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Understanding scrap rates is a numbers game that plays an integral role in multiple industries. Pakistan experienced an array of scrap rates across multiple materials in 2024. These materials included old loha (or loaf), copper wire, computer laptops/monitors, and mobile LCDs – each having different valuations. Let’s dive deeper into the Pakistani loha scrap rate today by studying the fluctuations and trends that characterize its ever-evolving landscape.

Loha Scrap Rate Today in Pakistan

Loha Scrap Rate in Pakistan Today 2024

In industrial economics, scrap rates serve as a key indicator of economic health. They reflect supply and demand dynamics shaped by global market forces as well as local consumption patterns. As of 2024, the rate of various loha scrap materials available in Pakistan covers a broad spectrum of values reflecting their intrinsic worth and use across industries – let’s examine some prominent rates that shape Pakistan’s economy today!

Scrap ProductPrice per KG
Battery Scrap RateRs. 420 to Rs. 445
Radi Kaghaz Scrap RateRs. 58 to Rs. 65
Silver Scrap PriceRs. 520 to Rs. 530
Aluminium Scrap PriceRs. 1075 to Rs. 1100
Frig/Ac Compressor Scrap RateRs. 395 to Rs. 415
Nigar Scrap RatesRs. 180 to Rs. 185
Copper Scrap RateRs. 2385 to Rs. 2400
Brass Scrap RateRs. 1475 to Rs. 1485
Plastic Pepsi Bottle PriceRs. 445 to Rs. 450
Steel Scrap RateRs. 240 to Rs. 260
Plastic Scrap RateRs. 70 to Rs. 85
Old Loha Scrap RateRs. 180 to Rs. 190

Old Loha Scrap Rate in Pakistan 2024

Old Loha Scrap

Iron holds a crucial role in the construction and manufacturing industries. However, the old loha scrap rate in Pakistan for 2024 exhibits significant variation, ranging from Rs 56 per kilogram to over 2,390 per kilogram. This variance is influenced by factors such as the quality of the iron used, its purity levels, and its suitability for specific applications.

Scrap Iron RateWeightPrice
Lahore Loha Scrap RateKarachi Old Iron Mandi RatesRs. 145 to Rs. 165
Peshawar Iron Rate Today1 KGRs. 145 to Rs. 165
Karachi old Iron Mandi Rates1 KGRs. 155 to Rs. 130
Multan Kabar Loha Scrap Price1 KGRs. 145 to Rs. 165
Gujranwala Scrap Loha Rates1 KGRs. 115 to Rs. 130
Quetta Iron Rate1 KGRs. 145 to Rs. 165
Scrap Loha Rate in Islamabad1 KGRs. 145 to Rs. 165

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Copper/Tamba Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Copper/Tamba Scrap

Copper, known locally as “Tamba,” boasts immense value thanks to its excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance properties. In Pakistan, the scrap copper rates vary based on its quality and purity, currently ranging between Rs 145 to Rs 165 per kilogram in terms of scrap price.

Tanba Scrap TypesWeightRates
Copper Tamba Scrap Prices1 KGRs. 2410
Bartan Tamba Scraps Rate1 KGRs. 2210
Desi Armature Scrap Rates1 KGRs. 2380
Thanda Tanba Scrap Price1 KGRs. 2130

Computer Laptop Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Computer Laptop Scrap

Electronic waste has become a significant environmental hazard. In Pakistan, computer laptop scrap rates typically range from Rs 100-15,000 and depend upon factors like its condition, brand, and component demand.

Computer Scrap1 Kg Rate
Key Board PaperRs. 1,700
ChargerRs. 220
Laptop Intel Green ChipRs. 4,500
P4Rs. 1,450
Mix PrinterRs. 850
LCD CardRs. 1,200
Sila LightRs. 190
Printer Machine CompleteRs. 120
CD Room CardRs. 3,000
Computer Power SupplyRs. 500
Hard CardRs. 6,000
Hard DiskRs. 750
Kachi KatRs. 750
Banti KetRs. 300
P3Rs. 2,550
Printer ICRs. 15,000
Kachi Kat SaplaiRs. 280
DVD CardRs. 1,600
UPS Green CardRs. 500
Key BoardRs. 100
Kaktra ICRs. 2,350
Supply Without WireRs. 320
PrinterRs. 750

Mobile LCD/Panel/Touch Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Mobile LCD/Panel/Touch Scrap

In today’s age of smartphones and their components, even broken or obsolete ones still hold value. In Pakistan alone, scrap rates for LCDs, panels, and touchscreens range between Rs 10 and 73 per piece depending on the model and condition of these items.

LCD/Panel/Touch1 Piece Price
Damage PanelRs. 68
White LCDRs. 10
Panel/Unat with MediaRs. 22
Damage LCDRs. 73

Mobile Scrap Price Today in Pakistan

Mobile Scrap

The scrap price for mobile phones varies significantly depending on various factors, such as brand, model, and condition. Prices in Pakistan typically range between Rs. 600-17,000 per kilogram while individual pieces can fetch anywhere between 90-707 rupees each.

Mobile Scrap1 Kg Price
ChinaRs. 3,200
Mobile Flex StripRs. 2,000
Mobile BatteryRs. 600
Golden Tap RamRs. 14,500
Original NokiaRs. 12,500
Ram Without TapRs. 7,500
Mobile CameraRs. 17,000

Now we will discuss mobile scrap per piece that you can buy or sell today.

Mobile Scrap1 Piece
16 GBRs. 300
S7EdgeRs. 650
TabRs. 110
EMMCRs. 230
Number MobileRs. 117
NokiaRs. 170
I PhoneRs. 170
S6EdgeRs. 320
32 GB MixRs. 700
4 GBRs. 90
8 GBRs. 150

Metal Scrap Rate

Metal Scrap

“Metal Scrap” covers an assortment of materials that each possess their distinctive value. These loha scrap rate in Pakistan for 2024 range between Rs. 180 per kilogram and Rs. 1,985, depending on its type, purity level, and demand in industries like manufacturing and construction.

Soft Silver1 KGRs. 450 to 460
Steel1 KGRs. 180 to 190
Hard Silver1 KGRs. 420 to 430
Brass1 KGRs. 1100 to 1200
Compressor Tanba1 KGRs. 280 to 290
Copper1 KGRs. 1880 to 1985

Scrap Rate for Mobile Chargers

Scrap of Mobile Chargers

With every new phone comes an outdated charger; in Pakistan, the scrap rate for these electronic waste management issues currently stands at Rs 250 per kilogram. This shows just how important proper management of electronic waste can be.

Mobile ChargerPrice per KG
Mobile Charger PriceRs. 250

Pital Scrap Rates Today

Pital Scrap

Brass scrap is a highly sought-after material in the recycling industry due to its strength and malleability, and in Pakistan, the scrap rate for Pital can range between Rs. 1,280-1.750 per kilogram; reflecting its lucrative market.

Pital Scrap TypesWeightRates
Pital Motor Scrap1 KGRs. 1560
Pital Radiator Scrap1 KGRs. 1280
Pital Compressor Scrap1 KGRs. 1400
Laal Pital Scrap1 KGRs. 1750
Pital Bora Scrap1 KGRs. 1300

Rubber Tyre and Tube Scrap Rates

Rubber Tyre and Tube Scrap

Automotive industries contribute significantly to rubber waste generation through tires and tubes, which in Pakistan typically cost from Rs 44-250 per kilogram to scrap. Recycling can help manage this waste stream efficiently.

Kachra Japani Tube1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Bara Tube1 KGRs. 250 to 300
Kachra Tyre / Cut Mall1 KGRs. 44 to 45
Soti Bara Tyre1 KGRs. 45 to 50
Simi Bara Tyre1 KGRs. 55 to 56

Drip Syring Mix Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Drip Syring Mix Scrap

Medical industries produce various wastes, including plastic materials. Pakistan has an average drip syringe mix scrap rate between Rs 150-170 per kilogram for plastic waste generated in medical settings; sustainable waste management practices can reduce its environmental impact.

Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 150 to 170
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 150 to 170
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 150 to 170
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 150 to 170
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 150 to 170

Mix Plastic Scrap Rate

Mix Plastic Scrap

Plastic pollution has garnered much of our attention in Pakistan. The rate for recycling and waste reduction efforts can help mitigate plastic pollution effectively. The mixed plastic scrap rate ranges between Rs. 70 to Rs. 80 per kilogram in Pakistan. To curb plastic pollution effectively, recycling efforts and reduction efforts must be implemented effectively to combat plastic pollution.

Mix Plastic Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 70 to 80

Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrap Rates Today

Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrap

Radi Kaghaz mix scrap rate typically ranges between Rs 55-60 per kilogram; recycling practices for paper waste may help conserve resources and ensure resource conservation.

Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 55 to 60

Battery Scrap Price

Battery Scrap

Batteries used in electronics or vehicles pose environmental threats when not disposed of correctly, with prices for scrap batteries typically ranging between Rs 400 to Rs 550 per kilogram in Pakistan. Eco-friendly battery disposal initiatives must be established to prevent hazardous waste accumulation.

Battery Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 250 to 255
Battery Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 250 to 255
Battery Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 250 to 255
Battery Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 250 to 255
Battery Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 250 to 255

Aluminum Scrap Price in Pakistan

Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum is a lightweight yet versatile metal, which makes it an invaluable scrap material in Pakistan. In terms of scrap rates for aluminum scrap, prices range between Rs. 950-1,300 per kilogram; keeping abreast of market trends is therefore essential.

Aluminium Old Scrap TypesWeightPrices
Prime Aluminium Scrap1 KGRs. 1100 to 1500
Chawla Aluminium Scrap1 KGRs. 1050 to 1100
Master Aluminium Scrap1 KGRs. 950 to 1200
GR Aluminium Scrap1 KGRs. 950 to 1300
Standard Aluminium Scrap1 KGRs. 1050 to 1100

Nylon Chapel Scrape Rate in Pakistan 2024

Nylon Chapel Scrap

Nylon, a versatile synthetic polymer material with various applications, also finds itself at home in Pakistan’s scrap market. These scrape rates typically fall within a range of Rs 106 to Rs. 115 per kilogram for disposal costs and proper management can prevent excess build-up of materials in landfills.

Nylon Chapal Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 106 to 107
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 106 to 107
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 106 to 107
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 108 to 110
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 110 to 115

Nylon Pip Scrape Rate Today in Pakistan

Nylon Pip Scrape

Nylon pipes have multiple uses across industries, from construction and manufacturing to waste management and environmental impact assessment. Pakistan’s scrap rate for nylon pip materials ranges between Rs. 155-170 per kilogram in Pakistan; proper waste management practices can reduce environmental impacts associated with nylon waste.

Nylon Pip Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 155 to 170
Nylon Pip Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 155 to 170
Nylon Pip Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 155 to 170
Nylon Pip Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 155 to 170
Nylon Pip Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 155 to 170

Tin Dabba Scrap Rate in Pakistan for 2024

Tin Dabba Scrap

Tin containers are an integral component of the packaging industry, which generates scrap material at an average scrap rate of Rs. 110-120.00 per kilogram in Pakistan. Recycling efforts for tin Dabba can contribute towards sustainable resource use and should be encouraged as part of any recycling strategy.

Tin Dabba Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 105 to 110

Conclusion of Loha Scrap Rate

Pakistan’s scrap market is an ever-evolving space driven by factors like demand, supply, and global market trends. From metals to plastics, responsible waste management practices are crucial for both environmental preservation and financial gains; keeping up-to-date on rates and recycling methods for each material type is important for industries, businesses, and individuals alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the current range of Loha scrap rates in Pakistan in 2024?

As of 2024, the Loha scrap rates in Pakistan are ranging between Rs. 56 to Rs. 2,390 per kilogram, depending on the type of product.

How does the value of copper scrap vary in the Pakistani market?

The scrap rate for copper, also known as Tamba, varies between Rs. 145 to Rs. 165 per kilogram in the Pakistani market.

What is the prevailing scrap rate for computer laptops in Pakistan?

The scrap rate for computer laptops in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 100 to Rs. 15,000, reflecting the diversity of laptop models and components.

How can responsible disposal of electronic waste contribute to environmental preservation?

Responsible disposal of electronic waste, including proper recycling and reuse of components, helps prevent hazardous materials from entering the environment and reduces the strain on natural resources.

What are effective strategies for managing rubber tire and tube waste in Pakistan?

Effective strategies for managing rubber tire and tube waste include promoting tire recycling programs, encouraging manufacturers to use recycled rubber, and ensuring proper disposal methods for old tires.

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