Wood Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Raw Wood Rates

Wood, an ancient and adaptable material, plays an integral part in many industries and daily life. From construction projects and furniture making to crafts or even the simple pleasures of crafting with it. Its price can have a direct bearing on budgets and projects alike. Here, we review the wood price in Pakistan in 2024 and the benefits associated with using it.

Wood Price in Pakistan

Wood Price in Pakistan 2024

Wood prices in Pakistan in 2024 may differ considerably based on several factors, including type and quality. Average wood costs range between Rs. 2000-22,500 per cubic foot (cf). Such fluctuations demonstrate how consumers and businesses have access to various varieties.

Wood TypesUnit QuantityPrice in Pakistan
Shisham WoodCubic FootRs. 5000
Oud WoodCubic FootRs. 7500
Kikar WoodCubic FootRs. 2000
Kail WoodCubic FootRs. 4000
Burma Teak WoodCubic FootRs. 22500
Tali WoodCubic FootRs. 6000
Deodar WoodCubic FootRs. 8500
Yello Pine WoodCubic FootRs. 6000
Diyar WoodCubic FootRs. 8500
Oak WoodCubic FootRs. 9500
Teak WoodCubic FootRs. 21000
Partal WoodCubic FootRs. 3500
Sagwan WoodCubic FootRs. 22000
Mahogany WoodCubic FootRs. 8500
Ash WoodCubic FootRs. 10500
Walnut WoodCubic FootRs. 15000

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Factors That Affect Wood Prices

Understanding the factors influencing wood prices is vital for making informed decisions. Numerous key components contribute to the wood price in Pakistan:

  • Wood Type: Pricing can depend on several factors related to quality, rarity, and intended use for wood varieties such as teak and oak; harder varieties tend to fetch higher premium prices compared to softwoods like pine or cedar.
  • Quality and Grade: Wood quality can have a substantial effect on its price; generally speaking, those with fewer imperfections, knots, and smoother finishes tend to cost more.
  • Market Demand: Market demand plays an integral part in determining wood prices. When certain species of wood become highly in demand for construction or manufacturing projects, their costs can increase rapidly.
  • Seasonal Variations: Wood prices can fluctuate seasonally based on factors like weather and harvesting schedules, while certain species might become more readily accessible and affordable during certain times of the year.
  • Import Costs: For imported wood, factors like shipping fees, tariffs, and exchange rates may affect its prices in Pakistan’s market.

Pakistan’s Top Wood Suppliers

When purchasing wood in Pakistan, it is crucial to find reliable suppliers who offer high-quality products at cost-effective prices. Some of these top suppliers include:

  • Ahmed Ali Timber Wood
  • Al MAdin Wood Works
  • Saify Wood and Timber
  • Saudagar Woods
  • Siddique Wood Corporation
  • Khan Wood Suppliers
  • Musharaf and Brothers
  • Mustafa Timber Mart
  • Classic Wood Works
  • Wellcot Wood
  • Nazim Woodworks
  • Sana Woods
  • Pakistan Timber Store Wood
  • Global Wood Depot
  • Mughal Traders
  • Ejaz Khan Timber Merchants
  • Ghamkol Wood Works
  • Chaman Timber
  • Idrees Wood Works
  • ZNC Wood Works

Benefits of Using Woods

Wood can offer numerous advantages as a building or craft material:

  • Sustainability: When harvested responsibly, wood can be an eco-friendly choice.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wood’s natural beauty enhances the visual appeal of furniture, interiors, and structures made from wood.
  • Durability: High-grade wood can last generations with proper care.
  • Versatility: Wood can be easily formed into many different shapes and sizes, making it suitable for multiple uses.
  • Insulation: Wood provides natural insulation that helps create comfortable indoor temperatures.

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Conclusion About Wood Price in Pakistan

Wood prices continue to fluctuate across Pakistan depending on a variety of factors. When making informed decisions, it’s crucial to factor in wood type, quality, market demand, seasonality, and import costs when making informed choices. Furthermore, sourcing from reliable suppliers will guarantee quality materials. Wood is an enduring material choice with sustainable qualities like aesthetic appeal and long-term durability that make it suitable for various applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which factors influence wood prices in Pakistan?

Wood prices are influenced by factors such as wood type, quality, market demand, seasonal variations, and import costs.

Where can I find reputable wood suppliers in Pakistan?

Some top wood suppliers in Pakistan include the National Timber Store, Punjab Timber and Plywood, Karachi Timber Market, Siddiqui & Sons Timber Merchants, and Lahore Timber Merchants Association.

What is the average price of wood in Pakistan for 2024?

Wood prices in Pakistan for 2024 range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 22,500 per cubic foot, depending on the type and quality of the wood.

What are the benefits of using wood as a building material?

Using wood offers benefits such as sustainability, aesthetic appeal, durability, versatility, and natural insulation.

Is wood a renewable resource?

Yes, wood is a renewable resource when harvested responsibly, making it an eco-friendly choice for construction and manufacturing.

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