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AGS batteries have gained immense popularity in Pakistan due to their unwavering reliability, exceptional durability, and wide range of applications. While primarily designed for the automotive industry, these batteries have seamlessly integrated into the solar power sector. AGS batteries present a multitude of benefits, positioning them as the preferred choice for individuals seeking trustworthy power solutions. Within the confines of this article, we will explore the numerous benefits provided by AGS batteries, their applications in both automotive and solar industries, as well as the AGS Battery Price in Pakistan.

Moreover, We will delve into the factors that impact AGS battery pricing, delve into the diverse models available, examine warranty and support provisions, and conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis against competing brands. We will also provide valuable insights based on customer reviews and feedback while providing guidance on the optimal avenues for AGS battery procurement.

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

Overview of AGS Batteries

AGS batteries are widely renowned for their superior reliability, longevity, and performance in automotive and solar applications. Constructed using advanced technology and subjected to stringent quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and lifespan.

AGS Battery Price List 2024 in Pakistan

AGS battery prices in Pakistan depend on factors like capacity, technology, and model. Prices typically fall within a range of Rs. 19,400-Rs. 64,000. Please keep in mind that market fluctuations may lead to price variations from location to location.

AGS 27 Plates Battery Price:

AGS Battery 27 Plates ModelPrice
GX-200FRs. 55,000
WS 260Rs. 53,000

AGS Battery 21 Plates Price in Pakistan:

AGS 21 Plates Battery ModelApprox. Price
GX-165Rs. 36,500
WS 195Rs. 36,400

AGS Battery 23 Plates Price:

AGS 23 Plates Battery ModelPrice
WS 230Rs. 44,200
GX-175Rs. 38,500

AGS 175 Battery Price:

AGS Battery ModelPrice
WS 195Rs. 36,500
WS 150Rs. 28,000
WS 110Rs. 21,600
AGS 200 Battery PriceRs. 50,400

Bases of Plates, Other Models of AGS Battery Price List 2024:

Number of PlatesApprox. Price
19 platesRs. 31,300
17 platesRs. 29,150
15 platesRs. 23,000
13 platesRs. 19,400
33 platesRs. 64,000

AGS 100 Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

The lowest Ags Battery 100 price in Pakistan is estimated at Rs. 11,010 while its estimated average cost stands at Rs. 18,157. Get updated pricing information for Ags Medium, Ags Gr-100, Hybrids like Hb 100 Ags Gl 100 Gl products such as Gl Gl-100, or any of these others here in Pakistan.

AGS BatteryMinimum PriceMaximum Price
AGS 100 BatteryRs. 11,010Rs. 18,157

AGS 180 Battery Price in Pakistan

Ags Battery 180s start from Rs. 36,360 in Pakistan with an estimated average pricing estimated to be Rs. 41,950 – get updated prices for Ags Ws-180, Ags Sp-180, and other models today!

AGS BatteryMinimum PriceMaximum Price
AGS 180 BatteryRs. 36,360Rs. 41,950

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Types of AGS Batteries in Pakistan 2024

AGS Batteries for Automotive Applications

AGS batteries have long been considered reliable options for vehicles in Pakistan, thanks to their engineering design which delivers consistent power for smooth ignition, efficient electrical system operation, and long-term performance. These batteries come in various capacities to meet specific vehicle needs.

AGS Batteries for Solar Applications

Recent years have witnessed AGS batteries become an increasingly popular energy storage solution in Pakistan’s solar power sector. Many individuals in Pakistan rely on AGS batteries with their solar panels and inverters to store any excess energy produced during the day for use at night or on cloudy days – providing reliable energy storage solutions suitable for both residential and commercial solar setups.

Factors Affecting AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

Numerous factors impact the pricing of AGS batteries in Pakistan, including their capacity, type (lead-acid or maintenance-free), intended application (automotive or solar), market demand, and import duties/taxes/transport costs – to name just some.

AGS Battery Models and Specifications:

AGS provides a wide variety of battery models designed to meet specific requirements. Each battery model varies in terms of capacity, size, technology, and application – some popular AGS options include the AGS NS40, N70 100 1775 200 models. When selecting your ideal model it’s crucial that it matches up with both your needs and preferences.

AGS Battery Support and Warranty:

AGS batteries offer customers peace of mind with their purchase by providing an extended warranty period that varies based on battery model and type. In addition, AGS offers dedicated after-sales support services so customers receive assistance and guidance whenever required.

AGS Battery Advantages

AGS batteries offer many advantages that make them popular among consumers in Pakistan. From automotive to solar applications, AGS batteries offer reliable power solutions with several key benefits for consumers in Pakistan. Here are a few key benefits of AGS batteries:

Reliability and Durability:

AGS batteries are known for their reliability and durability. Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various applications and produce consistent power output, AGS batteries ensure users rely on a stable power source that supports smooth operations and performance.


AGS batteries are built to last. Engineered using advanced technology and subjected to stringent quality control measures, these batteries feature longer lifespan compared to traditional models; providing cost savings over time.

High Performance:

AGS batteries offer outstanding performance to meet the power needs of various applications. From starting vehicles to storing solar energy, AGS batteries offer efficient power delivery and optimal performance to ensure reliable functionality and enhance user experiences.


AGS batteries offer flexibility when it comes to applications. Their wide array of uses includes automotive vehicles such as cars and motorcycles as well as solar power setups – making AGS batteries a convenient solution for individuals searching for reliable power solutions across different domains.

Comparing AGS Batteries with Competitors

AGS Batteries face stiff competition in Pakistan from other battery manufacturers. Although competition can spur innovation, AGS batteries have established themselves as industry leaders due to their performance and reliability. Customers frequently compare AGS with other brands using criteria like price, quality, warranty coverage, and customer feedback in order to make an informed decision about which brand best meets their needs.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback play an integral part in understanding the quality and performance of AGS batteries. Positive customer reviews highlight their reliability, durability, and longevity; constructive criticism helps identify areas for improvement within the company. It is wise to read multiple customer reviews to gain a comprehensive view of AGS batteries’ performance.

Where Can I Purchase AGS Batteries?

AGS batteries can be found across Pakistan through authorized dealers and distributors, offering customers access to different models and expert advice at AGS showrooms or authorized resellers, or online platforms providing convenient options with home delivery available in certain regions.

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Conclusion: AGS Battery Price in Pakistan

AGS batteries have made themselves known in the Pakistani market by catering to both automotive industry needs as well as solar power applications, and boasting reliable performance, longevity, and price that has made them popular with many consumers.

AGS prices range between Rs. 19,400 to Rs. 64,000 but buyers should consider capacity, technology, and intended application before making their choice – AGS batteries come with warranties and reliable support, offering customers reliable power solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are AGS batteries suitable for both cars and motorcycles?

Yes, AGS batteries are designed to meet the requirements of both cars and motorcycles. They offer reliable power and performance for a range of automotive applications.

Can AGS batteries be used with solar panels and inverters?

Absolutely. Many individuals in Pakistan utilize AGS batteries in conjunction with their solar setups to store excess energy for later use.

Do AGS batteries come with a warranty?

Yes, AGS batteries come with a warranty period that varies depending on the battery model and type.

Where can I purchase AGS batteries in Pakistan?

AGS batteries are available through authorized dealers and distributors across Pakistan. You can visit AGS battery showrooms, and authorized resellers, or explore online platforms for convenient purchasing options.

What factors should I consider when selecting an AGS battery?

When selecting an AGS battery, consider factors such as capacity, technology, intended application (automotive or solar), and customer reviews to ensure it aligns with your specific requirements.

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