Happilac Paints Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | All Types Rates

Happilac Paints has long been known for providing high quality and variety in terms of paints. This article looks into the Happilac paints price in Pakistan in 2024. Also, the benefits associated with selecting their products for painting needs.

Happilac Paints Price in Pakistan

Happilac Paint Price in Pakistan 2024

Happilac Paints offers a comprehensive range of paint products to meet the diverse needs of its customers in Pakistan. Their price varies according to type and quantity required – in 2024 this range typically extends between Rs 600-15,00050.

Happilac Decorative Paints Price:

Synthetic MetallicQuarter | GallonRs. 1215 | Rs. 4640
Special Plastic EmulsionQuarter | Gallon | DrumRs. 1250 | Rs. 4435 | Rs. 17400
Vivid EmulsionGallon | DrumRs. 1685 | Rs. 6395
Weather GuardQuarter | Gallon | DrumRs. 1310 | Rs. 4635 | Rs. 18205
Matt EnamelQuarter | Gallon | DrumRs. 1640 | Rs. 6050 | Rs. 23800
WipeoutQuarter | Gallon | DrumRs. 1828 | Rs. 6850 | Rs. 27060
Synthetic EnamelQuarter | Gallon | DrumRs. 1159 | Rs. 4535 | Rs. 17820

Happilac Wood Finishes Price:

Wood SealerQuarter | GallonRs. 1550 | Rs. 5385
Wood Lacquer MattQuarter | GallonRs. 1550 | Rs. 5650
Wood N.C ThinnerQuarter | GallonRs. 930 | Rs. 3330
Wood Lacquer GlossQuarter | GallonRs. 1550 | Rs. 5650

Happilac Protective Coatings Price

Silk PuttyGallon | DrumRs. 1750 | Rs. 6655
Perfect PuttyGallon | DrumRs. 973 | Rs. 3550
Synthetic Clear VarnishQuarter | GallonRs. 883 | Rs. 3295
Paint RemoverQuarterRs. 910
Synthetic UndercoatGallon | DrumRs. 1068 | Rs. 3925
Red Oxide PrimerQuarter | Gallon | DrumRs. 900 | Rs. 3350 | Rs. 13080
Weatherguard Exterior Wall PuttyGallon | DrumRs. 1940 | Rs. 7110
Interior Wall PrimerGallon | DrumRs. 2970 | Rs. 11550
Wall Primer SealerQuarter | Gallon | DrumRs. 1265 | Rs. 4640 | Rs. 18245
Weatherguard Exterior Wall PrimerGallon | DrumRs. 3517 | Rs. 13745

Happilac Texture Finishes Price:

Premium Texture FinishGallon | DrumRs. 1540 | Rs. 5815
Multi Tile FinishGallon | DrumRs. 1815 | Rs. 6655

Industrial Coatings Price:

Epoxy Floor CoatingQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Chlorinated Rubber PaintQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Boiler Compound No. 3Quarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Solvent Free Floor Epoxy PrimerQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Floor Coating Epoxy PrimerQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Epoxy Metal CoatingQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Industrial Synthetic EnamelQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Hammer FinishQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)
Happilac Epoxy ThinnerQuarter | Gallon | DrumCall For Price (+92418710455)

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Factors That Influence The Price of Happilac Paints

Before delving into the specific prices, let’s explore the factors that influence Happilac Paints’ pricing in 2024:

  • Type of Paint: Happilac offers various types of paints, including emulsions, enamels, and textures. Each type has its price point, depending on the quality and finish it provides.
  • Color Range: The extensive color range offered by Happilac Paints also plays a role in pricing. Custom colors or specialized finishes may cost more than standard options.
  • Quantity: Buying paint in bulk can often lead to cost savings, as Happilac offers discounts for larger purchases.
  • Location: Prices may vary slightly depending on your location within Pakistan due to transportation costs and local taxes.

Advantages of Using Happilac Paints

Happilac Paints offers many advantages for your painting needs:

  • Quality Assurance: Happilac Paints have earned themselves an impeccable reputation for quality assurance, guaranteeing that their paint jobs stand the test of time.
  • Variety: Happilac offers an expansive selection of paint types and colors. They give you plenty of freedom to unleash your creativity while finding the ideal hues and finishes for your projects.
  • Durability: Happilac paints built for longevity and provides excellent value for your investment.
  • Weather Resistance: Happilac products have been specially crafted to withstand Pakistan’s varied climate conditions, making them suitable for interior and exterior use alike.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Paints provide an aesthetic finish, enhancing the overall appearance of your space.

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Overall Conclusion

Happilac Paints has long been trusted to deliver high-quality paint for homes and commercial spaces across Pakistan. With products priced between Rs 600-15,000 to meet any need and budget. From DIY projects to professional projects, Happilac’s range offers quality that transforms surfaces in every way imaginable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price range for Happilac Paints in Pakistan in 2024?

Happilac Paints in Pakistan typically range from Rs. 600 to Rs. 15,500, depending on the type and quantity.

Can you provide examples of Happilac Paint prices for specific types?

Certainly! Here are some examples: Happilac Weather Resistant Emulsion (5 liters): Rs. 2,200, Happilac Super Emulsion (1 liter): Rs. 600, Happilac Enamel Paint (1 liter): Rs. 900

Why should I choose Happilac Paints for my project?

Happilac Paints offers quality, variety, and durability, ensuring a lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish for your painting project.

Are Happilac Paints suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, many Happilac Paints are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Do Happilac Paints offer a wide range of colors?

Yes, Happilac Paints provides a wide variety of colors, allowing you to find the perfect shade for your project.

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