Karyana Store Price List in Pakistan 2024 | Grocery Shop Rate List

As shoppers in Pakistan, we understand the value of keeping an eye on price tags. In a bustling marketplace where variety meets necessity, staying informed about Karyana store price lists is absolutely necessary. In this comprehensive 2024 guide, we’ll delve into every detail imaginable to explore the Karyana store price list. We also explain its many advantages. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Karyana Store Price List in Pakistan

Karyana Store Price List in Pakistan 2024

Karyana stores in Pakistan provide shoppers with an assortment of groceries and household essentials at various price points. Being aware of this range can make shopping much simpler; having access to an up-to-date Karyana store price list will enhance the shopping experience both in Lahore and Karachi.

Karyana ItemWeightPrice in PKR
WheatPer kgRs. 107
Wheat (Atta)Per kgRs. 124
MaidaPer kgRs. 140
SujiPer kgRs. 170
Maize AttaPer kg
Rice SuperiorPer kgRs. 350
White GramPer kgRs. 300
Black GramPer kgRs. 280
Gram plusesPer kgRs. 260
MashPer kgRs. 430
MasoorPer kgRs. 200
MoongPer kgRs. 480
BeanPer kg
KorkhaPer kgRs. 360
Dal ChannaPer kgRs. 260
Besan (SO)Per kgRs. 280
Black TeaPer kgRs. 1800
Green TeaPer kgRs. 1550
Brazilian TeaPer kgRs. 1600
Green Tea DusPer kgRs. 800
Sugar of marketPer kgRs. 130
Sugar U/storePer kg
CurdPer kgRs. 180
ShakerPer kgRs. 170
Fresh MilkPer kgRs. 180
Powder MilkPer kgRs. 1550
GurPer kgRs. 480
Lose GheePer kgRs. 2000
Desi GheePer kgRs. 550
Edible oilPer kgRs. 550
BeefPer kgRs. 700
MuttonPer kgRs. 1400
HenPer kgRs. 450
EggsPer DozenRs. 260
BananaPer DozenRs. 160-240
KinoPer kg
ApplePer kgRs. 150-430
MangoPer kgRs. 150-220
ApricotPer kg

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Grocery Item Price List Today Check Online

Time is of the utmost importance these days, so having access to the latest Karyana store price list is invaluable in expediting your shopping experience and making informed decisions regarding which deals offer value for your dollar. With this knowledge at your disposal, shopping can become more efficient and budget-friendly!

Grocery ItemsWeightPrice in Pakistan
GuavaPer kg
MelonPer kgRs. 75
Water MelonPer kgRs. 60
FruiterPer Dozen
GrapesPer kg
Shama Ghee Tin16 kgRs. 8200
Other Brand Tin16 kgRs. 7200
PotatoPer kgRs. 70-80
KachaloPer kgRs. 170
ArviPer kgRs. 220
PumpkinPer kgRs. 50
Bitter GourdPer kgRs. 70-80
Lady FingerPer kgRs. 90
ToriPer kgRs. 60
TandaPer kgRs. 70-80
SpinachPer bundle
GarlicPer kgRs. 200-380
TomatoPer kgRs. 40-50
OnionPer kgRs. 40-50
PeasPer kgRs. 220
ChillyPer kgRs. 80
KashmiriPer kgRs. 70
CucumberPer kgRs. 70
TurinpPer kgRs. 60
CabbagePer kgRs. 30
Flower CabbagePer kgRs. 110
GingerPer kgRs. 800
BingilPer kgRs. 60-90
LemonPer kgRs. 150
Rice SuperiorPer bagRs. 350
Wheat100 kgRs. 10700
Sugar50 kgRs. 4750
Local wheat Atta80 kg
Local Atta20 kgRs. 2480
Local Atta (Fine)20 kgRs. 2510
Punjab Atta20 kg
Punjab Atta (Fine)20 kg
Punjab Atta (fine)85 kg
Punjab Atta80 kg
U.S.C Atta20 kg

Karyana Store Price List in Lahore

Lahore residents will find today’s Karyana rate list to be an invaluable tool. Offering an exhaustive breakdown of prices, it makes shopping not only economical but also more convenient. By having this information readily available at their fingertips, budgeting grocery expenses accurately and saving both time and money becomes easier than ever before.

Karyana Store Price List in Lahore

Grocery Shop Price List in Karachi

Residents of Karachi can likewise benefit from having access to an up-to-date Karyana rate list. This invaluable tool makes your shopping experience simpler and provides a clear picture of the costs associated with different items. Having this knowledge at their disposal ensures a seamless and cost-effective shopping process!

Grocery Shop Price List in Karachi

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Overall Conclusion

For shoppers visiting Karyana stores, knowing their latest price list is critical to success. Ranging from Rs. 30 to Rs. 10,700, understanding each purchase’s worth is of utmost importance – regardless of whether you shop in Lahore or Karachi! Being up-to-date and confident while shopping is an integral aspect of managing one’s budget effectively and making informed choices with your money. Stay informed now so you can shop Karyana with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price range of items in a Karyana store in Pakistan in 2024?

The price range for items in Karyana stores varies, starting from as low as Rs. 30 to Rs. 10,700 for various products, allowing consumers to make choices according to their preferences and budgets.

Why is it important to access today’s Karyana store price list in Lahore and Karachi?

Accessing today’s Karyana store price list in Lahore and Karachi is essential for making informed shopping decisions, managing your budget, and ensuring a cost-effective and convenient shopping experience.

How can I access the most recent Karyana store price list?

You can typically find the latest Karyana store price list in Pakistan at the store itself or on their official website. Additionally, some local markets and online platforms may also provide this information.

Are the prices consistent across all Karyana stores in Pakistan?

Prices may vary slightly between different Karyana stores due to factors such as location and competition. Therefore, it’s advisable to check the price list at your preferred store for the most accurate information.

How can I make the most of today’s Karyana rate list?

To maximize the benefits of today’s Karyana rate list, consider creating a shopping list, comparing prices, and making budget-conscious choices based on the available information.

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