Tang Price in Pakistan Today 2024 – Updated Rates

Tang stands out among Pakistan’s beverage options as an iconic and refreshing beverage, particularly among children and young people. With its sweet yet tangy taste, Tang has long been a beloved choice; we will explore the Tang price in Pakistan in 2024. Also their flavors, benefits, and availability in Pakistan as well as possible ways to prepare it.

Importance of Tang in Pakistan

Tang is beloved in Pakistan due to its delicious combination of sweet and sour flavors. It earns a special place in their hearts. Not just a beverage; Tang offers an experience, quenching thirst on hot summer days. Tang has become part of Pakistani culture as an afternoon treat or way to combat heatstroke. It has become an indispensable staple within Pakistani homes.

Tang Price in Pakistan

Tang Price in Pakistan 2024

Tang prices in Pakistan depend on the quantity of a pack. Here’s an estimate for 2024 prices:

Product NamePrice in Pakistan
Tang Orange Pouch 375gRs. 200
Tang Pineapple Pouch 375GMRs. 350
Tang Instant Powder Orange 2.5kgRs. 2,850
Tang Lemon & Paper Powder Drink Pouch 340gmRs. 350
Tang Large Tub Mango 2500gmRs. 1,500
Tang Pouch Mango 375gmRs. 200
Tang Mosambi Pouch 375gRs. 450
Tang Apple Powder Drink Pouch 375gRs. 450
Tang Orange Jug Pack, 125gRs. 80
Tang Mango Tub 750gRs. 500
Tang ORANGE TUB 750gRs. 600
Tang Lemon & Pepper 750GMRs. 600
Tang Orange Flavor Resealable Pouch 500gmRs. 450
Tang Orange tang 500GmRs. 1,125
Tang Pouch lemon 375gmRs. 200

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Tang 1 KG Price

Pakistani consumers can anticipate a reasonable cost range when purchasing Tang in 1-kilogram packs – usually between Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 1,700. It makes Tang 1KG ideal for households looking to enjoy its refreshing blend of sweet and sour flavors without breaking the bank. Tang’s convenient size provides households with everything they need to enjoy its refreshing tanginess without breaking their budgets.

Tang WeightMinimum PriceMaximum Price
1 KG TangRs. 1,500Rs. 1,700

Tang 2.5 Kg Price

For those who crave larger quantities of Tang, the 2.5-kilogram pack is an ideal solution. In Pakistan, prices for such packs range between Rs. 2,800 to Rs. 3,000, providing an economical yet cost-effective option. With high-fiber cereals, essential vitamins, and minerals all packed into this larger pack ensuring ample supplies of this tasty beverage. It is not to mention weight management benefits too! It can easily be prepared using cold or hot water making. Tang is an easy beverage choice suitable for numerous events and gatherings alike!

Tang WeightMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2.5 KG TangRs. 2,800Rs. 3,000

Flavors of Tang Available in Pakistan

Tang has a variety of tantalizing flavors to meet every palate, from zesty orange and tropical mango, zingy lemon, and the sweet allure of raspberry to zesty orange, tropical mango, the classic raspberry flavor – there is sure to be one to suit everyone. Each sip can become an adventure in flavor exploration, adding depth and variety to this beloved beverage. Whether your preference leans toward orange’s citrusy kick or mango’s fruity embrace – Tang offers flavor options sure to suit every mood and moment in life!

Benefits of Using Tang

Tang offers several notable benefits beyond its delightful taste, including:

  • Essential Nutrients: Produced using high-fiber cereals, vitamins, and minerals, Tang provides essential nutrition.
  • Weight Management: Acai can be an excellent addition to a weight-management plan due to its nutritionally balanced composition.
  • Simple Prep: Tang is simple to prepare; all it takes is mixing with either cold or hot water for your beverage of choice! Enjoy the sweet taste today.

Where Can I Purchase Tang in Pakistan?

Tang is widely available throughout Pakistan, from supermarkets and convenience stores to local grocery shops and even street stalls. Due to its accessibility and affordability, its popularity among people of all ages is undeniable.

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Conclusion of Tang Price in Pakistan

Tang has always been a beloved staple in Pakistani households. Its appealing combination of flavor, affordability, and adaptability has long made it a reliable refreshment solution; whether enjoying it during family picnics or after hard days of work; Tang remains a beloved companion that provides daily enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the available flavors of Tang in Pakistan?

Tang is available in various flavors, including orange, mango, lemon, and raspberry.

Is Tang a suitable choice for weight management?

Yes, Tang can be a part of a weight management plan due to its balanced composition and high-fiber content.

Where can I purchase Tang in Pakistan?

Tang is widely available in most stores across Pakistan, including supermarkets and local grocery shops.

What makes Tang a popular choice in Pakistan?

Tang’s popularity in Pakistan can be attributed to its refreshing taste, affordability, and easy preparation.

What sizes of Tang packs are available in Pakistan?

Tang is available in various pack sizes, with the most common being 1kg and 2.5kg packs.

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