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Paint plays a vital role in transforming the appearance of our living spaces. When it comes to choosing the right paint brand, Berger Paint is a popular choice among homeowners in Pakistan. If you are considering Berger Paint for your next project, learn about its pricing, suppliers, and advantages. Discover the current Berger Paint price in Pakistan Today and find reliable suppliers. Explore the benefits of using Berger Paint.

Berger Paint Price in Pakistan

Understanding the Current Berger Paint Price in Pakistan

The price of Berger Paint in Pakistan varies based on the quantity needed for your project, with a range starting from Rs. 765 to Rs. 7,684. These prices are approximate and may vary depending on the paint type and quantity chosen. For accurate pricing information, contact authorized dealers or reliable suppliers of Berger Paint in your area. They can provide up-to-date pricing details based on your specific requirements.

Berger Distemper Price in Pakistan:

Distemper TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Silk Emulsion1 LitreRs. 2,112
SPD Smooth Emulsion3.64 LitreRs. 2,548
LIFEplus + Emulsion3.64 LitreRs. 6,812

Berger Enamel Oil Paint Price in Pakistan:

Enamel Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
NU Enamel New0.91 LitreRs. 1,101
VIP Super Gloss Enamel Metallic0.91 LitreRs. 1,289

Berger Weather Shield Price in Pakistan:

Weather Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Weathercoat Exterior Emulsion1 LitreRs. 1,586
Weather Pro4 LitreRs. 4,323

Berger Wall Putty Price in Pakistan:

Putty TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Berger Exterior Wall Putty20 KgRs. 7,684
Berger NU PuttyGallonRs. 765
Berger Wall Putty6 KgRs. 1,368

Berger Matt Finish Price in Pakistan:

Matt Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Elegance Matt Emulsion4 LitreRs. 5,909
Berger All-Rounder Matt EnamelGallonRs. 5,400

Berger Timbercoat Price in Pakistan:

Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Timbercoat Sanding Sealer0.91 LitreRs. 2,072
Timbercoat Clear Wood Lacquer0.91 LitreRs. 1,805
Timbercoat Acid Catalyzed Matt Lacquer0.91 LitreRs. 1,686
Timbercoat Polyurethane Lacquer0.91 LitreRs. 1,805
Timbercoat Thinner0.91 LitreRs. 1,160

Berger Seepage Solution Paint Price in Pakistan:

Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Water Based Primer3.64 LitreRs. 3,599
Seepage Solution2 KgRs. 1,725

Berger Paint Suppliers in Pakistan

  • Khana Paint House
  • Wali Paint House
  • Ahmed Paint House
  • Ali Paint House
  • Butt Paint House
  • Ibrar Paint House

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Benefits and Features of Berger Paint

  • Superior Quality: Berger Paint is known for its high-quality formulations that provide excellent coverage and long-lasting durability. It ensures that your painted surfaces retain their beauty and protection for years to come.
  • Wide Color Range: Berger Paint offers a diverse range of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to suit your aesthetic preferences and complement your interior or exterior decor.
  • Innovative Formulations: Berger Paint continually strives to develop innovative paint formulations that cater to different surfaces and specific requirements. Whether you need interior wall paint, exterior weather-resistant paint, or specialized coatings, Berger Paint has the right product for you.
  • Ease of Application: Berger Paints are designed for easy application, providing smooth and even coverage. Their user-friendly properties make them suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Berger Paint is committed to sustainable practices and offers eco-friendly paint options that have low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. These paints help create healthier indoor environments while minimizing harm to the environment.

Overall Conclusion

Berger Paint offers a wide range of quality paints to beautify your living spaces in Pakistan. By understanding the current pricing details, connecting with authorized suppliers, and leveraging the benefits and features of Berger Paint, you can achieve stunning results for your painting projects. Remember to choose the right type and color of paint that best suits your requirements and consult experts for professional advice when needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Berger Paints suitable for both interior and exterior applications?

Yes, Berger Paints offer a wide range of paints suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. They have specific formulations designed to withstand different weather conditions and provide optimal protection and aesthetics.

Where can I find Berger Paint suppliers in Pakistan?

Berger Paint has an extensive network of authorized dealers and suppliers across Pakistan. You can find Berger Paint products at dedicated outlets, paint stores, and home improvement centers. Online marketplaces and official websites also provide access to authorized sellers.

Can I get custom color options with Berger Paint?

Yes, Berger Paint offers custom color options. Authorized dealers can assist you in creating custom colors to match your specific requirements and preferences.

Are Berger Paints easy to apply for DIY projects?

Berger Paints are designed for easy application, making them suitable for both DIY projects and professional use. They provide smooth and even coverage, ensuring a seamless finish.

Does Berger Paint prioritize environmental sustainability?

Yes, Berger Paint is committed to environmental responsibility. They offer eco-friendly paint options with low VOC content, promoting healthier indoor environments and minimizing the impact on the environment.

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