Pakistan Cables Price Today 2024 | 7/29 3/29 & Other Wire Rates

In a rapidly evolving world driven by technological advancements, the integral role of cables in our daily lives often goes unnoticed. Cables form the very foundation of modern connectivity, powering everything from electrical systems to communication networks. Pakistan Cables stands as a vital participant, delivering a wide selection of cables for different applications. This article examines the Pakistan Cables price in 2024 and the factors that affect them.

Pakistan Cables Price Today

Pakistan Cables Price List Today 2024

As of 2024, the prices of Pakistan cables exhibit a diverse range, influenced by factors such as length, size, and type of cable. Let’s break down the pricing structure for various cable categories:

Pakistan Cables Imperial Sizes Prices

Additionally, you may look up the current costs in Pakistan for the 3/29 and 7/29 electrical wires produced by GM Cables and Fast Cables.

Pakistan CablesSizePrice in PKR
Pakistan Cable 3/2990 mRs. 7,115
Pakistan Cable 7/2990 mRs. 15,190

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Pakistan Special Cables Price Today

For those seeking specialized cables tailored to specific requirements, the Pakistan Special Cables line offers solutions with a price spectrum ranging from Rs. 9,835 to Rs. 20,475. These cables are engineered to meet unique demands, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging conditions. The varying prices are a result of the customization options available for different industries and projects.

Pakistan CablesSizePrices
Intercom White 5 Pair Cable90 mRs. 20,475
ITC Grey 2 Pair Cables90 mRs. 9,835
ITC Grey 3 Pair Cables90 mRs. 13,060

Pak Coaxial Cables Rates

Coaxial cables play a crucial role in transmitting signals with minimal interference. In Pakistan, the Pak Coaxial Cables are available at prices spanning from Rs. 12,025 to Rs. 24,270. These cables find applications in telecommunications, broadcasting, and networking systems, where signal clarity and stability are paramount.

Pakistan Cable TypeSizeRate List
RG-7 Cable90 mRs. 15,305
RG-6 Cable90 mRs. 12,025
RG-11 Cable90 mRs. 24,270

Networking Cable Price

In an age driven by connectivity, networking cables have become the backbone of modern communication systems. The Pakistan Networking Cable Rates range from Rs. 52,145 to Rs. 126,480, reflecting the advanced technology and capabilities that these cables offer. Their ability to support high-speed data transmission and network reliability justifies their pricing.

Pakistan Cables TypeSizePrice in Pakistan
Cat6 UTP PVC 4 Pair90 mRs. 52,145
Cat6 FTP LSZH 4 Pair90 mRs. 126,480
Cat6 UTP LSZH 4 Pair90 mRs. 78,485

Factors That Influence the Price of Pakistan Cables

Understanding the dynamics that influence cable prices is essential for making informed decisions. Several factors come into play, shaping the price points of Pakistan cables:

  • Raw Materials and Production Costs: The cost of producing cables is directly influenced by the prices of raw materials such as copper and insulation materials. Fluctuations in these prices can impact the overall cost of cable production, subsequently affecting market prices.
  • Technological Advancements: Cable technology is constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern applications. Advanced cables designed for high-speed data transmission or specialized environments might come at a premium due to the research, development, and innovation involved.
  • Market Demand and Supply: Basic economics come into play in the cable market. High demand and limited supply can drive prices upward, while a surplus might lead to competitive pricing. The evolving infrastructural needs of Pakistan contribute to demand variations.
  • Customization and Features: Specialized cables often involve customization based on industry-specific requirements. The level of customization, unique features, and performance capabilities can impact the final price of the cable.

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Overall Conclusion

The pricing of Pakistan cables in 2024 is a nuanced landscape influenced by a combination of factors. Whether it’s the dependable Imperial Sizes, specialized cables, coaxial cables, or networking solutions, each category comes with a distinct price range reflecting its features and capabilities. As Pakistan continues its journey of development and innovation, the cable industry adapts to provide solutions that power the nation’s progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the prices mentioned inclusive of taxes?

The prices mentioned for Pakistan cables are exclusive of taxes. Additional taxes and fees may apply.

Can I negotiate the prices for bulk orders?

Negotiation possibilities for bulk orders might vary based on the cable supplier. It’s advisable to inquire with the supplier directly.

Are the prices consistent across all regions of Pakistan?

Cable prices can vary slightly based on regional factors and distribution networks. Local market conditions might influence pricing.

What factors should I consider when choosing a cable type?

Consider factors like the intended application, environment, data transmission requirements, and budget when selecting a cable type.

How often do cable prices change?

Cable prices can be subject to change based on market dynamics, raw material costs, and technological advancements. It’s advisable to stay updated with industry trends.

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