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Feast on an irresistibly tasty ice cream treat on a sunny afternoon. It is an enjoyable tradition, and few brands bring back memories like Cornetto ice cream in Pakistan. In this article, we inspect its rich history, the flavors available, and the cornetto ice cream price in Pakistan in 2024.

Cornetto Ice Cream Overview

Over six decades, Cornetto ice cream has become an adored treat among people in Pakistan. Since it first hit Italy’s shelves back in 1959. Quickly spreading from Italy into many nations around the globe and particularly Pakistan; Cornetto quickly found itself beloved among both young and old alike, often earning itself the name “King of Cones.” Cornetto continues to delight millions worldwide! It quickly won fans across generations – young as well as older alike!

Cornetto Ice Cream Price in Pakistan

Cornetto’s journey in Pakistan has been nothing short of extraordinary since its arrival. Since its debut, it has become an icon of deliciousness and convenience. It provides memories from every gathering, celebration, or simple moment of joy. Cornetto is an essential component of Pakistan’s ice cream landscape.

Cornetto Ice Cream Price in Pakistan

Now let’s address what matters most – price. In 2024, Cornetto ice cream remains budget-friendly and accessible for all in Pakistan, typically costing between Rs. 80 to Rs. 130 depending on which flavor is selected – an affordable treat that makes an ideal treat for families, friends and individuals looking to satisfy their sweet cravings without breaking the bank.

Cornetto Ice Cream FlavorsQuantityPrice
Wall’s Cornetto Flirty Berry100mlRs. 120
Wall’s Cornetto Pop Cone100mlRs. 70
Wall’s Cornetto Vanilla Caramel Discs100mlRs. 130
Cornetto Brownie Disc Cone Ice Cream100mlRs. 150
Wall’s Corneto Classico100mlRs. 120
Wall’s Cornetto Double Chocolate100mlRs. 120
Wall’s Cornetto Choco Coffee Disc100mlRs. 160

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Flavorful Adventure of Cornetto Ice Cream

Cornetto remains popular due to its wide array of flavors. Now available in 2024, they boast something for every palette; from classic vanilla to exotic mango and pineapple: Cornetto has something deliciously tempting just waiting to please every palate.

Cornetto stands out from the competition with its innovative and creative combinations of flavors – think savoring Straciatella and chili, Tiramisu and Chocolate Chips, or Fudge Brownie and caramel Swirls as just three examples! These creative flavor combinations take your ice cream enjoyment experience to new levels!

Where Can You Purchase Cornetto Ice Cream?

Cornetto Ice Cream can be purchased at retailers throughout Pakistan. As well as being easily accessible in stores, this popular brand also provides online ordering and delivery services – meaning you can indulge in your favorite Cornetto flavors from the comfort of your home – perfect for celebrating any special event or simply as a sweet escape!

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Overall Conclusion

Cornetto Ice Cream has endured for generations and remains an ice cream enthusiast favorite in Pakistan. Its longstanding heritage, variety of flavors, and competitive prices make it the ideal frozen treat. As the summer heat intensifies, be sure to treat yourself to Cornetto and experience all its delights every scoop brings!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was Cornetto ice cream first introduced in Pakistan?

Cornetto ice cream made its debut in Pakistan several decades ago and has since become a beloved dessert for many.

What makes Cornetto ice cream unique?

Cornetto stands out due to its wide variety of flavors, including both classic and innovative combinations, catering to diverse taste preferences.

How much does a Cornetto ice cream cone cost in Pakistan?

The price of a Cornetto ice cream cone typically ranges from Rs. 80 to Rs. 130, depending on the flavor you choose.

Where can I purchase Cornetto ice cream in Pakistan?

Cornetto ice cream is available at retail stores across the country. Additionally, you can order it online for home delivery.

What is the most popular Cornetto flavor in Pakistan?

While classic vanilla remains a top choice, Cornetto’s unique flavor combinations like Tiramisu & Chocolate Chips and Fudge Brownie & Caramel Swirls have also gained popularity among ice cream enthusiasts.

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