New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor Price 2024 in Pakistan | Specs & Feat

Pakistan’s agricultural sector is ever-evolving. In this sector, one tractor stands out among others in terms of reliability and efficiency is the New Holland Fiat 480 tractor. Once we look deeper into the New Holland Fiat 480 tractor price and features. It becomes evident why this tractor is such a sought-after choice among farmers.

New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor Overview

New Holland’s Fiat 480 tractor is widely renowned for its fuel efficiency and low maintenance requirements. They make it an invaluable workhorse in various farming operations. Equipped with power steering, oil-immersed disc brakes, adjustable rear wheels, and advanced steering geometry; this tractor provides optimal performance and ease of operation.

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New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan Today

Pakistan’s current market scenario shows the New Holland Fiat 480 tractor’s price is Rs 2,194,000; making it an appealing option for farmers looking for quality and affordability in their agricultural equipment.

ModelOld PricesNew Prices
Fiat 480SRs. 2,024,000Rs. 2,278,000
Fiat 480Rs. 1,898,000Rs. 2,194,000
Fiat 480 SpecialRs. 2,200,000N/A
Fiat 480 Power SteeringRs. 2,400,000N/A

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Factors Affecting Fiat 480 Tractor Price in Pakistan

Numerous factors play an integral part in determining the price of the Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan:

  • Market Dynamics: Fiat 480 tractor prices depend on supply and demand, economic conditions, and currency exchange rates. Economic stability can result in price adjustments designed to meet consumer affordability.
  • Competition in the 55HP Segment: Competitive pricing methods among 55HP tractor manufacturers like New Holland Fiat can affect Fiat 480 tractor prices. Price adjustments may occur to maintain competitiveness and market share within this segment.
  • Government Policies and Regulations: Government policies like import duties, taxes, and subsidies can affect agricultural machinery prices like the Fiat 480 tractor. Furthermore, regulatory shifts could cause fluctuation based on production costs and compliance regulations.
  • Technological Advancements: Innovations in tractor technology such as improved fuel efficiency, enhanced features, and precision farming capabilities may impact the price of the Fiat 480 tractor.  Research and development may raise production costs, affecting customers through price fluctuations.

Specifications of New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor

The New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor boasts impressive specifications, such as its robust 55HP engine, power steering for effortless maneuverability, and oil-immersed disc brakes for reliable stopping power. Along with adjustable rear wheels for enhanced stability. It ensures optimum performance and durability in challenging farming environments. These specifications ensure optimal performance and durability under harsh farming conditions.

Turning radius3.4 meters
Clutch typeDry-type, single plate
Width1.85 meters
Power output48 horsepower at 2250 RPM
Length3.4 meters
Brake typeOil-immersed disc brakes
Transmission typeSynchromesh, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears
Rear tire size14.9 x 28
Maximum lifting capacity1600 kg
Front tire size6.00 x 16
Weight2220 kg
Engine displacement2.9 liters
Steering typePower steering
Pump flow rate16 liters/minute
Height2.3 meters
Wheelbase2.1 meters
Hydraulics typePosition and draft control
Fuel tank capacity70 liters
Air cleanerDry-type
PTO typeIndependent, 540 RPM
Differential lockMechanical
Torque168 Nm at 1400 RPM
Parking brake typeHand-operated

Benefits of the Fiat 480 Tractor

The Fiat 480 tractor offers farmers numerous advantages, including superior fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and exceptional performance in various agricultural tasks. Furthermore, its advanced features and ergonomic design contribute to increased productivity and profitability on farms.

Farming Tasks with Flexibility:

Due to its versatility, the Fiat 480 has been effective in agriculture: plowing, tilling, and harvesting are just three applications that make use of its adaptable features. Farmers who face diverse agricultural challenges will surely appreciate having such an asset on hand!

Operational Efficiency:

The Fiat 480 tractor features a 55-horsepower engine which offers both power and efficiency. Enables it to easily perform various farming duties while saving both time and effort in doing so. With its power and efficiency, this tractor makes even the toughest jobs easy and saves time.

Maintenance Cost-Effective:

With its fuel efficiency and exceptionally low maintenance costs; the Fiat 480 stands out as one of the most reasonably priced tractors available on the market today.

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Overall Conclusion

Overall, the New Holland Fiat 480 tractor stands as an attractive and cost-effective solution for Pakistani farmers’ changing needs. Combining efficiency, performance, and affordability it remains one of the leading choices available in the agricultural machinery market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes the Fiat 480 tractor stand out in the market?

The Fiat 480 tractor stands out due to its fuel efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and competitive pricing, making it a top choice for farmers.

How do market dynamics influence the price of the Fiat 480 tractor?

Market dynamics, such as supply and demand fluctuations and economic conditions, can impact the pricing of the Fiat 480 tractor in Pakistan.

What are some value additions offered by Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd. for the Fiat 480 tractor?

Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd. may offer value additions such as financing options, after-sales services, and warranty packages to enhance the appeal of the Fiat 480 tractor to customers.

Is the Fiat 480 tractor suitable for all types of farming operations?

Yes, the Fiat 480 tractor is designed to cater to a wide range of farming tasks, including tilling, plowing, harvesting, and transportation, making it suitable for diverse agricultural operations.

How does the Fiat 480 tractor contribute to increased productivity on the farm?

How does the Fiat 480 tractor contribute to increased productivity on the farm?

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