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Brighto Paints in Pakistan has become known for its quality and innovation within the paint industry. They offer products tailored specifically for every need imaginable. Their wide range of paint products has earned the trust of homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and more alike. We analyze the Brighto Paint price in Pakistan here so you can make informed decisions regarding your next paint project!

Brighto Paint Price in Pakistan

Brighto Paint Price in Pakistan 2024

Brighto offers an expansive selection of paint products designed to meet specific requirements and surfaces. Here, we explore the brighto paint price so you have a fuller understanding of what to expect in 2024.

Brighto Emulsion Price

Brighto Emulsion paint is known for its smooth finish and vibrant hues, making it an excellent choice for interior walls. In 2024, Brighto Emulsion’s price can range between Rs. 615 and Rs. 1,685, depending on how much paint is required – providing you with plenty of flexibility when finding the best solution to fit both your budget and project size needs.

Paint TypeQuantityPrices
Brighto Super Emulsion0.91 LitreRs. 615
Plastic Emulsion1 LitreRs. 1,250
Brighto Wall Emulsion3.64 LitreRs. 1,685
Brighto Quick Wash Emulsion0.91 LitreRs. 935

Brighto Enamel Price 2024

For those who desire a glossy touch on wood, metal, or other surfaces, Brighto Enamel paint offers the ideal solution. In 2024, its cost ranges between Rs 365 to Rs 1,070 depending on the quantity required – making this paint the ideal option for all of your painting needs!

Paint TypeQuantityPrices / Rates
Brighto Synthetic Clear Varnish0.25 LitreRs. 365
Brighto Synthetic Metallic Enamel0.25 LitreRs. 375
Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat0.91 LitreRs. 1,070
Brighto Synthetic Enamel0.25 LitreRs. 370
Brighto Red Oxide Primer0.91 LitreRs. 900
Brighto Aluminium Finish0.25 LitreRs. 450

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Wall Putty Price in Pakistan

Wall putty is an integral component of creating an attractive paint job on walls. Brighto Wall Putty is one such trusted product. In 2024, its price ranged between Rs. 1,185 and Rs. 3,560 depending on how much is needed for your project. Investing in high-quality wall putty ensures long-term and appealing paint jobs!

Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Boom Washable0.91 LitreRs. 1,185
Brighto Wall Putty20 KgRs. 3,560
Boom All Weather0.91 LitreRs. 1,420

Brighto Weather Sheet Prices

Brighto Weather Sheet paint is an excellent way to shield exterior walls from Pakistan’s harsh climate, thanks to its durability and weather-resistive qualities. In 2024, prices range from Rs. 1,310 up to Rs. 13,790 with options suitable for projects of various sizes and budgets.

Paint TypeQuantityPrice
Brighto Wall Shield4 LitreRs. 3,530
All Weather1 LitreRs. 1,310
Brighto Wall Coat16 LitreRs. 13,790

Brighto Wood Door Paint

Brighto Wood Door Paint makes adding beauty and protection to wooden surfaces simple with just one brushstroke of paint. In 2024, its price ranges between Rs. 930 and Rs. 1,560 depending on the quantity ordered – making this an affordable way to beautify wood surfaces without breaking the bank!

Paint TypeQuantityPrice in PKR
Brighto Wood Finish Thinner0.91 LitreRs. 930
Wood Finish Lacquer Gloss / Matt0.91 LitreRs. 1,560
All Wood Coat (Matt and Gloss)0.91 LitreRs. 1,195
Brighto Wood Finish Sealer0.91 LitreRs. 1,510

Brighto Distemper Price List

Brighto Distemper paint offers an affordable yet quality solution, ideal for ceilings and large wall areas, thanks to its matte finish. Prices of Brighto Distemper range between Rs 4,760 to Rs 9,985 making it an accessible solution for various projects.

Paint TypeQuantityPrice in Pakistan
Brighto Sterling Silver0.91 LitreRs. 4,760
Brighto Perlex0.91 LitreRs. 9,319
Brighto Velvet0.91 LitreRs. 9,985
Brighto Antiqua Polish Plaster0.91 LitreRs. 5,990
Brighto Perlata0.91 LitreRs. 9,985
Brighto Sterling Gold0.91 LitreRs. 4,760

Benefits of using Brighto Paints

Now that we have reviewed their prices, let’s discuss why Brighto Paints are such a popular choice among consumers:

  • High Quality: Brighto paints are well-renowned for their exceptional quality, guaranteeing that your painting job looks amazing and lasts long.
  • Brighto Offers Multiple Solutions: Brighto offers an assortment of paint types and colours to meet the diverse preferences and project requirements of its customers.
  • Durability: Brighto Paints have been specially engineered to withstand Pakistan’s weather, keeping your walls looking beautiful for many years to come.
  • Easy Application: Brighto Paints offers easy application, making painting effortless for professional painters or DIY enthusiasts alike. No matter what level of experience or expertise is present in the room, Brighto paints provide a stress-free experience!
  • Innovation: Brighto invests heavily in research and development to bring cutting-edge products to market that stay abreast of industry trends.

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Conclusion About Brighto Paint Price in Pakistan

Brighto Paints remains an outstanding choice for those seeking to transform their living spaces in 2024. Offering products designed to meet a range of budgets, Brighto ensures quality and affordability go hand in hand – whether painting interior walls, protecting exterior surfaces, or adding a glossy finish – Brighto has you covered for your painting projects – invest in quality, and durability, and innovation with Brighto and make your next painting project successful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I purchase Brighto Paints in Pakistan?

You can find Brighto Paints at authorized dealers and home improvement stores across Pakistan. You can also explore their official website for more information on dealers near you.

Are Brighto Paints environmentally friendly?

Yes, Brighto Paints is committed to sustainability and offers eco-friendly paint options that adhere to international standards.

Can I use Brighto Distemper for both interior and exterior surfaces?

Brighto Distemper primarily recommends for interior surfaces, especially ceilings, and large wall areas. For exterior surfaces, consider Brighto Weather Sheet paint for better durability.

Do Brighto Paints offer a warranty?

Brighto Paints often come with a warranty for performance and durability. It’s advisable to check the specific warranty details for the product you choose.

Can I mix Brighto Paint colours to create custom shades?

Yes, Brighto Paints can be mixed to create custom colours. Consult with a Brighto Paint expert or dealer for guidance on colour mixing.

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