Chokhat Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Iron Door Frame Rates

Chokhat (iron door frames) plays an integral part in building construction and aesthetics, providing essential aesthetic and structural components.  We must examine chokhat price in Pakistan and the factors affecting them. This article seeks to give insights advantages of using iron chokhat as well as current market trends.

Chokhat Price In Pakistan

Chokhat Price in Pakistan 2024

Iron Chokhat prices can differ considerably in Pakistan depending on various factors. As of 2024, their estimated range was between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 9,750 depending on the size and thickness of the iron door frames.

Chokhat Prices of 4 Inches Thickness

GaugeChokhat SizeThicknessPrice in PKR
203×74 inchesRs. 3400
143×74 inchesRs. 6800
163×74 inchesRs. 5950
223×74 inchesRs. 2040
183×74 inchesRs. 4080
183.5×84 inchesRs. 4680
203.5×84 inchesRs. 3900
223.5×84 inchesRs. 2590
143.5×84 inchesRs. 7800
163.5×84 inchesRs. 6825
142.5×74 inchesRs. 6600
182.5×74 inchesRs. 3960
162.5×74 inchesRs. 5610
222.5×74 inchesRs. 2000
202.5×74 inchesRs. 3100

Chokhat Price of 9 Inches Thickness

GaugeChokhat SizeThickness / MassPrice
143×79 inchesRs. 8600
203×79 inchesRs. 4760
183×79 inchesRs. 5780
163×79 inchesRs. 7750
143.5×89 inchesRs. 9750
223.5×89 inchesRs. 4000
183.5×89 inchesRs. 6630
203.5×89 inchesRs. 5460
163.5×89 inchesRs. 8775
162.5×79 inchesRs. 6600
222.5×79 inchesRs. 3300
142.5×79 inchesRs. 7425
202.5×79 inchesRs. 4620
182.5×79 inchesRs. 5600

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Factors Affecting Chokhat Prices

  • Size and Thickness: Larger and thicker chokhat frames usually cost more due to higher material and manufacturing expenses.
  • Design and Style: Custom-designed or intricate chokhat designs may command a premium over standard ones.
  • Reputable Brands and Manufacturers: Chokhat from well-established manufacturers may command a higher premium due to their established brand value and quality assurance policies.
  • Market Demand and Supply: Market dynamics such as supply and demand can have an effect on chokhat prices, leading to fluctuations during peak construction seasons.
  • Finish and Coatings: Chokhat with additional finishings or protective coatings may cost more, providing greater corrosion and weatherproofing resistance.

Advantages of an Iron Chokhat

  • Durability and strength: Iron Chokhat provides excellent durability and strength, easily withstanding heavy loads and impact, for an extended lifespan.
  • Security and Safety: Due to its robust nature, iron chokhat also improves security for homes. Also the commercial properties by acting as a deterrent against forced entry attempts.
  • Fire Resistance: Iron chokhat is naturally fireproof, offering added safety in case of fire incidents.
  • Minimum Maintainance: Additionally, iron requires minimal maintenance when compared to wooden materials like cedar; providing long-term protection against rust.
  • Iron Chokhat’s Aesthetic Appeal: With various designs and finishes to choose from, iron chokhat enhances the visual appeal of properties by complementing their overall aesthetics and adding to their visual charm.

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Conclusion of Chokhat Price in Pakistan

As evidenced by the Pakistan Chokhat Prices of 2024, customers are presented with many options depending on their budget and project needs. From cost-effective models to premium and customized designs, the market provides customers with quality options suitable for every need or project requirement.

Iron chokhat offers many advantages that make it suitable for construction projects, including its durability, security, and reduced maintenance needs. when making decisions regarding iron chokhat prices, it’s crucial that all aspects affecting them be considered so as to make informed choices and select an option that meets all requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I find customized chokhat designs?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customized chokhat designs to suit your specific architectural preferences and requirements.

Is iron chokhat suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

Absolutely! Iron chokhat is a versatile option that works well for both residential and commercial buildings, offering enhanced security and durability.

How often do I need to repaint iron chokhat?

The frequency of repainting iron chokhat depends on environmental conditions and exposure. However, a fresh coat of paint every few years is generally sufficient to maintain its appearance and protect against rust.

Can iron chokhat be used for interior doors as well?

Yes, iron chokhat is suitable for both exterior and interior doors, providing consistent durability and security.

Are there any eco-friendly options for chokhat frames?

While iron chokhat is not biodegradable, it can be recycled, making it a relatively eco-friendly option compared to some other materials.

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