1Kg Cheese Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | آج پنیر کی قیمت

Cheese, an indulgent dairy delicacy loved by many, plays an integral part in Pakistan’s culinary landscape. From pasta dishes and sandwiches with cheese slices to traditional Pakistani recipes containing cheese as an ingredient. In 2024, 1kg cheese prices vary significantly due to various factors. Thus, it’s crucial to understand what affects prices and what possibilities exist for buying 1kg of cheese in Pakistan. In this article, we explore the dynamics of 1Kg Cheese price in Pakistan in 2024. It’s common varieties found throughout Pakistani restaurants.

1Kg Cheese Price in Pakistan

1Kg Cheese Price in Pakistan | پنیر کی آج کی قیمت

Cheese in Pakistan varies depending on multiple factors, including its type and location of purchase. Here we explore an estimated 1kg cheese price in Pakistan for 2024, but it should be remembered that these figures can change.

Cheese TypePrice per 1 KG
Adam Cheddar Cheese (1 kg)Rs. 735
Mozzarella Cheese Block (1 kg)Rs. 1,280
Cheddar Cheese 1 kg BlockRs. 800
Khadam’s Cheddar Cheese Slice (1 kg)Rs. 1,340

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Companies Rate List of Cheese in Pakistan

The following is an exhaustive list of cheese varieties, along with the prices at which they can be purchased in Pakistan:

Brand of CheesePrices in Pakistan
Emborg American Cheddar Cheese 200gRs. 530
Monte Christo Cheddar CheeseRs. 1,350
Adam cheddar cheese (1kg)Rs. 735
Cheddar cheese 1kg blockRs. 800
Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar CheeseRs. 18
Deens Cheddar Cheese 2kgRs. 1,215
Deens Cheddar Cheese 227gRs. 280
Kraft Cheddar Cheese Spread OriginalRs. 990
Crystal Farms Sharp Cheddar CheeseRs. 1,290
Khadam’s cheddar cheese slice (1kg)Rs. 1,340
Mozzarella cheese block 1 kgRs. 1,280

Types of Cheese Available in Pakistan

Pakistan provides an abundance of cheese varieties to meet diverse consumer tastes and preferences, with two popular choices being:

Pindi Cheese:

One of Pakistan’s most beloved cheese varieties, Pindi cheese is widely revered for both its affordability and versatility. Used both traditional and street food alike, its reasonable cost has become an ideal option for households and eateries.

Mozzarella Cheese:

Mozzarella is beloved in pizza parlors worldwide for its melting texture and ability to achieve the ideal cheese pull. It makes one of the go-to ingredients when creating pizza and pasta dishes. Its smooth consistency and ability to achieve this perfect cheese pull make mozzarella cheese one of the top choices when crafting them both!

Factors That Affect Cheese Price

Cheese price in Pakistan does not solely depend on where and when it is purchased. Several factors impact its pricing, including:

  • Milk Prices: As cheese is made of dairy, changes in milk prices can have a direct impact on its production costs and retail prices, with significant consequences.
  • Production Costs: Cheese production involves various expenses such as labor, equipment, and storage fees that could significantly alter its final price tag.
  • Supply and Demand: Cheese pricing relies heavily on basic economic principles of supply and demand. When demand exceeds supply, prices typically increase accordingly; vice versa.
  • Imported Vs Local Cheeses: Imported cheeses often carry higher price tags due to import duties and shipping expenses; local varieties can often offer better budget-friendly solutions.
  • Seasonal Variations: Cheese prices can also fluctuate seasonally depending on several factors such as availability of milk from dairy animals and demand during specific festivals or seasons.

Understanding these factors allows consumers to make more informed choices when purchasing cheese or budgeting for culinary ventures.

Benefits of Using Cheese

Cheese offers more than just a delicious taste. It also brings with it numerous advantages that may help make life simpler, such as:

  • Cheese Adds Depth & Rich Flavor to Meals: Cheese brings depth and rich flavor to dishes, improving their overall flavor and elevating their overall experience.
  • Protein Source: Cheese is an excellent source of protein, making it an excellent way to boost protein consumption.
  • Cheese Is Packed With Calcium and Nutrients: Cheese contains vital nutrients for healthy bones and teeth, such as calcium. These essential elements help ensure strong, resilient structures.
  • Versatility: Cheese’s versatility extends far beyond sandwiches to kinds of pasta, pizzas, and traditional Pakistani recipes; it can be added to a wide array of meals from sandwiches to kinds of pasta, pizzas, and traditional recipes.
  • Texture and Creaminess: Cheese adds both texture and creaminess to meals such as lasagna or creamy soups, creating an exceptional dining experience.
  • Satiety: Cheese can help you feel full and satisfied after each meal. It makes an excellent addition to meals for those limiting their portion sizes.

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Conclusion Of 1Kg Cheese Price in Pakistan

Cheese is a beloved staple in Pakistani cuisine, appreciated for its ability to add depth of flavor and variety. In 2024, the price for one kg of cheese in Pakistan could differ depending on factors like its type, purchase location, and market dynamics. Understanding these influences allows consumers to make informed choices when shopping for this delectable dairy product. From Pindi cheese’s affordability and versatility to Mozzarella’s creamy goodness – adding cheese to meals will enrich culinary experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is cheese more expensive in major cities like Karachi and Islamabad?

Yes, cheese prices tend to be higher in major cities compared to smaller towns and villages due to the higher cost of living and increased demand.

Do cheese prices fluctuate during holidays and special events?

Yes, cheese prices often rise during holidays and special events when there is a higher demand for cheese-based dishes.

What are some common types of cheese in Pakistan?

Two common types of cheese found in Pakistan are Pindi cheese and Mozzarella cheese.

Are there any health benefits to consuming cheese?

Yes, cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, and essential nutrients, making it a nutritious addition to your meals.

How can I make informed decisions when purchasing cheese?

To make informed decisions, consider the type of cheese, the location of purchase, and factors such as supply and demand, seasonal variations, and import costs that may affect cheese pricing.

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