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Water tanks are an integral component of every household in Pakistan. They serve the important function of storing and providing water for various needs. As we enter 2024, it becomes essential for homeowners to have an in-depth knowledge of water tank prices across Pakistan. In this article, we will look at various types of tanks available, water tank price in Pakistan, and reputable suppliers.

Water Tank Price in Pakistan

Water Tank Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Water tanks vary significantly in Pakistan depending on size, material, and brand. On average the price range for 2024 water tanks typically falls from Rs 3,500-46,000 making them accessible to consumers across all income brackets. Let’s examine some types of tanks along with their associated price points.

Water QuantityNet Weight in KGPrice (PKR)
100 Liter4Rs. 3,500
800 Liter20.5Rs. 16,000
600 Liter12.5Rs. 9,900
400 Liter8.5Rs. 6,600
900 Liter24.5Rs. 19,000
500 Liter10.5Rs. 8,200
300 Liter6.5Rs. 4,900
700 Liter16.5Rs. 13,000
200 Liter5.5Rs. 4,000
1000 Liter26.5Rs. 21,000
1200 Liter28.5Rs. 31,800
2000 Liter55.5Rs. 46,000

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Prices of Different Types of Water Tank in Pakistan

Underground Water Tanks:

Underground Water tanks provide a space-saving solution, as they’re installed underground. Prices typically start around Rs. 7000 and may rise up to Rs. 46,000 depending on capacity and material used.

Concrete Water Tanks:

Concrete water tanks are well known for their durability and sturdiness, making them popular choices for commercial and industrial purposes. Prices typically range between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 18,000.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks:

Stainless steel water tanks are prized for their corrosion resistance and longevity. While their price tags range from Rs. 12,000 up to Rs. 21,000, their high quality justifies this investment.

Plastic Water Tanks:

Plastic water tanks have become an indispensable household fixture due to their lightweight nature and budget-friendly pricing (ranging between Rs 3,500 – Rs 8,000).

Fiberglass Tanks:

Fiberglass tanks have become increasingly popular due to their resistance to rust and corrosion. Priced between Rs. 10,000-16,000, fiberglass tanks make an affordable solution that provides both quality and affordability.

Factors Affecting Water Tank Prices

Various factors influence the pricing of water tanks in Pakistan. Understanding these factors will enable consumers to make an informed decision when purchasing one:

  • Material: The construction material chosen to construct a water tank will significantly affect its cost. Premium options like stainless steel or fiberglass tanks tend to be more costly than plastic or concrete tanks.
  • Capacity: The size or capacity of a water tank greatly determines its price. Larger ones designed to store more water usually command a higher premium compared to their smaller counterparts.
  • Brand: Established and respected brands typically provide higher-grade water tanks at competitive pricing.
  • Additional Features: Some water tanks include additional features, such as UV protection, anti-algae coatings, or easy installation mechanisms that add extra value and drive price variations.

Suppliers of Water Tanks in Pakistan

Multiple suppliers serve the demand for water tanks in Pakistan. Reputable companies offering an assortment of choices include:

  • Star Water Tanks
  • Polycon Pakistan Sun International
  • Pure Max Water Tank
  • Al Rehman Dura Water Tanks
  • Shandar Water Tanks
  • Ittefaq Plastic Water Tank
  • Dura Water Tanks
  • Al Makkan plastic Water Tank
  • Al Jannat Water Tanks Industry
  • Usama and Ubaid Water Tanks
  • Sajid Water Tank
  • Al Haram Water Tank
  • Climax Water Tanks
  • Water Tanks Shop
  • API Water Tank Unit
  • Bawar Khan Water Supply Tank
  • Wahdat Wanter Tanks Suppliers
  • Baitun Water Supply System
  • Insu Tank
  • Al-Khair Water Tanks
  • Star Stainless Steel Water Tanks
  • Umar Tuff Water Tanks

Comparing prices and offerings between various suppliers will enable you to identify the one best suited to meet your requirements.

Benefits of Water Tanks

Investing in a high-quality water tank offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Water Storage: Water tanks allow homeowners to ensure a continuous and sufficient supply of water during water shortages or disruptions, particularly during periods when supplies may become limited or interrupted. Rainwater Harvesting: Some residential water tanks enable homeowners to collect rainwater, encouraging eco-friendly practices while simultaneously cutting monthly bills and saving the planet.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Water tanks can be vital during natural disasters and other emergency situations when access to clean drinking water may be limited. Here are some key points you should keep in mind before purchasing one: occupant vs owner consideration, storage capacity considerations, storage capabilities as well as considerations before buying.
  • Determine Your Needs: Assessing your water usage requirements will enable you to select an ideal tank size and type for your household needs.
  • Quality Over Price: To maximize the long-term value of an investment in water storage tanks, place quality and durability above price considerations.
  • Research Brands: When researching brands for water tanks, ensure they have good reviews and a solid history.
  • Warranty Periods Offered by Suppliers: When purchasing from different providers, check their warranties against potential defects to protect yourself against any future hassles.
  • Installation: When considering installation costs and ease, take note of any additional fees or additional expenses associated with it.
  • Maintenance: For optimal and prolonged performance of the selected water tank, inquire into its maintenance needs to ensure its effective and prolonged use.

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Conclusion: Water Tank Price in Pakistan

As 2024 advances, the importance of having access to reliable water becomes ever clearer. Being knowledgeable of all available tank options and their prices is crucial in making informed decisions regarding water storage solutions; whether an underground tank, a sturdy concrete tank, or a cost-effective plastic one.

By considering factors affecting prices, researching suppliers, weighing benefits, and considering factors influencing price point they can ensure their households remain supplied with plenty of fresh drinking water for years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are stainless steel water tanks worth the higher price?

Yes, stainless steel water tanks are worth the higher price due to their exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity.

Which type of water tank is best suited for residential use?

Plastic water tanks are commonly used for residential purposes due to their lightweight nature, affordability, and easy installation.

Can I use rainwater harvested in a water tank for drinking purposes?

It is advisable to filter and treat rainwater before using it for drinking purposes to ensure it meets health and safety standards.

What maintenance is required for a water tank?

Regular cleaning and periodic inspection for cracks or leaks are essential for maintaining a water tank’s functionality.

Do all water tanks come with a warranty?

Not all water tanks come with a warranty, so it is essential to inquire about the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.

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