AC/DC fans provide reliable cooling. In Pakistan, GFC AC/DC fans range in price between Rs 4,600 to 7,760 depending on the model and power options available.

Fan ModelRate
Solar RaviRs. 6,795
Solar MansionRs. 7,260
Ceiling Solar Standard 52WRs. 6,760
Solar Ravi PlusRs. 6,845
Solar Superior ModelRs. 7,760
Ceiling Solar Crown PlusRs. 7,160
Pedestal Solar Metal BodyRs. 4,830 – Rs. 5,575
Ceiling Solar GalaxyRs. 6,085
Ceiling Solar Standard 60WRs. 6,950
Solar PerfectRs. 7,345
Pedestal Solar Plastic BodyRs. 4,600 – Rs. 4,875
Solar Perfect PlusRs. 7,735

GFC Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are essential in maintaining proper ventilation in kitchens, bathrooms, and other confined spaces. GFC exhaust fan prices in Pakistan typically range between Rs. 1,800 and Rs. 8,400 with differences depending on fan size and capacity.

GFC FanMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Plastic ExhaustRs. 2,090Rs. 3,450
Metal Exhaust RoundRs. 3,235Rs. 8,350
Metal Exhaust VIP PlusRs. 4,450Rs. 4,460
Plastic Exhaust WoodenRs. 3,650Rs. 4,030
Duct ExhaustRs. 2,885Rs. 3,135
Window ExhaustRs. 1,790Rs. 2,090
Metal Exhaust SquareRs. 3,225Rs. 8,350

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Overall Conclusion

As we traverse Pakistan’s heatwave this summer, having access to reliable fans is of utmost importance. GFC fans offer an assortment of models designed to meet everyone’s cooling needs at competitive prices – no matter your budget! Whether it be bracket fans, pedestal fans, ceiling fans, AC/DC fans, mist fans, or exhaust fans; GFC has you covered for quality and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GFC fans energy-efficient?

GFC offers energy-efficient fans in its lineup. Look for models with energy-saving features to reduce electricity consumption.

Can I find GFC fans with remote-control options?

Yes, GFC offers ceiling fans with remote control functionality, providing convenience and ease of use.

What is the warranty on GFC fans in Pakistan?

Warranty periods may vary depending on the model and type of fan. It’s advisable to check the warranty terms for the specific fan you choose.

Are GFC mist fans suitable for outdoor use?

GFC mist fans are designed primarily for indoor use. Using them outdoors may affect their performance and longevity.

Where can I purchase GFC fans in Pakistan?

You can find GFC fans at authorized dealers, electronics stores, and online marketplaces across Pakistan. Ensure you purchase from a reputable source to get genuine products and warranty support.

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