White Gold Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Per Tola Rate

White gold, popularly known as “damaan gul,” or the “white of Pakistan,” holds great value and importance within Pakistan. Its immense popularity can be attributed to its beautiful luster and versatility when creating exquisite jewelry pieces. We will explore all things related to white gold in Pakistan; including definition, current white gold price in Pakistan, factors impacting value, and types available on the market. Take an in-depth journey through this fascinating realm of white gold to understand why its beauty has captured so many hearts across Pakistan.

What Is White Gold?

White gold is a precious metal that shares similarities with yellow gold but features its own special white hue. This variant can be made by mixing pure gold with other white metals such as palladium, silver, or nickel and then coating the resultant alloy with rhodium for enhanced white appearance and added durability.

White Gold Price in Pakistan

Current White Gold Price in Pakistan

As with any precious metal, the price of white gold fluctuates with market fluctuations. In Pakistan, per Tola of white gold (approximately 11.7 grams) costs anywhere between Rs. 1,03,200 to Rs. 1,89,900 depending on several factors that impact its global gold market and local economy.

Gold PurityGold WeightGold Price
24K10 GramsRs. 162500
24K1 TolaRs. 189900
22K10 GramsRs. 137600
22K1 TolaRs. 160600
18K10 GramsRs. 103200
18K1 TolaRs. 120900

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Types of White Gold in Pakistan

White gold comes in various karats, each one boasting its own individual qualities. Here we explore some of the most prevalent types found in Pakistan:

  • 18-Karat White Gold: 18-karat white gold contains 75% pure gold and 25% other white metals, offering the perfect balance of durability and gold content, making it a popular choice for jewelry design.
  • 22-Karat White Gold: 22-karat white gold boasts an increased gold content of 91.67% and is often utilized in intricate jewelry designs.
  • 24-Karat White Gold: 24-karat white gold contains 99.99% pure gold, making it rarely suitable for jewelry due to its soft texture. Instead, its primary use lies with investment-grade bars and coins.

Factors Influencing the Price of White Gold

Multiple factors impact the price of white gold in Pakistan. Let’s investigate these aspects further:

Global Gold Market Trends Determine Outcome:

As gold is traded globally, fluctuations in the international market directly impact its price in Pakistan. Demand changes, geopolitical events, and economic conditions worldwide can cause prices to fluctuate accordingly.

Economic Factors:

A variety of local economic conditions, such as inflation rates, currency strength, and overall economic stability can impact the price of white gold in Pakistan.

Demand and Supply Dynamics:

White gold demand from jewelry and other industries can impact its price. Furthermore, availability can influence market prices significantly.

How Can White Gold Differ From Yellow Gold?

White gold stands out from traditional yellow gold by its striking appearance. Yellow gold retains its warm hue while white gold boasts its distinct, brilliant white hue thanks to alloy composition and rhodium plating processes. Both types of gold have their appeal that is often chosen based on personal preferences and jewelry design considerations.

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White gold has found a special place in Pakistanis’ hearts, offering them an elegant alternative to yellow gold. Its beautiful luster and versatile application in jewelry designs have made it a sought-after precious metal, but prices can fluctuate depending on global and local factors that impact them both; so staying informed when making purchasing decisions is essential in making sound purchases of white gold jewelry in Pakistan’s jewelry market. White gold continues to shine brightly for Pakistani jewelry markets!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is white gold a suitable alternative for people with allergies to certain metals?

Yes, white gold, especially when rhodium-plated, can be a good option for individuals with metal allergies as it minimizes direct skin contact with allergenic metals.

Can white gold be resized like yellow gold?

Yes, white gold can be resized by professional jewelers, just like yellow gold. However, the rhodium plating might need to be reapplied after resizing.

Does white gold tarnish or lose its shine over time?

Over time, the rhodium plating on white gold jewelry may wear off, causing the metal to show a slightly yellowish hue. However, it can be easily re-plated to restore its brilliant white appearance.

Is white gold more expensive than yellow gold?

The cost of white gold can vary depending on its karatage and the current market conditions. Generally, white gold jewelry may be slightly more expensive due to the additional alloy metals and rhodium plating.

Can white gold be used to create engagement rings and wedding bands?

Yes, white gold is a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands due to its elegant appearance and versatility in pairing with various gemstones.

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