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Electrical wiring requires selecting cables of suitable gauge. Selection can have a major effect on the safety and performance of electrical systems. GM Cables have earned themselves an unwavering trust in Pakistan. Reliable and high-quality wiring solutions. Selecting GM Cables can often be one of the best choices available to you. In this article, we will investigate the GM Cables price in Pakistan for 2024. Additionally, we will discuss the factors influencing prices as well as identify top suppliers of the brand. Furthermore, we will highlight the many advantages of choosing GM Cables for all of your wiring needs.

GM Cables Price in Pakistan

GM Cables Price in Pakistan 2024

Quality comes at a cost when it comes to GM Cables in Pakistan, where their costs vary based on the size and length of cables purchased. As of 2024, prices ranged between Rs. 3,100 to Rs. 25,745. These prices reflect all types and specifications offered by GM to meet different electrical needs.

Cable TypeUnit LengthPrice
1×1 mm90 metersRs. 3100
1×2.5 mm (stranded cable type)90 metersRs. 6341
1×2.5 mm90 metersRs. 6213
1×10 MM90 metersRs. 25745
1×4 mm90 metersRs. 10593
1×1.5 mm (stranded cable type)90 metersRs. 4109
7/0.2990 metersRs. 7830
1×1.5 mm90 metersRs. 4028
RG790 metersRs. 5980
3/0.2990 metersRs. 4400
1×6 mm90 metersRs. 15533

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Factors That Affect the Prices of GM Cables

GM cables price in Pakistan depend on several factors.

Type and Specifications for Cables:

Cable types and specifications, including gauge, insulation material, and conductor type are major determinants of pricing. Cables designed specifically for specific applications (i.e. high voltage or underground installations) often command higher prices due to their unique features.

Cable Length:

The length of cable required for any project also impacts its total cost; longer cables tend to cost more as they require more raw materials and production processes for manufacture.

Market Conditions/ Demand and Supply:

General Cable Corporation A number of market dynamics, including demand and supply conditions, can have an effect on GM Cable prices. Fluctuations in raw material availability can result in price variations.

Top Suppliers of GM Cables in Pakistan

GM cables can be found across Pakistan through numerous suppliers, such as authorized dealers, electrical stores, and online marketplaces. These providers offer an assortment of GM Cable products suitable for both residential and commercial needs.

  • Fiza electric Store
  • Pakistan Electric and Colling store
  • Raza Brothers Electric Store
  • Usman Irfan Electric Store
  • Ayub Bhutta Electric Store
  • Ammad Electric
  • Zeeshan Electric
  • Zaib Bilal Electric Store
  • Jamala Sons Electric
  • 5 Start Electric Store
  • Light House Mandian
  • Hafiz electric Store
  • Awan Electric Store
  • Javed Electric
  • Rizwan Electric
  • Modern Electric
  • Naeem Brothers Electric Store
  • Gulshan Electric
  • Al Muneed Electric
  • Daniyal traders

Benefits of Using GM Cables

Selecting GM cables offers many advantages that make them the ideal solution for many consumers:

  • Quality Assurance: GM Cables are known for their high-quality construction, ensuring reliable and safe electrical connections.
  • Durability: These cables are designed to withstand wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan for your electrical installations.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durability of GM Cables translates to fewer maintenance requirements over time, leading to cost savings.
  • Consistent Performance: GM Cables provide stable power transmission and minimize voltage fluctuations, ensuring consistent electrical performance.
  • Peace of Mind: Opting for GM Cables offers peace of mind, knowing that your electrical systems are backed by a reputable brand prioritizing safety and performance.

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Overall Conclusion

In terms of electrical wiring, GM Cables stand out as reliable and high-quality options. Their price may differ based on cable type, length, and specifications; however, their benefits more than outweigh the associated costs. Before embarking on any electrical projects, consider investing in GM Cables for a hassle-free wiring experience that ensures longevity and consistent performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GM Cables expensive compared to other brands?

GM Cables are priced higher than some other brands, but they offer quality and reliability that justify the investment.

What factors should I consider when selecting the right GM Cable for my project?

Consider the type of application, voltage requirements, and environmental conditions to choose the most suitable GM Cable.

Where can I purchase GM Cables in Pakistan?

GM Cables are available through authorized dealers, electrical stores, and online platforms.

Can GM Cables withstand extreme weather conditions?

Yes, GM Cables are designed to perform consistently even in challenging weather conditions.

Do GM Cables come with any warranty?

Many GM Cable products come with warranties that reflect the brand’s confidence in their durability and performance.

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