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Massey Ferguson, one of the premier agricultural machinery brands, can trace its history back to Daniel Massey in 1839. Since then, the company has produced reliable tractors, harvesters, and farm machinery. One such example is their Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor which is well known for its performance and dependability. This article will explore the history of the Massey Ferguson MF 385 tractor, as well as its present importance and the price that it will be priced at in Pakistan in 2024.

Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor Overview

Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor is the epitome of their commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation. They meet farmers’ diverse needs across Pakistan with their robust design, powerful engine, and an array of versatile features. It is an invaluable asset on any farm.

MF 385 Tractor Price in Pakistan

MF 385 Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

As of 2024, the price range for Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractors in Pakistan can range between Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000; however, prices may differ based on dealership, location, or market demand; farmers need to consider all factors when making purchasing decisions.

ModelHorsepowerOld PricesNew Prices
MF385-2WD85 HPRs. 3,213,000Rs. 3,465,000
MF385-4WD85 HPRs. 4,282,000Rs. 4,585,000

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Factors Influencing Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor Price

Price considerations of Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor in Pakistan depend upon various factors;

  • Demand and Supply Dynamics: Fluctuations between demand and supply can have an impactful influence on MF 385 tractor prices. It leads to price increases when high demand meets limited supply or vice versa, or results in price decreases when low demand exists.
  • Economic Conditions: Tractor prices depend heavily on the overall economic state of a nation. Economic downturns could prompt manufacturers to adjust prices to stimulate sales while periods of economic expansion could cause price spikes.
  • Dealer Policies: Dealer pricing policies have an immense effect on MF 385 tractor prices. Factors like promotional offers, financing options, and dealer markups all have the power to change how much consumers pay in total.
  • Geographical Variations: Prices of MF 385 tractors may fluctuate based on your geographical location within Pakistan. It depends on factors like transportation costs, taxes, and regional demand. These price fluctuations are partially attributable to factors like transportation costs.

Features of the MF 385 Tractor

Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor stands out in the agricultural machinery landscape by offering numerous features that set it apart. Its powerful engine, efficient transmission system, and sturdy construction make it suitable for numerous farming tasks, while its ergonomic design and user-friendly controls improve operator comfort and efficiency.

Precision Hydraulic System:

Tractor hydraulic systems are designed to be precise and straightforward to control; each tractor features a lever for precise positioning and double-acting cylinders for managing implements, helping boost overall workplace productivity.

Powerful and Efficient Engine:

In addition to its impressive performance, the MF 385 boasts an efficient engine that ensures excellent fuel economy. As a result, farmers can save money without compromising quality when undertaking challenging activities.

Stability with Maneuverability:

An optimally designed wheelbase of a tractor greatly enhances its stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for a range of agricultural jobs without compromising agility.

Advanced Transmission System:

Operating smoothly, changing gears quickly, and optimizing field productivity are all ensured by the MF 385’s sophisticated transmission system featuring a dual-clutch mechanism and live PTO.

Extended Operational Capability:

The MF 385 features an ample fuel tank to accommodate long periods of usage without stopping to refuel.

Specifications of Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor

Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor comes equipped with various specifications that contribute to its performance and reliability, such as an engine power of [85 hp]. With robust construction, advanced transmission system capabilities, and hydraulic capabilities it makes this tractor an attractive option for farmers looking for reliable transportation of agricultural produce.

Battery118 Ah
Alternator45 Amp
Starter Motor2.8 KW
Clutch Type and SizeDual Plate, dry with Single Control 305×254 (cerametallic). 12″
Maximum Horsepower85HP @ 2200 rpm
Power take-off(RPM)540 rpm @ 1789 rpm
Air FilterOil Bath with pre-Air-Cleaner
Hydraulic SystemDraft Control, Position Control, Response Control, Reciprocating type pump, flow rate 16.7L/, Max lifting Capacity 2145Kg
Rear AxleStraddle Axle with epicyclic reduction unit
Maximum Torque300NM @ 1600 rpm (30.58 kgm)
F.I PumpRotary type
BrakesOil-immersed, Multi Disc
Lubrication SystemSplash System
Gears8 Forward, 2 Reverse
TransmissionSliding-type Spur gear
Gross Weight2435 KG
Bore* Stroke101*127 mm
Min/Max. Ground Speed F/RFr 2.9/31 R 4/15.7
Maximum PTO Power70HP
Cylinder Capacity4100 cc
Compression Ratio15.3:1
Oil CoolerAvailable
Transmission & Hydraulic38 L
Engine Oil7.5 L
Power Steering2 L
Fuel Tank108 L
Air Cleaner0.75 L
Cooling System15.2 L
Track AdjustmentFront (1271-1881mm) Rear (1423-2134mm)
Ground Clearance501mm

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Final Verdict

Massey Ferguson’s MF 385 Tractor stands as a testament to its legacy of excellence and innovation. Boasting robust features, reliable performance, and competitive pricing; Massey Ferguson remains a top choice among farmers in Pakistan for agricultural purposes. Massey Ferguson will continue to provide them with the tools they need as agriculture advances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor suitable for diverse farming tasks?

Yes, the Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor is designed to handle a variety of agricultural operations, making it a versatile choice for farmers.

What is the price range of Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor in Pakistan?

The price of Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 3,465,000 to Rs. 4,585,000.

What are the key features of the Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor?

Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor is known for its powerful engine, efficient transmission system, and durable construction.

What factors influence the pricing of Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor?

Factors such as demand and supply dynamics, economic conditions, dealership policies, and geographical variations influence the pricing of Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor.

Where can I purchase the Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor in Pakistan?

Massey Ferguson MF 385 Tractor is available for purchase through authorized dealerships across Pakistan.

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