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Are You Craving Delectable Roll Pattis in Pakistan? Prices can fluctuate based on various factors. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the world of the roll patti price in Pakistan. Also, the factors that impact pricing; by the time we finish this article, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of what awaits when craving this delectable snack!

Roll pattis have become a beloved snack choice across Pakistan, and have quickly become one of its most beloved treats. Their crispy exterior and delightful filling make for an irresistibly delicious bite-sized treat for all ages; however, prices may differ across Pakistan so it is wise to be aware of different price ranges. You might encounter this when ordering your roll patties snack.

Roll Patti Price in Pakistan

Roll Patti Price in Pakistan 2024

Roll pattis prices in Pakistan can differ depending on various factors; on average, expect them to cost between Rs. 270 and Rs. 800 on average. Price differences could be caused by:

Roll PattiPrice in Pakistan
Roll Patti 400 GMRs. 270
PK Roll Patti Sheets, 25 PiecesRs. 410
Roll Patti 300g – رول پٹیRs. 150
Cn Roll Patti 45 PcsRs. 450
Roll Patti 1200gRs. 330
Spring Roll Pastry 20 sheets 275 gramsRs. 480
Misbah Roll PattiRs. 140
Lahore Roll Patti 400 gmRs. 130

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Frozen Roll Patti Price List in Pakistan

Frozen Roll PattiPrice in Pakistan
Simply Sufi Vegetable Roll 300 GMRs. 251
Fine Life Chicken Spring Roll 320GMRs. 335
Menu Spring Roll Pastry 8 pcs 320 gramsRs. 350
Simply Sufi Chicken Roll 300 GMRs. 511
Fine Life Chicken Spring Roll 800GMRs. 666
PK Beef Gola Kebab Roll 12PCSRs. 836
Dawn Chicken Spring Roll 480GM 22PcsRs. 700
Mon Salwa Chicken Spring Roll 20 PCSRs. 970

Roll Patti Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan

For an in-depth perspective of roll patti prices in Pakistan, let’s examine some major cities:

  • Karachi: Roll pattis can be found at bakeries and fast food outlets throughout Karachi for prices ranging from Rs. 130 to Rs. 250 depending on type and quality/ingredient considerations, which also factor into pricing decisions.
  • Lahore: Roll pattis can be relatively more costly in Lahore, with prices ranging between Rs 270 to Rs 800 depending on which bakery or eatery is chosen for purchase.
  • Islamabad and Rawalpindi: Roll pattis typically range in cost between 200 to 400 rupees in these twin cities; their price will depend heavily on type and quality considerations.
  • Peshawar and Quetta: When in these cities, roll pattis range in price from Rs 150-Rs 350 per roll depending on size and ingredients used to craft each patti.

Notable here is that roll pattis can often be found at street food carts across major cities in Pakistan, which offer snacks as cheaply as Rs 50 if prepared carefully and correctly. Before purchasing one of these street-side treats, however, make sure the quality of ingredients and preparation are checked prior to making a decision.

Factors Affecting Roll Patti Prices

Roll Patti prices vary significantly across Pakistan for various reasons. Key influencers include:

  • Ingredients: The quality of ingredients such as meat or vegetables, spices, and dough can significantly impact its price.
  • Size: Larger roll pattis typically cost more than their smaller counterparts.
  • Spices and Flavorings: Roll pattis with specialty spices and flavorings can carry a higher price tag due to the additional ingredients required.
  • Location: Your city and locality can have an effect on the cost of buying a roll patti; typically prices tend to be higher in more urbanized areas.
  • Bakery or Eatery: Different establishments may charge different prices for their roll pattis depending on their brand and reputation.

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Overall Conclusion

Roll patti is an all-time favorite treat in Pakistan, a beloved snack enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Their prices may differ based on factors like quality, size, flavorings, and regional availability; yet the joy they bring remains consistent across cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Peshawar Quetta. Their crispiness and delectable fillings will surely satisfy your senses.

So the next time you find yourself craving a roll patti, consider all of its potential cost components before making your decision. Remember, regardless of cost, what really counts is experiencing this delicious snack for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do roll patti prices vary in different cities of Pakistan?

Yes, roll patti prices can vary across different cities. For example, Lahore typically has higher prices compared to other cities.

What is the price range for roll pattis in Pakistan?

Roll patti prices in Pakistan generally range from Rs. 270 to Rs. 800, depending on factors like quality, size, and flavorings used.

What are the key factors that affect roll patti prices?

Several factors influence roll patti prices, including the quality of ingredients, size, flavorings, location, and the bakery or eatery from which you purchase them.

Can I find roll pattis at street food carts in Pakistan?

Yes, street food carts often sell roll pattis at lower prices, starting from as low as Rs. 50. However, it’s advisable to check the quality before making a purchase.

What makes roll pattis a popular snack choice in Pakistan?

Roll pattis are popular in Pakistan due to their delightful crispiness and flavorful fillings, making them a satisfying and convenient snack for people of all ages.

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