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Whipping cream, an irresistibly delectable dairy product, has become an indispensable kitchen necessity in Pakistan. Its velvety texture adds decadence to desserts, coffee drinks, and other culinary creations alike. Here, we explore the whipping cream world and price in Pakistan in 2024.

What Is Whipping Cream?

Understanding the basic elements of whipping cream is essential. With an average fat content between 33-35%, it provides ideal conditions for whipping into firm peaks when whisked or mixed. Bake cakes, pastries, mousses, and puddings with them, and add creaminess to coffee and tea.

Whipping Cream Price in Pakistan

Whipping Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

Let’s examine the current prices and offers of whipping cream in Pakistan, exploring its various brands.

Whipping CreamPrice in Pakistan
Whipy Whip Whipping Cream 1 KGRs. 1,000
GoodMilk UHT Cream 200MLRs. 190
Haleeb Cream 200MLRs. 170
Olpers Dairy Cream 125MLRs. 120
Nestle Milk Pack Whipping Cream 200mlRs. 299
Nurpur Dairy Cream 200MLRs. 175
Whipping Cream 30% Fat, 200 mlRs. 235
Whipy Whip Whipping Cream 500gRs. 550
Chibo Cream – 200mlRs. 300
Omung Dobala Cream 200MLRs. 120

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Olpers Dairy Cream 125ML

Olpers Dairy Cream 125ML

Olpers Dairy Cream has quickly become a culinary mainstay, beloved for its velvety texture and delectable flavor. Crafted with fresh milk sourced directly from Pakistani farmers, this 125ML cream adds extra richness to dishes from pudding to ice creams priced affordably at 120 rupees. It makes Olpers Dairy Cream the go-to choice in many households across Pakistan.

Nestle Milk Pack Cream 200ml

Nestle Milk Pack Cream 200ml

Nestle Milk Pack Whipping Cream is an indispensable product that works well in all recipes. Unflavored and preservative-free, made from fresh cow’s milk, its light texture adds richness to desserts and beverages alike. At only Rs 299 in Pakistan, its cost-effective nature makes this an attractive choice for quality lovers looking for quality.

Whipping Cream 30% Fat 200ml Price

Creamy dairy products like Whipping Cream 30% Fat are great additions to baking and dessert recipes. It provides at least 30% fat from pasteurized cow’s milk in this 200ml offering from the Indian brand Whipping Cream Company. Priced at Rs. 235, it provides an inexpensive means of creating mousses, frostings, and iced desserts!

GoodMilk UHT Cream 200ML

GoodMilk UHT Cream 200ML

GoodMilk UHT Cream 200ML, made with fresh milk, is essential for cooking and baking, providing both taste and health benefits. Whipping soft peaks into soft sauces or soups. It boasts an affordable pricing of Rs.190 as a five-month freshness guarantee with its recyclable tetra pack packaging.

Whipy Whip Whipping Cream 500g

Whipy Whip Whipping Cream 500g

Whipy Whip Whipping Cream, known for its silkiness and flavor, is a highly sought-after product in Pakistan. Available as 500g boxes with no artificial ingredients whatsoever and at Rs 550. Its affordability and high-quality ingredients make it a household must for creating delicious treats and meals at home.

Whipy Whip Cream 1 KG Price

Whipy Whip Cream 1 KG Price

Whipy Whip offers 1 kg containers of whipping cream at an attractive price point of Rs. 1000, boasting high fat content that yields delightful, melt-in-your-mouth peaks for creative culinary endeavors.

Whipping Cream Benefits and Advantages

  • Versatile Culinary Enhancer: Whipping cream adds rich and velvety textures to a variety of dishes. It makes an invaluable ingredient for both sweet and savory creations.
  • Texture and Flavor Enhancement: Whipped cream’s ability to form firm peaks enhances dessert textures by imparting a luxurious melt-in-your-mouth quality. It also contributes to their overall flavor profile.
  • Whipping Cream for Baking: With its high-fat content, whipping cream is a baker’s dream ingredient. Perfect for creating mousses, frostings, and other indulgent baked goods such as brownies.
  • Affordable and Quality Choices: Whipping creams such as Whipy Whip Whipping Cream and Whipping Cream 30% Fat provide accessible options with quality assurance without breaking the bank. It makes them easily available to a range of consumers.
  • Frequent Bakers: For those who enjoy frequent baking or catering for large groups. The Whipy Whip Cream 1 kg container offers an easy and cost-effective solution.
  • Healthful and Nutritious: GoodMilk UHT Cream, made with fresh milk, adds both taste and nutrition to your meals.

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Overall Conclusion

Our examination of Pakistan’s whipping cream prices in 2024 shows how this dairy product has become an indispensable part of Pakistani households. From Olpers Dairy Cream and Nestle Milk Pack Cream to Whipping Cream 30% Fat and GoodMilk UHT Cream as well as Whipy Whip Whipping Cream; each brand provides unique qualities to enhance your culinary experience and open doors to limitless culinary creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fat content in Whipping Cream 30% Fat?

Whipping Cream 30% Fat contains at least 30% fat, providing a creamy texture for various culinary creations.

Is Nestle Milk Pack Whipping Cream preservative-free?

Yes, Nestle Milk Pack Whipping Cream is unflavored and preservative-free, ensuring a pure and natural addition to your recipes.

How does Whipy Whip Whipping Cream enhance desserts?

Whipy Whip Whipping Cream’s high-fat content creates exquisite melt-in-your-mouth peaks, adding a luxurious texture and flavor to desserts.

What makes GoodMilk UHT Cream a valuable choice for cooking and baking?

GoodMilk UHT Cream, made from fresh milk, whips into soft peaks and smoothens soups and sauces, offering a versatile and healthful option for cooking and baking.

Why choose a 1 KG container of Whipy Whip Cream?

The 1 KG container of Whipy Whip Cream provides a larger quantity at an attractive price of Rs. 1,000, perfect for those who frequently indulge in baking and cooking for large groups.

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