Panther Tyres Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Tubes Rate List

Safety and performance in automobiles rely heavily on the quality of tires. Panther Tyres in Pakistan has long been recognized as an industry leader; providing top-quality tires tailored specifically for each driver’s unique requirements since 1974. We will take a look at the Panther tyres price in Pakistan in 2024.

Overview of Panther Tyres

Panther Tyres in Pakistan has become renowned for manufacturing high-quality tires to meet a variety of driving needs. They cater to thrill seekers and off-road adventurers alike, offering sporty tires, off-road traction tires, long-distance travel tires, and touring tires for touring vehicles. Panther Tire offers both mud & snow tires and all-season tires to meet every need.

Panther Tyres Price in Pakistan

Panther Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Price plays an integral role when purchasing tires, and Panther Tyres understands its significance in providing quality at a reasonable cost. As of 2024, pricing varies based on size and type, providing options to meet various budgets.

Tyre ModelSpecificationPrice in Pakistan
Panther Trekker 3.00-17Rear, 8 PR, 125 CC, MotorcycleRs. 3,763
Panther Trekker 2.75-18Rear, 6 PR, 100 CC, MotorcycleRs. 3,573
Panther 2.25-17Front, 4 PR, 70 CC, Motorcycle TyreRs. 2,334
Panther Trekker 2.75-17Rear, 6 PR, 110 CCRs. 3,595
Panther 2.50-18Front, 4 PR, 125 CC, MotorcycleRs. 2,742
Panther Trekker 2.50-17Rear, 6 PR, 70 CC, MotorcycleRs. 2,543
Panther Power 2.50-17Rear, 6 PR, 70 CC, MotorcycleRs. 2,543
Panther Trekker 90/90-18Front & Rear tyres, 6 PR, GS 150 YBR 125 CCRs. 5,128
Panther Trekker 2.50-18Rear, 6 PR, 100 CC, Motorcycle Tubeless TyreRs. 3,376
Panther Tubeless Trekker 2.50-17Rear, 6 PR, 70 CC, MotorcycleRs. 3,084
Panther Power 3.00-17Rear, 6 PR, 125 CC, MotorcycleRs. 3,274
Panther Trekker 2.50-18Rear, 6 PR, 100 CC, MotorcycleRs. 3,376
Atlas Honda Tube with Tyre Rear CG1253.00-17Rs. 3,274

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Panther Tyres for Bikes Prices

Panther Tyres offers bike enthusiasts a selection of options designed to improve their riding experience. Starting at an economical Rs. 2,150 and going as high as Rs. 5,000 depending on which tire is selected, Panther bike tires in Pakistan promise excellent performance while being budget-friendly.

Tyre ModelPrice in PKR
Panther Honda 125 TyreRs. 5000
100cc Back Tyre PriceRs. 3400
Panther CD 70cc Back TyreRs. 2150 to Rs. 2400
Panther 110cc Back TyreRs. 3200

Panther Tube Prices

Along with tires, Panther Tyres also provides tubes to protect and extend the longevity and safety of your tires. Their prices typically range from Rs. 482 to Rs. 999 providing an economical way of maintaining them.

Tube ModelPrices (PKR)
Panther Butyl Tube 2.75-18 – 100 / 125 CC – MotorcycleRs. 482
Panther Motorcycle tube Suzuki_GS 150 3.00/18Rs. 999
Panther Butyl Tube 3.00-17 – 125 CC – MotorcycleRs. 530
Panther 100cc Motorcycles Tube Butyle for 100cc Bike & All 18″ inchRs. 999
Panther Butyl Tube 3.00-18 – Pridor/YBR/150CCRs. 608

Benefits of Using Panther Tyres

  • Superior Performance: Panther Tyres are engineered to provide superior grip, stability, and handling, creating an enjoyable driving experience while remaining safe.
  • Durability: These tires are constructed to withstand even the toughest road conditions, making them an efficient long-term investment.
  • Safety Features: Panther Tyres incorporate advanced safety features designed to increase braking performance and lower the risk of accidents.
  • Variety: Panther offers an expansive range of tire types and sizes to meet the needs of various vehicles – from compact cars to SUVs and motorcycles.
  • Affordability: Panther offers competitive prices without compromising on quality, making its products affordable for a wide range of consumers.

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Conclusion of Panther Tyres Price in Pakistan 2024

As we travel the roads of Pakistan in 2024, it’s comforting to know that Panther Tyres remains reliable and high-quality tire options at reasonable prices. Be it bicycle tires, tubes, cars, or SUV tires; Panther Tyres has something perfect to meet your needs – invest in safety, performance, and durability with Panther Tyres today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price range of Panther tires in Pakistan for 2024?

Panther tire prices in Pakistan for 2024 range from Rs. 2,334 to Rs. 5,463, depending on the size and type of the tire.

How much do Panther bike tires cost in Pakistan?

Panther bike tire prices in Pakistan start at Rs. 2,150 and can go up to Rs. 5,000, depending on the type of tire.

What is the price range of Panther tubes in Pakistan?

Panther tube prices in Pakistan range from Rs. 482 to Rs. 999, offering affordable options for tire maintenance.

Are Panther Tyres suitable for off-road driving?

Yes, Panther Tyres offers off-road tire options designed to provide excellent traction and performance in challenging terrain.

Do Panther Tyres come with a warranty?

Panther Tyres typically come with a warranty that varies by tire type and model. It’s advisable to check the warranty details for the specific tire you purchase.

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