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In a bustling market filled with frozen food options, Sabroso emerged on the scene in January 2018; aiming to carve out its own space. Their captivating TV and social media advertisements piqued my curiosity, prompting me to give their products a try. Like any conscious consumer, I embarked on a journey to learn more about the brand, its product range, and even the rationale behind its unique name. This article dives deep into the Sabroso products price list in Pakistan in 2024; and the broader landscape of what this brand has to offer.

Sabroso Overview

Sabroso, the brainchild of Pakistan’s food industry, burst onto the frozen chicken market scene in 2018. With their catchy advertisements, they quickly gained recognition as a go-to choice for those seeking convenient frozen chicken options. However, what’s truly intriguing is their choice of name. “Sabroso,” which is Spanish for “tasty and delicious,” might appear a tad unusual for a brand situated in Pakistan. But that uniqueness is what often sets them apart. Behind this curious name lies a company with a focus on poultry farming and production, striving to provide consumers with high-quality frozen chicken products.

Sabroso Products Price List

Sabroso Products Price List in Pakistan 2024

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks: the Sabroso products price list in Pakistan for 2024. Sabroso offers a diverse range of frozen chicken products, each catering to different tastes and preferences. Prices depend on the product chosen. The cost for Sabroso products typically ranges between Rs. 210 to Rs. 1,925. This wide price range ensures that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick and affordable meal option or a special treat for a culinary occasion.

The product line includes everything from chicken nuggets and burger patties to chicken wings and drumsticks. Sabroso takes pride in its commitment to providing a variety of choices to meet the needs of its diverse customer base. So, whether you’re planning a family dinner, a gathering of friends, or just a solo meal, Sabroso’s product range and pricing flexibility ensure that you have options at your disposal.

Sabroso Chicken Price List:

Chicken MenuWeightPrice
Chicken Drumsticks1 KgRs. 740
Chicken Boneless Handi1 KgRs. 1,240
Skinless Whole Chicken800gmRs. 760
Chicken Breast Qeema1 KgRs. 1,240
Chicken Premium Boti Cut1 KgRs. 885
Chicken Wings1 KgRs. 810
Chicken Boneless Breast1 KgRs. 1,240
Chicken Karahi Cut1 KgRs. 865
Breast Qeema500gmRs. 625

Sabroso Samosa Price List

Samosa MenuWeightRates
Chicken Samosa Standard Pack240 gmRs. 455
Chicken Samosa Economy Pack500 gmRs. 910

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Sabroso Kabab Price in Pakistan

Kabab MenuWeightPrice
Chapli Kabab Economy Pack740 gmRs. 970
Shami Kabab Single Pack600 gmRs. 950
Seekh Kabab Economy Pack540 gmRs. 990
Gola Kabab Single Pack515 gmRs. 1,060
Chapli Kabab Standard Pack296 gmRs. 455
Seekh Kabab Mega Pack1.08 KgRs. 1,925

Sabroso Crispy Poppers Price in Pakistan

Poppers MenuWeightPrice
Crispy Poppers Standard Pack250 gmRs. 440
Crispy Poppers Economy Pack630 gmRs. 915
Crispy Poppers Mega Pack1.26 KgRs. 1,775

Sabroso Paratha Price List

Paratha Menu5 Pcs Price20 Pcs Price30 Pcs Price
Plain ParathaRs. 210Rs. 815Rs. 1,165
Whole Meat ParathaRs. 225Rs. 860Rs. 1,225

Sabroso Donuts Price in Pakistan

Donuts MenuWeightPrice in Pakistan
Chicken Donuts Economy Pack310 gmRs. 520
Chicken Donuts Standard Pack780 gmRs. 1025
Chicken Kachori Single PackN/A (Single Pack)Rs. 655

Sabroso Nuggets Price

Nuggets MenuWeightPrice List
Nuggets Standard Pack270 gmRs. 440
Nuggets Economy Pack820 gmRs. 930
Tempura Nuggets Single Pack500 gmRs. 880
Nuggets Mega Pack1.64 KgRs. 1,890

Sabroso Ready to Cook Meny

Burger PattyEconomy PackRs. 1225
Aqua BuddiesEconomy PackRs. 1000

Benefits of Using Sabroso

What sets Sabroso apart from the competition? There are several compelling reasons to consider their products. Sabroso is committed to delivering convenient, delicious, and high-quality frozen chicken options. The benefits of choosing Sabroso include:

  • Variety: Sabroso offers a wide range of products, ensuring that there’s something for every palate and occasion.
  • Quality: The brand maintains a focus on quality and freshness, so you can enjoy your meals with confidence.
  • Convenience: With Sabroso’s frozen products, you can prepare a tasty meal in no time, making it a great option for busy individuals and families.
  • Affordability: Their pricing flexibility means that you can enjoy delicious chicken without breaking the bank.
  • Transparency: Sabroso provides consumers with information about their products and sources, fostering trust and transparency.

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Conclusion of Sabroso Products Price List

In a world filled with choices, Sabroso manages to stand out in the frozen chicken market. Their commitment to providing a variety of high-quality products at flexible prices caters to a broad audience. Despite the curiosity surrounding its Spanish name, Sabroso delivers on its promise of delicious and convenient chicken options. So, whether you’re planning a quick meal or a special culinary adventure, give Sabroso products a try and savor the taste of convenience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the meaning of the name “Sabroso”?

The name “Sabroso” is Spanish for “tasty and delicious.” It’s a unique choice for a brand in Pakistan but reflects the brand’s commitment to providing delicious products.

How much do Sabroso products cost in Pakistan in 2024?

Sabroso offers a range of frozen chicken products, with prices varying from Rs. 210 to Rs. 1,925, depending on the type of product.

What types of products does Sabroso offer?

Sabroso’s product range includes chicken nuggets, burger patties, chicken wings, drumsticks, and more, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Is Sabroso known for quality and transparency?

Yes, Sabroso places a strong emphasis on quality, freshness, and transparency, providing consumers with information about their products and sources.

What makes Sabroso a good choice for consumers?

Sabroso offers a diverse range of high-quality, convenient, and affordable frozen chicken options, making it a popular choice for quick and delicious meals.

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