Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan 2024 | Panther & General Tyre

Tractor tyres are a critical component of the agricultural sector in Pakistan, powering the country’s farming activities and contributing to its economic growth. As we enter the year 2024, the demand for tractors and their tyres remains as strong as ever. Farmers across the nation are constantly seeking durable and cost-effective solutions to optimize their agricultural operations. This article will delve into the prices of tractor tyres offered by two well-known brands in Pakistan, General and Panther Tyres. Let’s explore the tractor tyres and their prices in Pakistan.

Importance of Quality Tractor Tyres

Tractor tyres are more than rubber wheels; they form the backbone of a tractor’s functionality. High-quality tyres ensure better traction, reduce slippage and provide greater fuel efficiency for maximum benefit from farming equipment. Farmers must invest in durable yet reliable tractor tyres for maximum benefit from their farming equipment.

Tractor Tyre Price in Pakistan

Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan | Different Brands Rates

Before purchasing tractor tyres in Pakistan, it’s essential to have an idea of their approximate costs. Usually, Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan range between Rs. 6,250 and Rs. 72,910. These different brands’ prices represent typical front and rear tractor tyre costs:

Panther Tyre Prices

Front Panther Tractor Tyres:

Front Panther tractor tyres are known for their sturdy build and adaptability. Their wide variety of tread sizes provides excellent steering control across various terrains. Furthermore, these tyres come in multiple sizes to meet the diverse needs of farmers across Pakistan.

PLYTyre SizePrice (PKR)
67.50-16Rs. 10,512
86.00-16Rs. 7,380
106.00-16Rs. 7,980
66.00-16Rs. 6,540
87.50-20Rs. 12,440

Rear Panther Tractor Tyres:

Rear Panther tractor tyres are specially engineered to provide superior power transmission from tractor engines to the ground, as well as boasting high load-bearing capacities that make them perfect for agricultural tasks requiring heavy-duty power transfer. Their robust construction provides optimal load support, making these rear tyres ideal for heavy-duty agricultural work.

PLY RatingTyre SizePrice (PKR)
612.4/11-28Rs. 30,090
1214.9/13-28Rs. 55,590
1418.4/15-30Rs. 69,434
1216.9/14-30Rs. 57,990
812.4/11-28Rs. 31,700
1212.4/11-28Rs. 32,810
614.9/13-28Rs. 42,440
814.9/13-28Rs. 43,240
1215.5-38Rs. 61,570

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General Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Front General Tractor Tires:

Front General tractor tyres are widely favoured among farmers for their durability and cost-efficiency, making them suitable for many farming applications. Farmers looking for reliable yet budget-friendly options often opt for these tyres as their go-to choice.

PlyTyre SizePrice in Pakistan
8 Ply6.00-16Rs. 6,710
6 Ply7.50-16Rs. 9,850
8 Ply7.50-20Rs. 12,750
8 Ply7.50-16Rs. 10,450
6 Ply6.00-16Rs. 6,250

General Tractor Tyres Rear:

Rear General tractor tyres are engineered to tackle the challenges posed by different soil types, providing superior traction and minimizing slippage. Available in different tread patterns and sizes to meet the demands of farming activities of all kinds, these rear tyre solutions ensure you remain safe.

PlyTyre SizePrice in Pakistan
8 PLY18.4/15-30Rs. 70,680
12 PLY14.9/28Rs. 48,850
8 PLY16.9/14-30Rs. 56,650
12 PLY12.4/11-28Rs. 32,250
6 PLY12.4/11-28Rs. 29,250
14 PLY16.9/14-30Rs. 57,900
8 PLY14.9/13-28Rs. 44,450
12 PLY18.4/15-30Rs. 72,910
8 PLY12.4/11-28Rs. 30,800

Factors Affecting Tractor Tyre Prices

Understanding these factors is key for farmers making informed purchasing decisions when buying tractor tyres in Pakistan.

  • Brand Reputation: Tractor tyre prices often depend on the brand reputation. Well-established names may offer higher quality products at a premium, yet may require larger investments for purchase.
  • Tyre Size and Specifications: Size and specification can have a dramatic effect on tractor tyre prices; larger tyres with additional features could cost significantly more compared to standard sizes.
  • Tread Design and Pattern: The tread design and pattern of tractor tyre treads have an impactful influence on their performance on various terrains. Tires with special tread designs might command higher prices due to their specific functionality.
  • Tyre Type (Radial or Bias-Ply): Radial tyres typically offer superior traction and fuel efficiency compared to their bias-ply counterparts, yet may be more costly.

Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Tractor Tyres

Making an informed selection is essential to optimizing agricultural productivity, so here are a few key points to keep in mind when purchasing tractor tyres:

  • Farming Needs and Terrain: Assess your individual farming needs as well as the terrain on which you typically operate to determine an appropriate tyre size and tread pattern.
  • Budget Considerations: Determine a realistic budget based on the type of tyre you need. Quality should always take priority over cost considerations. Finding an appropriate balance is vital.
  • Consider Brand and Warranty:
  • Consider investing in tyres from trusted brands that come with comprehensive warranty coverage to provide peace of mind and protect your investment. A warranty provides peace of mind.

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Conclusion of Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

For farmers in Pakistan, investing in high-quality tractor tyres is a smart long-term decision. Selecting appropriate tractor tyres will increase agricultural productivity, leading to higher yields and greater profits. When making their selection, farmers must keep in mind their individual needs, budgets, and terrain considerations when making this important choice.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use the same tyres for all farming activities?

It’s best to choose tractor tyres based on your specific farming needs and the type of terrain you work on. Different tyre types and tread patterns are designed for various applications.

Are radial tyres worth the higher cost?

Radial tyres generally offer better performance and fuel efficiency, making them worth considering if your budget allows for it.

How often should I replace tractor tyres?

The replacement frequency depends on factors like tyre usage, terrain, and maintenance. Regular inspections and proper care can extend the lifespan of tractor tyres.

Can I mix and match different tyre brands on my tractor?

It is not recommended to mix and match tyre brands on a tractor. It’s best to stick to a consistent brand and model for all four tyres to ensure balanced performance.

Are there any eco-friendly tractor tyre options available?

Some brands offer eco-friendly tractor tyres with features like reduced rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

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