Fast Cable Price List Today 2024 | 3/29 7/29 Cable Rate

Fast Cable understands these needs and steps up by offering top-quality cables at competitive prices. It meets them through its 2024 price list in Pakistan that details various cables available, their advantages, and much more. In this article we investigate this aspect further by delving into the Fast Cable price list in Pakistan; including details such as types available, their advantages, and more.

Fast Cable Price List

Fast Cable Price in Pakistan 2024

Fast Cable’s commitment to offering quality cables at cost-effective prices is clear in their 2024 pricing structure. Prices of Fast Cable products in Pakistan may differ based on factors like length and type of wire; thus satisfying diverse requirements by offering suitable solutions for each one.

Cable SizeVoltageRegistered PriceUn-Registered Price
Fast Cable 3/29250/440 VRs. 6,549Rs. 6,771
Fact Cable 7/29250/440 VRs. 13,934Rs. 14,406

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Fast Cable Price List Today

Fast Cable’s 2024 price list provides consumers with options that are both cost-effective and high-quality. Let’s examine them more closely:

Cable SizeVoltageRegistered PriceUn-Registered Price
4.0 MM² (7/85) Standard450/7500 VRs. 19,214Rs. 19,703
1.0 MM²450/7500 VRs. 5,005Rs. 5,132
6.0 MM² (7/1.04) Standard450/7500 VRs. 28,482Rs. 29,206
1.5 MM² (7/53) Standard450/7500 VRs. 7,943Rs. 8,145
2.5 MM² (7/67) Standard450/7500 VRs. 12,949Rs. 13,278
1.5 MM² (1/1.38) Solid450/7500 VRs. 7,565Rs. 7,757
2.5 MM² (1/1.78) Solid450/7500 VRs. 12,260Rs. 12,572
10 MM² (7/1.35) Standard450/7500 VRs. 47,392Rs. 48,597
16 MM² (7/1.70) Standard450/7500 VRs. 73,381Rs. 75,246

Fast Wire Cable Variety

Fast Cable provides more options than just standard and heavy-duty cables; here are a few other Fast Cable varieties:

  • 1×1.5 MM2 Standard Cable (450V/750V): Looking for budget-friendly options? Fast Cable offers standard cables with identical quality at lower costs than its other products.
  • Fast Cable’s 1×2.5 MM2 (Standard) (450V/750V) cable: offers excellent value without breaking the bank. Ideal for users requiring quality cables without breaking their budgets.
  • 1×1 MM2 (300V/500V) Cable (Rs 3,924): For just Rs 3,924, this economical yet high-quality option is perfect for standard applications requiring reliable connections. At Rs 3,924 it offers great value.
  • Fast Cable’s 1×10 MM2 (450V/750V) cable: is designed for even the toughest situations, priced at Rs 36,648, and can handle even heavy-duty tasks without issue.

Advantages of Using Fast Cable

  • Reliability: Fast Cable has built its reputation on providing reliable cables. When choosing Fast Cable, you can be assured that all connections will be strong and secure.
  • Affordable: These cables’ prices are extremely competitive, making top-quality cables within reach for more consumers.
  • Variety: Fast Cable offers a diverse selection of cables to meet the varying needs of applications, ensuring you find exactly the right cable.
  • Quality: Even their basic cables maintain an exceptional standard, providing value for your money.
  • Performance: Fast Cable products excel at providing excellent performance, whether used for standard or heavy-duty cable applications.

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Final Words

Our world runs on connectivity, and having access to reliable yet cost-effective cables is of utmost importance. Fast Cable’s 2024 price list in Pakistan caters to various needs ranging from standard applications to heavy-duty tasks – making them the go-to provider for both individuals and businesses alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Fast Cables Reliable?

Yes, Fast Cables are known for their reliability and performance in various applications.

What is the price range for Fast Cables in Pakistan in 2024?

Fast Cable prices range between Rs. 3,924 and Rs. 36,648, depending on the type and length of the cable.

What are the advantages of using Fast Cables?

Fast Cables offer reliability, affordability, a wide variety of options, quality, and exceptional performance.

Are there any budget-friendly options available from Fast Cable?

Yes, Fast Cable offers standard cables that maintain quality while being budget-friendly.

Where can I purchase Fast Cables in Pakistan?

Fast Cables are available through various authorized dealers and distributors across Pakistan. You can also inquire about them at hardware stores and electrical supply shops.

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