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Pakistan is home to an eclectic culinary landscape that spans generations; one-pound cakes have long been beloved treats that unite generations. Their sweet aroma, soft texture, and harmonious combination of flavors are part of many people’s memories. Let’s embark on an expedition through this delectable treat in Pakistan, learning the 1 Pound Cake price and varieties.

1 Pound Cake Price in Pakistan

1 Pound Cake Price in Pakistan 2024

1 pound cake price in Pakistan depends on several factors including location, quality, and market conditions. As these cakes often serve as symbols of celebration and togetherness they come at various price points. Here is what you need to know about the costs associated with one-pound cakes in different cities across Pakistan:

CakeMinimum PriceMaximum Price
1 Pound CakeRs. 530Rs. 800

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1 Pound Cake Prices in Different Cities of Pakistan

  • Lahore: In Lahore’s bustling heartland, one-pound cakes typically cost anywhere from PKR 540 to 1000, depending on factors like quality and the specific bakery.
  • Karachi: For just PKR 530 to 900 you can enjoy one pound cake in Karachi’s bustling streets! Prices may differ according to market conditions and bakery preferences.
  • Peshawar: Peshawar offers delicious one-pound cakes priced from PKR 530 to 800, offering traditional taste at an affordable price point.
  • Quetta: Quetta offers delicious one-pound cakes at prices ranging between PKR 525 and 850. It depends on quality and the bakery of choice.
  • Islamabad: One-pound cakes in Islamabad’s capital city range between PKR 580 and 1050 depending on various factors, making them affordable to an array of customers.

Cake Prices in Top Bakeries

As part of an attempt to highlight the breadth and diversity of one-pound cakes available across Pakistani bakeries, here are their price ranges:

Cake O’Clock bakery provides one-pound cakes priced from Rs. 500 to 2500, depending on type and flavor, with cost variations depending on the choice of cake type/flavor combination. Magnum Cakes offers delectable offerings ranging from Rs. 600-2600; depending on the choice of cake flavor will affect the overall cost. Bread and Beyond Cakes has delicious offerings starting at Rs 700 and going all the way up to 2800 that provide something suitable for every budget.

Jalal Sons Cakes Price List Jalal Sons offers an exquisite range of cakes at prices ranging from Rs. 500 to 2300, offering something suitable for every preference and pocketbook. Bandu Khan Cakes caters to affordability without compromising taste with one-pound cakes priced from Rs. 500-2400; Kitchen Cuisine Cakes offers delectable treats beginning from Rs. 600 and going up to 2500; while Layers Bakeshop provides cakes that span from 600-2700; offering something suitable for every celebration or special event!

Bakery NamesFive-Star Hotel CakesMaximum Price
Five Star Hotel CakesRs. 800Rs. 3000
Cake O’ClockRs. 500Rs. 2500
Cake FeastaRs. 500Rs. 2600
Designer CakesRs. 500Rs. 2700
Jalal Sons CakesRs. 500Rs. 2300
Baba Baker CakesRs. 500Rs. 2500
Masoom Cafe CakesRs. 500Rs. 2500
Bandu Khan CakesRs. 500Rs. 2400
Gourmet Bakery CakesRs. 530Rs. 2500
Cake O’ClockRs. 500Rs. 2500
Layers Bakeshop CakesRs. 630Rs. 2700
Kitchen Cuisine CakesRs. 600Rs. 2500
Magnum CakesRs. 600Rs. 2600
Meer Bakers CakesRs. 600Rs. 2800
Bread and Beyond CakesRs. 700Rs. 2800

Factors That Affect Cake Prices

Price factors associated with one-pound cakes can include:

  • Quality of Ingredients: Selecting high-grade ingredients may lead to increased costs.
  • Bakery Reputation: Established bakeries may charge higher prices due to their outstanding reputation in terms of the taste and quality of their cakes.
  • Flavor and Design: Flavor-focused items and intricate designs may carry higher costs, leading to increased prices.
  • Market Conditions: Variations in availability and market conditions can lead to price variations that lead to price changes.

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Overall Conclusion

At the core of Pakistan lies one-pound cakes: they represent tradition, celebration, and indulgence all rolled into one delicious treat. Their prices, as varied as their flavors are available to consumers. As we progress further into 2024, their delightful world continues to unite people while providing them with a sweet escape from daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the cake prices mentioned for specific sizes, or do they vary by weight?

The cake prices mentioned here are for one-pound cakes, which is a standard size. Prices may vary if you choose a larger or smaller cake.

Do these prices include delivery charges, or are they for pick-up orders?

The prices mentioned are typically for pick-up orders. Delivery charges, if applicable, may vary depending on the bakery’s policy and your location.

Are there any special deals or discounts available for bulk orders or special occasions?

Many bakeries offer special deals and discounts for bulk orders and special occasions. It’s a good idea to check with the bakery of your choice for such offers.

Are there options for customizing cakes with specific designs or messages?

Yes, many bakeries offer customization options for cakes, allowing you to add specific designs, messages, or themes to your cake. Additional charges may apply for customization.

Can I place cake orders online, or do I need to visit the bakery in person?

Most bakeries offer the convenience of placing cake orders online. You can browse their websites, select your cake, and place your order, making the process convenient and accessible.

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