PAK Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 – AC/DC, Ceiling, Pedestal Fans

As the scorching heat of Pakistan’s climate asserts its presence, the significance of effective cooling solutions becomes undeniable. Amidst this quest for comfort, Pak Fan emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a diverse array of fans that cater to every cooling need. In the year 2024, understanding the Pak fan price in Pakistan, allowing consumers to make informed choices based on their preferences and requirements. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the spectrum of Pak Fan prices in Pakistan and unveil the options that await in the realm of cooling appliances.

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Consumers in 2024 seeking optimal cooling solutions should understand the price range of Pak Fan products to select an appropriate fan. Prices of these fans depend upon their type and features; here’s a breakdown of different categories’ price points:

PAK Fan Ceiling Fans Prices

Ceiling fans have become a ubiquitous presence in Pakistani households for decades, providing widespread circulation and serving as primary cooling sources in rooms. Pak Fan ceiling fan prices start from Rs. 6,995 and can go as high as Rs. 12,295, depending on factors like fan size, design features, and additional features.

Super DeluxeRs. 8,495
Galaxy Big Ceiling FanRs. 8,445
MagicRs. 8,795
Classic Ceiling FanRs. 7,495
Floral FlowersRs. 9,395
Classic Gold Ceiling FanRs. 7,595
Golden Eye Ceiling FanRs. 7,695
Floral KidsRs. 9,395
Decora ClassicRs. 8,795
EliteRs. 8,495
Hilux Ceiling FanRs. 7,595
UFORs. 8,495
Jazz Ceiling FanRs. 7,395
DiamondRs. 9,095
VIP DecorationRs. 8,495
Classic Super Ceiling FanRs. 7,495
FloralRs. 8,795
Diamond PlusRs. 9,395
Classic Silver Ceiling FanRs. 7,595
Galaxy Gold Ceiling FanRs. 7,695
Dynasty Ceiling FanRs. 8,595
WaterproofRs. 8,595
VIP Ceiling FanRs. 8,395
Floral BlessRs. 9,395
AntiqueRs. 10,795
FavouriteRs. 8,895
Deluxe Ceiling FanRs. 6,995
Smart Ceiling FanRs. 8,495
EmeraldRs. 10,795
Premio BigRs. 8,495

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AC/DC Fan Price in Pakistan

AC/DC Fans from Pak Fan offer reliable cooling even during power outages, making it a popular choice in regions with inconsistent power supplies. Their pricing ranges between Rs. 8,845 and 10,945. This category caters to consumers who prioritize uninterrupted cooling solutions; thus making the Pak Fan AC/DC range popular with this consumer segment.

PAK Fan ModelPrice (PKR)
Pride AC/DCRs. 9,345
Aspire AC/DCRs. 9,695
Crystal AC/DCRs. 8,345
Antique AC/DCRs. 10,945
Deluxe AC/DCRs. 8,645
Pedestal AC/DC InverterRs. 8,945
Diamond AC/DCRs. 9,195
Floral AC/DCRs. 8,845

PAK Fan Pedestal Fan Price

Pedestal fans are popular choices for providing customized cooling. At Pak Fan pedestal fans, prices typically range from Rs. 8,895 to Rs. 21,795. Their varied features and sizes make these fans truly bespoke options for personalized cooling needs.

Pak Fan Pedestal Fan ModelPrices
Pedestal MistRs. 21,795
Pedestal Industrial 3BRs. 16,895
Pedestal Industrial New 3BRs. 12,595
Pedestal Industrial NewRs. 12,045
Pedestal IndustrialRs. 9,195
NTCP RemoteRs. 9,995
NTCPRs. 8,895

PAK Fan Table Fan Rate

Table fans offer portability and convenience, enabling users to direct airflow wherever necessary. These table fan range ranges between Rs 5,645 to Rs 8,895, making these fans perfect for personal use as well as providing targeted cooling effects in smaller spaces.

PAK Table FanPrice (Rs.)
Table Fan Rotary SwitchRs. 7,795
TCPRs. 7,795
MTCPRs. 7,895
Table Fan Band SwitchRs. 5,645
Meeran modelRs. 8,895

Bracket Fans prices in Pakistan

PAK Fan bracket fans are designed to be mounted on walls for optimal airflow in limited spaces. Their price range stretches between Rs. 7,595 and Rs. 12,595, catering to various design preferences and airflow needs.

PAK Fan ModelPrice (PKR)
BracketRs. 11,595
Mega BracketRs. 8,195
Super King VIPRs. 8,195
Deluxe NewRs. 8,095
Super King NewRs. 8,095
Circo IndustrialRs. 7,595

Pak Louvre Fans Price

These Pak Louvre fans combine functionality and aesthetics into one aesthetic piece, featuring an innovative Louvre design to improve air distribution. Their prices typically fall between Rs. 6,895 and Rs. 9,045, making these fans ideal for anyone seeking both effective cooling and visual appeal.

PAK Fan Louvre Fans ModelPrice in PKR
Louvre PedestalRs. 7,995
False Ceiling LouvreRs. 9,045
Louvre Pedestal RemoteRs. 8,795
Louvre BoxRs. 7,495
Louvre Bracket RemoteRs. 7,895
Louvre BracketRs. 6,895
Louvre BasketRs. 7,495

PAK Exhaust Fan Price in Pakistan

Pak Fan’s exhaust fan range, designed to enhance air circulation and ventilation, is available at an attractive price range of Rs. 2,245 to Rs. 4,795 in 2024. These exhaust fans offer various sizes and features, catering to diverse needs while maintaining affordability and quality. Whether for kitchens or bathrooms, Pak Fan exhaust fans provide an efficient solution for promoting optimal air quality and comfort.

PAK EXhaust FanRates
Exhaust Metal RoundRs. 4,745
Exhaust False CeilingRs. 3,295
Exhuast Single ActionRs. 4,795
Exhaust False Ceiling NewRs. 3,495
Exhaust Double ActionRs. 4,795
Window ExhaustRs. 2,245
Exhaust Metal BlackRs. 4,645
Exhaust Metal SquareRs. 4,195

Factors Affecting PAK Fan Prices

Pak Fans’ pricing depends on many variables that contribute to variations in cost, such as:

  • Features and Technology: Fans with advanced features like remote controls, multiple speeds, timers, and energy-saving tech tend to be pricier.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Fans with striking designs, details, and premium finishes often carry higher prices due to added value in interiors.
  • Size and Coverage: Bigger fans, covering larger spaces, generally cost more due to blade size and dimensions influencing coverage.
  • Build Quality: Materials used affect durability; this can impact fan lifespan and price.
  • Energy Efficiency: Fans that use less energy but provide efficient cooling may have higher upfront costs, offering long-term savings.
  • Warranties and Support: Fans with extended warranties, support, and services may be slightly costlier due to these added benefits.

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Overall Conclusion

Pak Fan stands out in Pakistan’s dynamic marketplace of cooling solutions. It is an innovative and reliable option. It provides consumers with affordable options at various price points. These options suit individual preferences and needs. From table fans to ceiling fans and everything in between, they continue to meet household cooling requirements across Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Pak Fans energy-efficient?

Yes, Pak Fans offers a selection of energy-efficient models that help reduce electricity consumption while providing effective cooling.

What distinguishes Pak Louvre Fans from other fan types?

Pak Louvre Fans feature a unique louvre design that enhances air distribution, ensuring a comfortable and even cooling experience.

Can I find remote-controlled Pak Fans?

Yes, Pak Fans offers models with remote control features, allowing users to adjust fan settings conveniently from a distance.

How do AC/DC fans work during power outages?

AC/DC fans can switch to battery power during power outages, ensuring that you continue to receive cooling even when the electricity goes off.

Is the price difference between fan types justified by their features?

Yes, the variation in Pak Fan prices is attributed to factors such as fan type, size, features, and design, which collectively determine the fan’s overall functionality and appeal.

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