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Pakistan’s construction industry is flourishing rapidly, and sand plays a critical role in various building projects. It becomes essential to explore the current sand price in Pakistan and understand their causes. This article seeks to provide valuable insights into sand price trends. Also, the types of sand used and factors affecting them; in addition to discussing its significance in construction projects and its influence on the overall economy.

Sand Price In Pakistan

Price of Sand in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan’s price of sand varies considerably depending on a variety of factors. As of 2024, its range can be anywhere between Rs 28 to 110 per cubic foot based on various criteria like geographic location, demand-supply dynamics, and quality.

Sand Price Per Cubic Feet

Sand BrandsPrice per cubic foot (PKR)
Sand ChenabRs. 60
Sand GhaziRs. 110
Sand RaviRs. 42
Sand GhassuRs. 28
Sand LawrencepurRs. 105

Sand Trolley Price in Pakistan

Rait BrandsUnitPrice in PKR
Ravi Sand Trolley900 CFTRs. 30,000
Chanab Sand B Trolley1250 CFTRs. 71,500
Lawrencepur/Hallow Trolley1250 CFTRs. 142,500
Sheikhapura Trolley900 CFTRs. 39,600
Head Qadirabad Trolley900 CFTRs. 77,500
Chanab Sand C Trolley1250 CFTRs. 65,200
Ravi Gassu Trolley900 CFTRs. 26,000
Chanab Sand A+ Trolley1250 CFTRs. 77,500

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Types of Sands Used in Pakistan

Pakistan utilizes various kinds of sand for construction purposes, with the most frequently employed being:

River Sand:

Today, construction sand comes from riverbeds and is known as river sand. This material is notable for its fine texture and smooth surface, making it ideal for concrete mixing, plastering, and bricklaying projects. For example, Ravi sand is a type of river sand.

Crushed Stone Sand:

Artificial or manufactured sand is produced by crushing large stones into smaller particles for use as an alternative to natural river sand, often used in concrete production and road construction.

Sea Sand:

Sea sand can be found along coastal areas and is rich in minerals. Although abundantly available, due to its high salt content it’s not often used in construction as this could lead to corrosion issues.

Desert Sand:

Desert Sand (, Desert Sandaint), found in dry regions, distinguish in fine particles. Unfortunately, desert sand does not possess the cohesive properties needed for concrete and mortar production, making it unsuitable for use as construction material.

Factors Affecting Sand Prices

Multiple factors impact the price of sand in Pakistan, making it important to comprehend these forces before making informed decisions and planning construction projects efficiently. Here is some essential insight:

  • Transportation Costs: Transportation of sand from its source to construction sites also influences its price, with longer distances and difficult terrain incurring higher transport expenses.
  • Environmental Regulations: Sand mining operations must adhere to environmental regulations, which may restrict supply and result in price fluctuations.
  • Quality of Sand: Sand quality can have an enormous effect on its price; high-grade sands that meet specific construction standards may command higher premiums.
  • Construction Boom: Periods of rapid urbanization and increased construction activities can produce an unprecedented demand for sand, which in turn can increase its price significantly.

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Overall Conclusion

Sand is an integral component of Pakistan’s construction industry. As the 2024 prices demonstrate, various types of sand using for various construction purposes. Price fluctuations depend on factors like demand and supply; transportation costs; environmental regulations, and quality. Being aware of such variables will help builders, contractors, and policymakers make strategic decisions and foster sustainable development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is sand priced in Pakistan?

The price of sand in Pakistan is determined based on factors such as demand and supply, transportation costs, environmental regulations, and the quality of the sand. As of 2023, the price ranges between Rs. 28 to Rs. 110 per cubic foot.

What are the common types of sand used in construction in Pakistan?

The common types of sand used in construction in Pakistan include river sand, crushed stone sand, and desert sand. However, sea sand not using widely due to its high salt content.

How does demand and supply impact sand prices?

During peak construction seasons or periods of rapid urbanization, the demand for sand increases, leading to higher prices. Conversely, a decrease in demand may result in lower prices.

What are the challenges in sand procurement in Pakistan?

Environmental regulations and restrictions on sand mining can pose challenges in sand procurement, limiting the supply and affecting prices.

How can builders and contractors ensure cost-effective sand procurement?

Builders and contractors can ensure cost-effective sand procurement by sourcing sand from reliable suppliers, considering transportation costs, and understanding the local sand market dynamics.

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